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  1. bulletrhli

    Anyone up for barn raising?

    How do you go from 0.25 to 0.90 so fast? At the rate we increase our versions (like 0.24 to 0.25) we won't see 0.9 for like 10 years aha
  2. Thanks! Totally downloaded!
  3. I must be blind then I guess I skimmed a little too fast. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  4. What I mainly mean by integration in particular is your delta-v calculations. FAR changes your requirements quite extensively and its nice to be as accurate as possible if you can.
  5. That I did not know! Maybe add a little instruction note under the download link to let people know about that or do a separate link for the source and the plugin install.
  6. It isn't that its bothering me, I do not know how to compile a source code like many other users so its more of a convenience thing for more people to try it. I do appreciate you doing that though and it is very much appreciated. When I see it is up, I will do a test of my own and return my results when I figure out everything Thanks!
  7. Can someone tell me how to download this without downloading the source?
  8. Question. Do both planet packs work together? I just saw this out of the blue and I am beyond intrigued. I must check these out in person.
  9. Is there any integration with FAR in VOID? I have used it for a while but I switch back and forth with stock and FAR so it would be nice to know.
  10. I know you are working on FAR integration for KER but has anyone made a fork off of this mod with FAR integration?
  11. bulletrhli

    Question about KSP Memory Limit

    Well I am using an AMD Athlon II 640 Quad Core which is a 64 bit CPU just food for though. I havent yet reached the 3.4Gb limit but I will have to try to push that.
  12. bulletrhli

    Question about KSP Memory Limit

    Now for a long time I have never had over 4GB of memory, but I recently upgraded to a 64 bit Windows 7 and added 8Gb of RAM because I am building a gaming computer. Everyone has said that KSP was limited to 3GB of memory (theoretically the limit for a 32 bit system after deducting system used memory) but I have maxed that according to my task manager and nothing has happened. Anyone know the reason for this?
  13. bulletrhli

    [1.0.5] Reflection Plugin Continued 2.0

    What kind of parts do the reflective shaders get applied too? I am unfamiliar with the mod and only have installed it and didn't see immediate results and some more info would be great
  14. So I noticed only above the KSC is the volumetric clouds. Is this intentional?