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  1. Look, please delete this thread. Problem is solved. In the FAR mod, I had selected at some time PITCH, YAW, and ROLL assistance. I don't know how I didn't notice this, been dealing with this issue for a while now. Thanks anyways.
  2. I have this weird issue where my craft, without SAS on, will go out control. I don't have any extra controllers attached that would send inputs into the game, and I have tried the old trix of Alt+X to correct any trimming but it seems to be fighting me. When I rotate into certain positions as well, it will always want to be on a slight angle. I recorded this wild situation. Any help would be lovely! If you notice in the bottom left where Pitch, Roll, and Yaw are, they are not on their zeroed position, they are slightly off while SAS on like they are being forced. It is so weird!
  3. This is my current mod-list. Included are FAR and Kerbalism (installed manually instead of through CKAN) https://imgur.com/a/S0b0EoN CKAN Mod-list: https://www.sendspace.com/file/wxpy1g EDIT: I did attempt at removing all signs of hard drives from my save, lets just say, glad I made a backup. The vessels did not like that and even with no hard drives in the save, the error was still present.
  4. Found a pretty serious bug. Not sure what triggers it exactly because this is only the third time it's happened since 3.0 was released. This time, and the time before this, solar panels have not worked. Even facing the sun, no energy gets stored. This time and the first time, I not only had no energy being stored, but my liquid fuel and oxidizer INCREASED in value. This makes NO sense whatsoever. It boggles my damn mind and is honestly, a little unplayable. [EXC 07:53:42.038] ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Gen
  5. I am on PC. It does show on my stage indicator purple, but it does not seem to matter if it is purple or any color for that matter. It will still stage if I press spacebar, or throttle up if my engine is on and I press the letter x. It's strange, indeed.
  6. Good day, I have been having a slight issue when for example I am renaming a craft mid flight. The game does not provide input locks to stop me from staging when I press spacebar for a space in the name. Is there any way to work around this?
  7. Not sure whether or not to post this here or on the CommNet Constellation thread but when I am running both together, anytime I view the tracking station or launch another vessel, the game hard crashes and dumps the error to the log. https://pastebin.com/Ny34eUHE
  8. Got a fun little situation happening. When I view connections in the map, it gives a stackoverflow error. Just a heads up, I am using Signal Delay and Commnet Constellation https://pastebin.com/DR8kAWQF
  9. Hey, just was curious about something. Kerbalism seems to work with Commnet Constellation except for one minor, but important part. Signal Delay. That doesn't seem to work anymore (which was a feature of Commnet). Is there a way to add the functionality back into the parts that you modified? Also, I noticed in the current version blue text saying how much science is added, it is constantly on, in every scenario, which can be very distracting. Even when I disable the HUD. Is there a way to disable it, or are you still working on it?
  10. Never heard it before, checked the sound files in Chatterer and yes, it was the SSTV files. Thanks!
  11. Great new version! So happy to be trying it out. There is a transmission sound that, well, after hours of playing, gets very annoying. I swear I will get Tinnitus. How can I disable it?
  12. Interesting, wasn't aware of this functionality. Alright, not a big loss. Will do further testing with your conclusion and report on my results later! Thanks for helping btw, this has been great support. [ UPDATE ] Upon further testing with your suggestion, things are working perfectly. Removing BBT from my list has thus far been the most effective.
  13. Understandable, however in my instance, there was no popup, so everything was blocked and unable to be corrected.
  14. I can't say I am having similar results. Upon testing, yes, the menu's did work again, but I have three issues that present themselves: Limited probe control When using the part right click menu during flight, the CNC Communication button causes a total control lockout of the game and I must force close to regain control. Here is the console log (striped down for brevity) https://pastebin.com/awfrskeb Active vessels with a antenna, in line of sight, and multiple frequency's test test them all, do not appear in my menu. This plays possibly back into issue number 1. It doesn't
  15. You're welcome! Glad I could help. Is there any chance signal delay will be added to your mod in the future? I understand RemoteTech has it but I don't want to use it (at this time).
  16. On the new save I was building crafts as normal. I did do some testing with just a probe, power, and EVERY type of antenna, made sure I had the right frequencies, and yet, there was no connection. Upon further testing, I may have solved the issue for myself. I had another mod which added delay to signals, so certain properties were modified on top of your modifications. Upon removing and resetting everything, your mod worked as intended. I had not realized at the time the interaction would be an issue since I thought the Comm Network system was separate and didn't touch any of the informa
  17. Hello! Been having an issue with this mod ever since I got it. KSP Version: 1.7 Mod Version: 1.3.2 Console: https://pastebin.com/mkuJrhVv My problem is I have zero connection to anything, at any given time, with any amount of parts, even when setting everything up in the VAB first. I am new to this mod but this has made my experience lackluster to say the least. Nothing will link up, on any frequency, and if I have anything on the launchpad, flying, in orbit, docked, that has the ability to RXTX the menu for the mod breaks entirely and it will not show anymore. Once I retrieve or destroy t
  18. How do you go from 0.25 to 0.90 so fast? At the rate we increase our versions (like 0.24 to 0.25) we won't see 0.9 for like 10 years aha
  19. I must be blind then I guess I skimmed a little too fast. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  20. What I mainly mean by integration in particular is your delta-v calculations. FAR changes your requirements quite extensively and its nice to be as accurate as possible if you can.
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