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  1. I have a weird problem. I made a cfg for the ven's stock cryo tanks. Of the 5 parts, 3 work, 2 dont, and I cant figure out why. The problem parts are the CryoX L Fuel tank (CryoXsmall) and the CryoX Fuel Tank Butt (CryoXendButt) The names that should be cited are the part name and title, correct?
  2. I want to try to add a emissive layer to the capsule so it has lights. I need all the parts like the model, collision mesh, etc to do this, but I'm not seeing these on the source page on github. Do you have these somewhere where I can get them?
  3. What version of the part welder are you using? Last time I tried, it didnt seem to work with 1.04.
  4. Fantastic mod, been wanting this since day one, but I was hoping something could be tweaked. When I set the setting to go by alphabetical order, it organizes the main folders but not the actual craft inside those folders. So I have a "Probes" folder that is just a mess inside. If the sorting could be extended to within the folder that would be fantastic.
  5. I love these parts! This should have been the final version of KSP! Alas, I have a problem. This doesn't not seem to work with Kerbpaint, which is a bit of a deal breaker with me. Has anyone gotten them to behave with each other?
  6. Remote tech doesn't seem to recognize the tantarus stuff. Is there a cfg file somewhere that I can download?
  7. I'm having two issues. First, I'm not seeing the jet pack anywhere in the VAB. I see the files for it there, but I'm just not seeing it as something I can access. Second, Contracts don't seem to recognize the US science parts. I've had this happen with the goo containers, haven't tested the others nor the Dmagic orbital science parts yet. Next step will be for me to install the mods in a clean version of KSP and see if it still occurs. But I was hoping this was a hurdle already jumped by someone.
  8. I just got something like this too, except it allowed me to transmit only for no data to be sent, so I have a probe that has all its science gear used up to no gain.
  9. I'm.... not seeing the crew manifest button(yes its installed in the right place). I did a test game where only crew manifest was installed and it still didn't work. My only guess is it has something to do with Module Manager 2.6.3 but I would be lying if I said I knew what I was talking about.
  10. I just transitioned from FAR to NEAR. Is there a reason that spoilers take forever to deploy or is that a bug? In FAR they come right up but in NEAR they take a day and a half.
  11. I turned them all down to 10, then 5, which seemed to work but also neutered my maneuverability. Isnt the dampener also there to beat that occiliation?
  12. So I'm having a small issue and I think its that I'm just unfamiliar with FAR's proclivities (had it two days). I'm able to make planes that fly just fine, but I'm noticing a tendency for them to oscillate. Now they are not flexing structurally, its more that I feel like it constantly overcorrects when cruising, making the thing wobble. I feel like it stops when I'm in a solid climb so I think it has something to do when I'm trying to remain stable and floating around my minimum AoA. I'm not noticing any difference if I have the flight assist stuff on or not.
  13. So im looking at the persistance file and see the hall of fame entries. FinalFrontierHallOfFameEntry { time = 173625.143666307 name = Kasper Kerman code = L+ data = } But where are the awarded ribbons actually kept track of? Ive had one game loose all of its ribbons and it really killed the mood. I figured I would just keep a backup somewhere but I'm not sure what I should copy over