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  1. Because the docking mode is kind of useless, the devs could replace it with the Docking Port Alignment Indicator mod. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43901-0-90-Docking-Port-Alignment-Indicator-%28Version-5-1-Updated-01-10-2015%29
  2. I found these two contracts that have a interesting requirement. Is this a bug? And if it is not than how suppose to complete it?
  3. I built a very efficient Shuttle in my opinion. The shuttle uses the main engine and the lifter`s engine to balance until the lifter runs out of fuel. (I barely used fuel from the orange tank to complete the orbit.) The shuttle capable of getting anything to orbit that fits into the cargo bay.
  4. come to this chat room! Let Squad`s servers chill! http://www.e-chat.co/room/43279
  5. come to this chat room! Let Squad`s servers chill http://www.e-chat.co/room/43279
  6. come to this chat room! Let Squad`s servers chill! http://www.e-chat.co/room/43279
  7. As the title says, which continent do you live in? I was interested what continent most of the KSP players are live in. I hope as many users vote to make the poll as accurate as possible. (I left out Antarctica because I don`t think anyone live there who play KSP but prove me wrong if its not true.)
  8. I had a successful Duna capture back than. Here some screenshots:
  9. Talking about KSP Nostalgia huh? Imagine starting from the first version (0.7.3) and advance a version per every week. Now that is nostalgia! I love KSP!
  10. My first Mun impact (failed landing) was with a TARDIS mod in 0.16. That was an OP mod. Also I can remember practicing docking in 0.17 with a docking mod. Also an early solar panel mod with electricity mod before the official release. Landing on wiglets and stuff. Those time was really challenging but it was fun.
  11. I just found this mod after the 0.25 update and I haven't got chance to try it out. This mod feature maybe small things, but I always liked the idea to fire or retire crew. Please update it to 0.25 so I can use it with my space program. (by the way, this mod is the only option to fire/retire Jeb because he blew up KSC)
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