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  1. Because the docking mode is kind of useless, the devs could replace it with the Docking Port Alignment Indicator mod. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43901-0-90-Docking-Port-Alignment-Indicator-%28Version-5-1-Updated-01-10-2015%29
  2. I found these two contracts that have a interesting requirement. Is this a bug? And if it is not than how suppose to complete it?
  3. I built a very efficient Shuttle in my opinion. The shuttle uses the main engine and the lifter`s engine to balance until the lifter runs out of fuel. (I barely used fuel from the orange tank to complete the orbit.) The shuttle capable of getting anything to orbit that fits into the cargo bay.
  4. come to this chat room! Let Squad`s servers chill! http://www.e-chat.co/room/43279
  5. come to this chat room! Let Squad`s servers chill http://www.e-chat.co/room/43279
  6. come to this chat room! Let Squad`s servers chill! http://www.e-chat.co/room/43279
  7. As the title says, which continent do you live in? I was interested what continent most of the KSP players are live in. I hope as many users vote to make the poll as accurate as possible. (I left out Antarctica because I don`t think anyone live there who play KSP but prove me wrong if its not true.)
  8. I had a successful Duna capture back than. Here some screenshots:
  9. Talking about KSP Nostalgia huh? Imagine starting from the first version (0.7.3) and advance a version per every week. Now that is nostalgia! I love KSP!
  10. My first Mun impact (failed landing) was with a TARDIS mod in 0.16. That was an OP mod. Also I can remember practicing docking in 0.17 with a docking mod. Also an early solar panel mod with electricity mod before the official release. Landing on wiglets and stuff. Those time was really challenging but it was fun.
  11. I just found this mod after the 0.25 update and I haven't got chance to try it out. This mod feature maybe small things, but I always liked the idea to fire or retire crew. Please update it to 0.25 so I can use it with my space program. (by the way, this mod is the only option to fire/retire Jeb because he blew up KSC)
  12. Yes! I have the same problem. I had to put 15 parachute on the orange tank to get it green. Too much parachute. Also the latest version give me a bug where I can`t load a spacecraft that already in orbit. The altitude meter goes to 0000000m, the speed meter disperse and the spacecraft not visible at all. (it do the same in 32 and 64bit) Please fix the bug and I want to request to make it so less parachute needed. Thanks Edit: By the way I use Kethane and KAS if that help.
  13. "Do you want something to do while waiting for 0.24? Check out MatoroIgnika's KSP stream!" This is really bugging me. How long do we need to wait? Please don`t be this a prank. Please release it SOOOOOOONN
  14. So basically if you have Kethane you can sell fuel for KSC for money? Hey truckers here I come!
  15. I would love to use this mod but I`m not sure how to use the scripts properly. There is a website or something where I can look already made scripts and examples for different situations? For example, to get to orbit or automatic landing or something. Please help
  16. Shadow3100 please don`t abandon the mod! I like it allot. I always wanted to have such a mining/resource system next to Tac LS. Please keep work on it. I also have a question. On the map view, when I switch between different resources of the Kethane`s resource hexagon map, every resource has just gray color above the planets/moons except Kethane. It really hard to find those precious resource without the color coding. Does this a bug? Please help Edit: Never mind the bug report. I was using the wrong scanner.
  17. I tried to launch my first satellite with an SSTO yesterday. The problem was I lost control with KSC when I deployed the sat. So I had to get out from the SSTO with a kerbal and set a target manually. I got an idea after that. I just don`t know if it is possible or not. As we can create a communication station with 6+ kerbal on-board, can I make a short range communication station with a single kerbal? Lets say you could create a short range control for maximum 5Km if you have less than 6 kerbal. If anyone have an idea how to create this, I would really appreciate it.
  18. I have made some changes about the highlights. Thanks for the tip
  19. Hi, everyone! My challenge is to go to places without using any types of fuel. Prepare your creativity and crazy contraptions because you will need it. Rules: -Glitches and bugs like the Kraken Drive or Phantom force or anything like that are Allowed! -No cheats! -Mods allowed (except Hyperedit or tp mods) -No fuels allowed (Liquid fuel, oxidiser, xeon, monopropellant) and no fuels from mods. -Screenshot for entries required! Point system: Kerbin orbit 40 >Mun orbit 70 Surface 100 >Minmus orbit 60 Surface 80 Moho O. 300 S. 500 Eve O. 150 S. 300 >Gilly O. 130 S. 150 Duna O. 130 S. 190 >Ike O. 130 S.150 Dres O. 150 S. 200 Jool O. 250 >Vall O. 280 S. 330 >Laythe O. 280 S. 320 >Tylo O. 280 S. 380 >Bop O. 280 S. 300 >Pol O. 280 S. 300 Eeloo O. 300 S. 550 Extra points! -Every kerbal on board is +5 -Space station in orbit with Science Lab module +50 Lab module outside Kerbin`s soi +100 -Return to Kerbin from inside Kerbin`s soi +30 / from outside +70 -New bugs or design that generating force and not discovered/ reported earlier +400 I already has working prototype ships. Its possible to go to orbit without fuel. Lets go for the Kraken hunt. Proof of working prototypes:
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