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  1. The one on Kerbin is accelerate around 5-15m/s. The other ones are less. But it still does the job done and put kerbals into space for free
  2. Just comment to get this thread to front page for those players who don`t know about this feature yet.
  3. So, the common thing is when you run out of fuel in orbit is to get out and push. Don`t you think its annoying to refill the monopropellant in every minute? Here is your new best friend the ladder. (I know its an already known fact that we can have phantom effect with ladders but I see no one done what I just did here.) Here are my creations. I have reached orbit from the surface on Kerbin, Mun and Minmus too by only using these crafts. The one on Kerbin is under 0.20t. No fuel just climbing the ladder. Anyone played around with this design before? What do you think about it? Are you going to use it as a backup for missions? I would love to read your thoughts
  4. If you would start an Eeloo mission in real-time from now, the 0.30 update would be released before you reach Eeloo.
  5. Do you mean playing KSP without time warp? If yes, someone should made a mod for it so it calculate the time past when you offline. For example in Take on Mars. I don`t want to leave the computer running for a day just to get to the Mun when I can time warp to it in ten seconds.
  6. It was in the change log and in KSP twitch marathon too. Please don`t feel looking like an idiot
  7. So, anyone used this feature in action yet? I mean for a real mission. If yes, did you pressed accidentally ALT-F4? I waiting for interesting mission (game play) reports to read
  8. In 0.23 you only could load the scenarios. Now you can SAVE and LOAD quick saves. Big difference!
  9. Hi guys! I found something really cool! Did you know that multiple quick saves was possible in stock KSP? Yes it is! Keys: ALT+F5 - Save as... ALT+F9 - Load quick saves Proof: If you don`t believe it, try it for yourself Comment highlights from below: (Thanks for Temeter for the tip about the highlights)
  10. I had this exact idea. I built some prototype after the ARM patch release. I just didn`t find any use to it yet. If you use only one or two, it could be use as a sky-crane cargo stabilizer. I also tried to use as a helicopter rotor axle but I had issues with rotating it in 360°.
  11. Hi everyone! I tried to make an ultimate deltaV craft by putting together an asparagus stage with ion engines. Problems: -I can`t transfer fuel with fuel lines from xeon tanks. -why ion engines work like RCS thrusters? they don`t need physical connection with the fuel tanks. I would like to suggest for the devs to fix the problems above and move the xeon tanks and the ion engines to the propulsion tab. Please!! I would like to hear what you think about it.
  12. I would like to see the Dev notes earlier today. Usually it comes at 1am on Wednesday (in the UK).
  13. I have an idea of refueling in atmosphere. I will need KAS and the Claw from 0.23.5 Imagine a big refueling plane. You extend the claw with a winch and fly in it with a smaller craft. It would make it realistic. For stock players, just attach the claw at the rear or to the bottom of the refueling craft or to the top of the jet and make a contact with the other aircraft in mid-flight. What do you think guys? (can I have a cookie?)
  14. We already have a gas planet but do we have a ... -Volcanic lava lakes covered planet - Image -Broken Planet - Image -Ice planet with liquid surface with floating ice on it Image If we will have a new gas planet than make moons like these ^
  15. You know guys what would be fun? If the devs would use this thread to comment in one or two sentences what they done in KSP each day.
  16. You know guys what would be fun? If the devs would use this thread to comment in one or two sentences what they done in KSP each day.
  17. Are you really try to compare KSP to a 2D game? Can You do anything in Prison Architect like in KSP? NO! KSP far more complex and it have more possibility to crash than some crappy 2D game.
  18. In my opinion, the ARM patch look stable enough. I seen no major bugs on the marathon. Also, when we will get the first sneek peek of 0.24? If we can't have the patch, than show us some new stuff.
  19. You not understand! We had patience until now. But enough is enough. We waited 3 months and we want the results. I'm not asking for 0.24. I'm asking for the ARM patch. Also if Squad has such a good community, Squad shoud reward us by telling more then "soon".
  20. I don`t know about a top weight limit. I never go higher then 200-400 tons. I think in real life, they only has size limits. The size limit is what could fit under the fairings of their rocket.
  21. Maybe? Because Squad has no advertisement just it`s community, they use the teasers to hype the game. In my opinion they over hype these updates too much. The ARM patch look stable enough to release it. They can always release fixes later. Also the community can help to find bugs too, not only the testers and the media group.
  22. I bought KSP around 0.17 and I know well patience but 0.24 is taking soooooo long. I know the ARM pack is not 0.24 but it would be better to get the patch now than wait another week or two until release. Its torchering to see other people like the media group play on it for days while we cant.
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