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  1. Ch. 13: Took me a couple tries to figure out the italicized part was Obrick thinking, rather than emphasis. Recommend separating this into two sentences for better readability:
  2. Ch. 8: On rereading, I now find myself wondering if Jonton inadvertently triggered the birthing of the seed here, by dreaming of exploration and new lands, thus triggering the kerm's 'there is space available to expand to' instincts?
  3. Ah, I hadn't caught that it was a different, empty tank from the one they whacked. Okay then. I remember the staging failure on what, IIRC, is their next flight. Just saying that these problems should start earlier. Also, you've not yet fixed the 'The Fan Works Library' link in your sig.
  4. @KSK Glad to be back! (All thanks to @Brotoro, BTW; I logged back in for the first time in years to reread his Long-Term Laythe series.) And thanks for fixing those links. Though I just noticed the 'The Fan Works Library' link in your signature is also an old-style, and thus broken, forum link. Also, it looks like @Yukon0009's lovely fanart has been adversely affected by the changes to Photobucket's changes in hotlinking policy for free accounts. I see he is still an active forum member, though, so I shall PM him to inform him of this degradation. Apologies for what is likely
  5. @KSK I just started rereading this after having stopped following it for several years. FYI, the links in the 'Artwork and Crafts' section of the first post are all old-style forum links and thus do not work.
  6. Seems odd to try for a lander before even doing a flyby - let alone succeeding at it.
  7. ... well, some of the ends are pointing towards the ground. Does that still count as a Bad Problem?
  8. Huh. Event horizon. Well, could be worse - after the mention of 'synapses all through it', I was worried it was The Beast.
  9. Actually, they're both he same root definition, just applied differently. 'Homely' means 'common' or 'familiar'; applied to a place it ends up meaning 'comfortable' or 'homelike', whereas applied to a person's appearance it means 'average' or 'unexceptional'.
  10. Alt-L (I think) will lock staging so you can't stage until it's unlocked.
  11. Ah! What you need there is a little arrow on the navball telling you which direction the marker is in when you can't see it. (I suggested this earlier.)
  12. Click on the navball where it says 'Orbital' to cycle between orbit, surface, and target mode manually.
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