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  1. The only problem is that mechjeb doesn't do these tasks properly in the first place so you are learning from a flawed method.
  2. A challenge I have found fun is to build rockets realistically. No huge un-aerodynamic cargo on the top of your rocket held in place by 50 struts. Everything must fit inside fairings (using mods). No asparagus staging. Rockets must be vertically staged like traditional rockets. This changes everything and makes the game challenging again. There is no asparagus staging in real life. The fuel flow demands for rockets are huge. The Saturn V had 50,000 horsepower worth of fuel pumps for the main engines. A simply little yellow fuel line that weighs a fraction of a ton is a complete joke co
  3. Please tell me when I said mechjeb was cheating? I never said it was cheating. I say it is a crutch, training wheels etc. A tool for people who don't want to learn how to play a space game yet insist on playing a space game. If you find the game tedious without mechjeb then guess what, you don't enjoy space flight simulation! What mechjeb does do is take away from the game experience and keep your from learning basic skills that make this game fun. There have also been plenty of manual dockings in space. I used mechjeb for a few months and found I was relying on it completely. I stopped u
  4. As other's have said, you just need to practice and get a feel for it. It all depends on what kind of orbit your are de-orbiting from. Saying "make a PE of 30,000 meters here" doesn't make sense because it depends on your velocities and orbit characteristics that you are coming from. Deorbiting from an orbit with a AP of 100,000 meters and an orbit of 250,000 meters will have different outcomes even if they both have a PE of 30,000 meters in the same spot.
  5. I agree 100%. Squad is dumbing this game down so much that I am downright angry. Multi-player doesn't suit this game very well. Especially when you consider the difficulties with utilizing time warp in a multi-player game. I WANT RESOURCES. I also want interesting places to go. Planets are boring at the moment and "biomes" are just arbitrary regions with nothing even remotely significantly different about them.
  6. To everybody using mechjeb, shame on you! Docking is easy. Before starting the docking procedure set the docking port of your target ship so that it is facing normal/antinormal. This will make it so the direction the port is pointing remains constant throughout the orbit. This makes it MUCH easier!!! (If you are in a standard Eastern equatorial orbit this would mean pointing the ports North or South) 1. Use maneuver nodes to get your encounter between the two ships down to about 2 km or less 2. When you get close set the other ship as your target 3. Set your velocity display so it is sh
  7. Anybody who thinks fuel lines are just tubes and a basic technology doesn't know anything about rockets. Rocket fuel pumps are incredibly complex and take hundreds it not thousands of horsepower to operate. The Bloodhound SSC landspeed record car is going to have a Cosworth F1 race car engine that does nothing but drive the fuel pump for the liquid fuel rocket. That's how much fuel needs to be moved. And this is just a small rocket that isn't even trying to make orbit. This is why asparagus staging is not utilized in real life. Here is a quote from the wikipedia page about the engines and
  8. An Eve return mission is the only true challenge in the game. I think Eve should be left alone. Consider it the final boss of the game. Until you have performed an Eve return you have not conquered KSP. I have a hyperedit tested Eve return lander that actually uses a capsule but have not figured out hot to get it to Eve yet. I'm wanting to do it in a single launch, no refueling. In my opinion that is the "holy grail" mission of KSP. A manned mission to Eve and back (using a capsule and not rover seats) in a single launch from Kerbin. Making it easier is just moving goalposts and detract
  9. I've been playing since the release of 0.17. I like how the game is progressing and personally I dislike the whole "LOL so kerbal" attitude lots of players have. Don't get me wrong, you are free to play however you want. I just personally find the whole "LOL lets strap Jebediah to a SRB and crash LOL" crowd annoying. I enjoy executing very complex and difficult missions. But I admit the first few days I played the game I was just happy to reach orbit and some of my first designs were just laughable. I crashed hundreds of crappy designs to finally understand what a good design is. Truth be
  10. I must agree. Today's stream is just painful to watch. Not even being able to build a rocket with a positive thrust to weight ratio for several minutes straight, crashing on purpose over and over and over... How is this worthy of an official stream?
  11. They way I got my pod racer to work is by using clipping and hiding several small control surfaces inside the engines. The engines are essentially a functioning aircraft and the cockpit/pod is just being dragged behind it.
  12. It is my opinion that the flying is the fun part. There is no career mode or goals in the game yet so the voyage is the entire purpose of playing the game right now. Automating the voyage removes all satisfaction of playing the game for me. Play the game however you like. But personally I cannot understand why people play a game about flying space ships if they get bored flying space ships... Some people argue it is about designing space ships but once you understand the concepts of thrust to weight ratio and delta V you can build ships just by looking at those values. As long as your ship
  13. I also agree that mechjeb is intolerably bad at flying. I tried it back in 0.18 and 0.19 a few times and was more annoyed by it than it was worth. I have not even considered reinstalling it since. I also consider it cheating. I foresee the thread being closed pretty quickly though. Mechjeb discussions ALWAYS end up very hostile. There are a lot of people in denial about not being able to play the game without training wheels that will defend it to the bitter end. It's not just ascent. Mechjeb burns through RCS when auto-docking, doesn't do very efficient orbital transfers, doesn't know
  14. I have Enemy Kerman in my game. Buthert is my favorite name. I suppose you could read it as B-You-Thert but I read it as butt hurt.
  15. Yeah I misunderstood the rules, removing my post...
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