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  1. @Gameslinx Great update! Yes on the colliders if possible! Great to know that you are still working on this mod for KSP1. I am still enjoying it since 2012
  2. @Gameslinx Thank you for your superb contribution to my enjoyment of this game. It is much appreciated and it is very kind of you: KSP v1.11.2 - A different terrain, almost alien landscape in Kerbin:
  3. Is this mod still relevant to be used with KSP v1.12.2?
  4. Wish you were back.  Your work is insperational.

  5. For that specific screenshot I was using KPS 1.11.2 and the previous version of Parallax, v1.2.3 (with physics collisions turned on). Also I was using PlanetShine (no longer recommended to be used along with Parallx at this time). I still have not installed TUFX.
  6. Per @Gameslinx that could be a possibility without commitments. I would like them back as well but this is just a hobby within this game on his free time. Not on my install of KSP v1.11.2. I suggest that you run another install of KSP with just Parallax latest version and see if the issue comes up or not. Report back with your results. Did you install all the latest version of Parallax dependencies?
  7. @Kerbal Productions What you are seeking is currently only found on the previous version of this mod (Parallax v1.2.3). It is great but it has known bugs which you can read from previous posts (dated around APR/MAY 2021). Here is the post in regards you do not find this feature (physics) in the latest version (v1.3.0): Hope that helps you.
  8. I found out that you are correct! Thank you for pointing it out. I was using the VS-1 Imager instead. Now I will need to send a new orbiter with the VS-11.
  9. To fellow KSP and ScanSat mod players: Currently I am running KSP v1.11.2 with ScanSat v20.4. It works well with one exception: Anomalies are not marked on scans from multiple planets and moons. Everything else works well but Anomalies are not marked on the maps. Here is one for the Mun: Am I doing something wrong or missed something? Your assistance is much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. @Gameslinx : Superb update to Parallax v1.3.0 I have it successfully running with KSP v1.11.2: Beggars can't be choosers but I miss the collisions on the previous version of Parallax. Still I enjoy your current work very much. Do not sweat it. Let me get back to exploring new worlds and new civilizations to boldly go....
  11. @Nertea I am in awe with your multiple high quality mod contributions to KSP. You are one of a handful of mod creators that create quality work and pay very close attention to details and fidelity to realism as close as you can get in this game. I have downloaded and installed all of your mods to create ideas that I had for deep space exploration since I was a young boy watching Carl Sagan's TV series Cosmos. I am aware that you work for the aerospace industry and create these fantastic mods as a hobby. What motivates you to do so? Do you have a goal? Is it a side project for your work or just personal curiosity? I am asking since I wish to know what drives you to dedicate hundreds of hours to creating these highly detailed mods for free? I have created mods for other games and understand the dedication, attention to detail and effort to push it thru to the public just to get some thanks and criticism of why it doesn't have a particular option in it. You have a new fan of your work and I am following closely to your efforts. They are very much appreciated from my behalf.
  12. @Gameslinx : Superb work! Provides KSP a subtle but important visual realism into the game that makes exploration a visual delight. Thank you for your hard work and will patiently wait for your next update while I enjoy your current work.
  13. Hello Avera9eJoe, Understood but here is an idea. Could you change the existing KSPRC "citylights" tiles to be of a "darker" color for day time so it can appear as streets? I am no digital artist to know how to technically pull it off but think of it being a "photographic" negative of the existing KSPRC "citylights" to be "turned on" during day time. If not, no problem since I am happy with the KSPRC city lights in Spectra. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  14. Hello StickyScissors, KSPRC was never known to be a light weight KSP visual pack, quite the opposite. Looks great but it will bring your FPS to it's knees unless you have a nice machine to run it. Are you running KSP 1.3.1 with KSPRC?
  15. Hello hoover2701, That worked perfectly. Thank you. Hello Avera9eJoe, Thank you for pointing that out. Great alternative option for citylights in Spectra. Now a neat trick would be to have them turn off citylights during day time and show city concrete footprint instead, similar to this real life example: Eitherway, thank you both for the prompt assistance.
  16. Hello Hoover2701, Could you share on how did you input KSPRC CityLights into Spectra and activated it? Are you just copying over the CityLights.dll from the original KSPRC package into EVE/plugins folder? If so, how is it activated because nothing shows up on the dark side of kerbin from orbit.
  17. Congratulations -ctn-!!! I really enjoy the new KSP sound track! I have been playing KSP since 2012 and really appreciate the new soundtack. I am a sound track enthusiast and your music fits great with KSP. You should check out something like "Jukedeck" (their tech has been bought off by TikTok) in regards to AI generated auto random music. Either way, great work.
  18. Hello fellow gamers, Have I installed something wrong with this extremely nice visual mod on KSP 1.9.1? Everything else appears to be fine within game except the menu screens. Kerbin appears to be color banding and/or color washing. Any input is welcomed. Thank you for your time and effort with this great mod.
  19. Hello @DoctorDavinci, You are not the only one concerned. Unlike many here, I took the time to review the TOS and Privacy Policy from Take2 (new owner of KSP) and they state the following: So indeed, Take2 does collect information about you, your device and game play. A group of people do not mind since they are already "Huxley Slaves", if you do mind then there are a few options: 1- Do not update to the latest version 2- Block KSP from transmitting out any data from your device by using firewall rules 3- Install and play the latest KSP on a device that will never connect to the WEB 3- Submit a complaint to Take2: I hope that helps.
  20. Definitely your 3-D models and textures are one of the best found within the KSP community. This design looks like a Soviet Era from the early 70s, like it very much just wished it could have held at least to Kerbals. Looking forward to it's release.
  21. @silentvelcro Followed your instructions for the HOYO docking port and it worked perfectly. Thank you.
  22. Inbound to MUN on a rescue mission.

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