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  1. im sorry im quite bad at interriting stuff and was only pointing out issues so the dev knew about it to test for when recompiling, no intent to whine or offend
  2. im finding that whenever im deploying the skylab fairing it collied into the multi-addapter no matter the eviroment/shape of fairing works find in non-clamshell but blows in when clamshell (i preffer a solid fairing rather than confetti)
  3. @Beale pleese tell me the fairing will be orange as was with the black arrow! tried recreating the rocket but without that orange nose it never looks quite authentic
  4. i cant wait for more updates to this your blue streak is currently a core part of my space program
  5. dreamcrusher i like it
  6. i feel falcon would be 1.875 m
  7. question with the lander is the 500kg payload one-way with no return or is it 500 down then 50 up?
  8. what diameter is neutron?
  9. only one of the gslv mk2 stage 2 verniers has effects http://imgur.com/a/egdzu apart from that i love this update
  10. is anybody else having issues where BDB fuel tanks dont have any LFO in them (as in the tanks have no info if you right click them)? dont have any mods that would affect fuel cfg's and have tried many reinstalls but to no avail
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