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  1. I am so incredibly pleased that this is seeing the light of day. Not having time to pursue ksp mod ideas is one of the things I really regret
  2. I'm specifically need to avoid going to flight to do this. :/ If I have to do it in flight, I need to figure out how to fake the icon on the launchpad indicating a craft ready to launch.
  3. I'm trying to create a vessel on the launchpad from the spacecenter or editor scenes. I think I'm on the right track with ShipConstruction.PutShipToGround, but I'm having trouble locating the correct Transform for the second argument. The following Gist demonstrates the issue; has anyone else tried doing something like this or run into a similar problem? Gist
  4. The wrapper class should handle the reflection for you.
  5. CQ provides a different crew roster list. You just need to detect when CQ is installed and use that list instead of the vanilla one.
  6. A few things. I dont resent your comments, and feel that I should clarify some things. All my mods are released under the MIT license, and I accept PRs on github. This means anyone is welcome to not only contribute to the mod, but to completely fork it at any time. I'm pretty unable to commit much time to KSP modding right now. Between school and other obligations, I have very little time, and even less willpower. I plan on coming back to work on my mods more, and occasionally get a couple hours in here and there. On that note, I'll make a point to commit my progress to git more frequently. All of that said; the changes that need to be made for KCT compatibility are actually within KCT. That isn't to say it is KCT's author's responsibility to implement them, just... Being clear for anyone who wants to try it themselves.
  7. Sorry it is taking so long. Lots of stuff going on, hard to work up the willpower to work on things.
  8. Right on the money. If this is unclear, care to suggest another description? Yea, KAC integration is going to happen. I keep procrastinating about this and KCT. I'm back-ish, btw, expect some updates soon.
  9. Any idea how to get suit/visor textures to apply to Valentina on the title screen?
  10. Yes. I'm working on it literally right now :\
  11. Eventually. Not abandoned, just slow. Finding work IRL has taken a lot of priority for me over hobbies.
  12. Errr. For some reason it is under the wrong date. Fixed.
  13. Fixed. New release published, also debugging is disabled, so log spam should be fixed.
  14. Sorry folks, I've been gone for a bit. Another hobby has been eating my time. I'm investigating this, but, for the sake of clarity, I'm going to walk through a quick (intended) demonstration of how this is supposed to work. A mission is started. A mission is ended. The duration of this mission, and the time that is ended is recorded for each crew member. When you enter the AC, spawn a launch dialog at KSC, or enter the editor, the crew roster is examined and the vacation status of each member is calculated based on the duration of their last mission and when it ended. If the AC was opened, then kerbals on vacation are modified to show a timer If we are in the editor or a launch dialog was spawned, any kerbals on vacation are set to a roster status of 9001, hiding them from the list after the AC is closed, we leave the editor, or the launch dialog is closed (in any way, including moving to a flight scene), any changes made to roster status is reverted That being said, 9001 should definitely never be written to the save file, and even if it is, the game should discard that status and set it back to 'available' upon entering the KSC. Anywho, as I said, investigating. I'm gonna be irritated if I made this bug worse. Saved games with the bug apparent in them would be greatly appreciated. I'm honestly not sure how 9001 is being written at all, at this point. - - - Updated - - - Oh! I see what is happening, I think. Please try this, and see if it helps?
  15. It is wrong. - - - Updated - - - I'm publishing what I'm comfortable calling version '1.0' of this mod. All outstanding bugs are fixed, as far as I know, now I'm going to work on KCT integration.
  16. My basic thought is to push a 'simulation report' object to anything that requests it. Duration, SOIs entered, parts list?
  17. I'm super sorry, heh. Been CRAZY busy irl the last little bit, haven't had the chance to even think about KSP modding. MAYBE tonight, I'll have a chance to throw together a quick & dirty basic compatibility, but I want to do something a little more substantial for the permanent fix (which should make things easier for magico13 too, actually, I think I'll abstract crew selection out a bit further than it is now).
  18. My local version no longer uses the launch button at all. Everything is handled through an AppLauncher menu, including configuration of initial flight-state. This allows sims to be begun from in-flight, also... so you can, for example, 'run a simulation' to see if you have enough dV to perform an emergency maneuver. As for building limits, I'm pretty sure I can still bypass that with my method, but I haven't tried yet. No API yet. This is POC code pretty much ripped straight from an aborted attempt at writing KCT2 from a blank slate. API is planned, though. Biggest problem is that ending a simulation is completely destructive to the game state, I have a 'shelter' implemented which protects some data for restoration when ending the sim, but I need to figure out a clean way of allowing other mods to stuff things in there. If you have some ideas, feel free to let me know. API is definitely coming. See above section, and please feel free to chime up if you need anything in particular.
  19. yes, once I feel comfortable with calling something a 'real' release, rather than a beta. What is left on the roadmap is figure out the conditions where crew fail to become un-hidden sometimes, and finish KCT compatibility.
  20. Honestly, it shouldn't be possible for the persistence file to be written in such a way that that status is preserved. Thanks for the bug report! Not really. My last final is tomorrow, I should have some free time to work on it this weekend.
  21. Yea, setting their status to 9001 (an invalid value) is how I keep them out of the selection roster. There are a lot of situations where it is forced to mark them differently, though, so if it happens again, simply hiding and showing the crew list in the vab should restore them. I'll take another look at it though, after finals
  22. Can you give me any more information? I haven't been able to reproduce it since the first attempted fix.
  23. You've managed to get both your base saved-game and the holodeck backup saved game flagged as 'dirty' (ie, simulation in progress), and so when you try to load either, it is trying to load the backup over and over. Go into persistent.sfs using a text editor and change the line 'SimulationActive=1' to 'SimulationActive=0' in HoloDeckRevert.sfs in your save folder. No clue how you did that. If you can figure out how to reproduce that bug, that would be great.