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  1. Please update Modular Airliner, There are no other airliner mods I could find. I really want an airliner. =) If you're thinking about KAX's Horizon cockpit, it has no interior, and no appropriately sized passenger cabins. I would like Modular Airliner, and while I cannot speak from experience, I think this mod looks great.

  2. can you update moudlar airlines to the newer versons and add back the engines from the first release im having so much fun with it so far so if you can update it that would be amazing thanks for your time.

  3. Hi, so I'm trying to set up an engine that allows selectable number of propellers, like the PROpeller props from Firespitter, but I must be setting things up wrong in Unity as I can't adjust it in-game. Could anyone help me and tell me the proper way to make it work? The Firespitter module documentation doesn't say how to do it. Thanks in advance!
  4. Is the old turret unity package/tutorial still relevant? I'm making a set of WWII aircraft weapons but I can't seem to figure out the unity hierarchy. Does anyone know the correct way to set up a non-turreted weapon? Thanks!
  5. I noticed that all of the propellers turn clockwise when viewed from the front. Is there a way to get it to turn counter-clockwise? Also, what does "rotationSpeed" and "thrustRPM" when coupled with the turboprop's config do? They do not seem to change the rotation of the propellers.
  6. Crap, sorry, I dun goofed. Here's the cockpit and IVAs this time. Sorry again. Ah thanks, and probably not. I don't really have much time lately due to school and work.
  7. Ok, sorry it took so long. I had tons of exams this past week. Anyways, I found the cargo cockpit you wanted. You can download it here from Mega.
  8. Oh ok those, they're pretty old. I might have those and the IVAs somewhere, I'll grab my DeLorean and take a look, no promises though.
  9. Sorry, what do you mean by the version with the small cargo bay? Like the one with the ramp or the very first version with the two different diameter fuselages? Cause I think the version with the ramp I only uploaded onto KerbalSpacePort and that site's no longer around. But here's a copy of all the parts I was updating, they do work with 0.90, but no IVAs as I haven't updated/made them yet: KerbalStuff If you want the ramp parts, i'll need some time to find it on my harddrive and upload it, but those ones are pretty crappy so you're better off just making your own
  10. Doesn't really matter to me. You can do what you wish with them.
  11. 1) I don't know really, I wanted to overhaul my mods and give them new more stock-a-like look so I just chose this one to start off with. 2) I...I wasn't aware the windshield angle was 45 degrees. I kinda just played around with the angle until I found one that I liked. I wanted to have a slant, but I wanted to keep the fuselage somewhat short, in addition to leaving enough headroom raise the Kerbal so they can see the runway. I mean, it's not a perfect replica, but then again, Kerbals have really weird physiology Sorry most likely not. I don't really see a point of continuing to make the airliner parts as now there are Mk3 parts, procedural wings and other cockpits that fit onto the Mk3 fuselages. As for other cockpits and engines, I'll probably work on them some at one point or another. I just don't have enough time right now. :/
  12. Haha thanks But I think I'd rather eat something more edible like a potato cake.
  13. Screenshots: Dependencies: [Optional] Requires R.P.M. for the two displays to work. Download via Kerbal Stuff License: Description: Inspired by the framed canopy structure of the A6M and Ki-84 fighter planes (yes I play WarThunder lol). I tried to base the textures off of the Mk.2 fuselages to make it stock-a-like. I hope you'll like it! Changelog: Version 1.0: Initial release.
  14. I've a question, would it be possible to implement some sort of turbo/supercharger into the firespitter .dll for propellers? Like at "x" altitude, the turbo/supercharger engages, uses an increased "y" amount of fuel, and generate an additional "z" amount of thrust?
  15. Ah hi guys, sorry for the hiatus, term papers and exams hit me like a freight train, but I just finished my last exam today. So here's a little teaser. Finished a Merlin V-12 look-a-like, currently working on a related cockpit that can hold 3 kerbals of the 1.25 metre kind. Anyone wanna guess what cockpit that is? ...., i knew i forgot something. i finished modelling the 262 style jumo nacelle it at like thanksgiving, along with a yak style belly mount, but got distracted...well, i got two weeks break till the next semester, i'll see what i can do.
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