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  1. Can someone inform me on how to export the data to a .csv file? I see a small button near the graph but pressing it seemingly does nothing. Related: is there a way to export data varying both altitude and velocity? I’m holding to do so in order to build a complete drag profile of my ships if possible. Thanks in advance
  2. And looking on the Github, there hasn't been an update to it in about five months. Do we know if Sigma Dimensions is still being maintained or will someone have to pick it up if it's broken in 1.7.1?
  3. I use rescale 2.5x in 1.7.0 and it works fine. For 1.7.1 you’ll need Kopernicus to update first though (but that should be soon) ps great work on the shuttle! Super hyped for when it’s done and ready (but take your time, I can wait!)
  4. I don't know if what I've seen is related to this, but I have had planes that will either launch with no failures, or get like five or six in the first thirty seconds or so before I even fire up the engines. It might be related to the parts reaching end-of-lifetime but all at once, but it's very odd to see about half a dozen failures go off in rapid fire. Also I may have seen something like the KCT/Scrapyard vessel recovery system not updating the generation of the parts, but I def cannot confirm yet (and I seem to no longer have time to test anything either).
  5. Does anyone know how this mod works with Procedural Parts (as in being able to reuse them from the inventory and have it deduct cost/time)? I’ve heard it’s working some places and I’ve heard it’s not some others. I would test it but I’m away from my computer right now. Thanks in advance
  6. So I did some testing based on this and you're right: the game does not like a deployable solar panel and a deployable antenna on the same part. Using Module Manager, I removed the deployable antenna module from the solar panels and they seem to work right (also I learned that the solar panels are one-sided, which was something I didn't know before). In fact, it even seemed to work on older panels that had the broken model. The bad news is it removes the antenna deployment from the part so that the antenna is always retracted. However, based on the way I configed it I could still transmit science even with the antennas closed. So in terms of aesthetic, the solar panels don't have the deployed antenna, but they still extend the panels and get electricity. P.S. I appreciate your work in continuing this mod and now I'm glad I can use some of my favorite parts more-or-less the way they were meant to be used.
  7. Is there some difference in the save CFGs between a new save and an old one? I'll go ahead and test later to see if an old save can be made to work. Oh yeah, I should probably mentioned that installing the current official version (through CKAN) worked for an existing save that never had the experimental version loaded.
  8. I'm getting something very similar too: I'm also getting a lot of "block entry/execution/exit"s in the log from KCT. Is there some way to fix this? I'm getting it at the Space Center scene too.
  9. I believe that this was fixed in the most recent version, so if you're not using that one then upgrading will fix that issue. If you are using the most recent one, then it may not have been fixed actually. And if you want to turn down the failure rate, you can follow what @severedsolo said and turn down the base chance of failure (using some ModuleManager tricks you can probably do a universal tone-down of failures for all parts). And I kind of like the current method. It allows failures to be semi-predictable (as in you know when you make a ship the rough chance that it'll fail on launch).
  10. Well, I had time last night so I jumped in and did some testing. The results were better than I expected. I didn’t do much, but the failure ratings and generation numbers were correct (i.e. an antenna that I’ve used on almost every mission was a safety rating of 10 and a generation of 50). The numbers seemed right with new parts, parts stored in the ScrapYard inventory, parts on vessels that are being built in KCT, and (surprisingly) vessels that have already launched. One thing I did notice though, is that the SRB failure rates still seemed odd. When I was doing some testing for a kOS script in a sandbox game, even as the SRBs were nearing generation 7, at least one of the four of them would fail on each launch except one. I can test some more but it might be a couple of days (although the SRB thing shouldn’t be existing-save dependent).
  11. I’ll have a bit of time off from Uni in a day or two and an existing save with 1.3.5 on it (I think). I’ll test it soon and report back, but it might be in a couple of days (if someone can do it sooner they can though)
  12. So all existing ships have their parts reset to gen 0 failure rates? What about parts themselves (i.e. does a simple probe core that would be like gen 50 or so on the old version get reset to gen 0 failure rate on a new ship?)
  13. So I haven't had time to test this yet, but how well does this work on existing saves? I would like to update (I might wait until the new version is fully released) but I'm wondering if I'll have to do some save-file editing to make sure my existing ships don't get their failure rates reset to generation one. If anyone has tested this please let me know, otherwise I can test it when I get the time (probably some time in the next week or so)
  14. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem as well. I’ve been having this ever since I installed this mod a while ago. Basically, whenever you deploy the Soy Juice solar planels, they deploy normally. But if you leave the flight scene and come back, they look like this: It seems like it’s somehow halfway-deployed. It still collects solar power and the antenna still transmits, so it’s just a visual issue. This is probably something that I’m missing on my install, but it seems every time I have this mod I’ve always seen it happen. Does anyone know of a quick fix for this? It doesn’t really affect gameplay, it’s just annoying. Thanks I’m advance. Love the mod btw. I use the Soy Juice parts all the time
  15. One thing that I’ve noticed is that when the prerelease is installed on an already existing save, then all saved parts’ safety rating drops down to 1. Parts pulled fresh from the editor are fine and have the correct saftey values, but all parts on saved and launched vessels all have safety ratings of 1