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  1. Sweet! And congratulations on the new job.
  2. A new thread has been started about updating TAC-LS to 1.1.2 and beyond: Thought it might be useful if you would want to be able to get some the compatibility between the two sorted out before the guys over in the other finalise the new release
  3. Hi all, I have something of a strange issue. I am copying the example code from the KOS-github site: SET P TO SHIP:PARTSNAMED("GooExperiment"]. SET M TO P:GETMODULE("ModuleScienceExperiment"). M:DOEVENT("observe mystery goo"). But i still get an error saying that that specific do event does not exist, even though it lists it in the containing error that it prints.
  4. Somebody please tell me this thread isn't dead...
  5. Is anybody else having problems reentrying using this with version 1.1? Even on a sub-orbital flight my pods are unable to stay in one peace. Where there any changes mad to the heating mechanic with the 1.1 update?
  6. Just ran a fresh install and it seems to be working fine now. I'll go through the mods and see which one is causing the error if it would help in the development in anyway. EDIT: Had a run through all the mods one by one, and it looks like DeadlyReentry is the reason the duplication bug is occurring. Hope that helps
  7. Has anybody encountered a duplicate equipable item bug? If i equip the wrench, then equip the screw driver, the wrench is still visible in my hand. then if i try to equip either of the two again, it just spawns as a physicless floating object in my hand, i walk away, and it just floats there. I think it may be an extension of this bug, but whenever i press "H" to try to attach something, no matter which one i have equipped, I get an ingame error message saying that i need a tool equiped to be able to perform that action.
  8. Yup, close it every time before changing the values and retrying. It must just be a me thing. I'll do a fresh install of the game and see if that changes anything
  9. I'm running at 1920x1080. Tried a bunch of different values and non seem to work. The game always seems to want to default to X: -776.96 Y: 370.08. I guess its something i can live without. I can do the editing in need in flight as deleting the file seems to have fixed that issue.
  10. Thanks for the quick response! This worked a charm for then the vehicle is in flight, but unfortunately the window is still no where in sight when in side the VAB. I'm actually having the same issue with the window the for IR Sequencer mod as well.
  11. Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody had encountered a problem with the window positioning? When in the VAB and i click on the robotics button, no window appears anywhere on screen for me to make changes to the parts. However, when I launch the vehicle and click on the robotics icon, I manage to get the window to appear but it is stuck in the top right of the screen and I am unable to move it because the "click here to drag" portion of the window is off the top of the screen. I have tried changing the screen resolution and UI scaling but neither seem to have helped.
  12. These look f***ing sweet! Do you have any plans to modify the stock pods with the same aesthetic? Or will it be just these two pods?
  13. Sorry to say but i think i have to be 'that guy' as well.
  14. Thank you both stevehead & Raptor831. Didn't know the game had a stock setting that allowed you to change the time. Learn something new every day!
  15. Is there any way to change the time-frame of the game while using this mod? From what I can see, the rotation of Kerbin has changed compared to the base game, so at the moment the ingame clock goes through a full day before the sun even rises. can we change the clock to be more then a 6 hour day to be inline with the actual rotation of the planet?