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  1. Most definitely Jool. I have since aerobraked on every planet with an atmosphere now.
  2. After the forum crash, I've been lurking a lot. Mainly in the "Suggestions and Development Discussion" section of the forum.
  3. Squad, why must you torture us with all this amazing footage?
  4. I really like this. The only things I would change would be to add different variations of the songs (liftoff1.wav; liftoff2.wav; etc.) and making it so that each each celestial body has its own theme to match its characteristics.
  5. GHz/ MHz are pretty much useless as they don't actually show how fast a processor actually is.
  6. MechJeb arguments and obvious troll threads are pretty much the same thing. I can't really deny that.
  7. The KSP community is probably one of the best I've been involved with. The only arguments I've seen are Mechjeb ones that get out of hand, or the obvious troll threads.
  8. I wish I knew how to do this stuff so I could help. Either way, I'm still interested in the final form of this project. Keep up the good work guys!
  9. The KSP Store is for easy management of KSP versions and easy modding. Steam is for easy and automatic updating. Just choose which one is best for you. Also, Squad gets more money if you buy it from the KSP Store.
  10. Thats partly because Windows 8 does have all those effects that make Windows 7 look good.
  11. They are on the newest version of unity, and its Unity's problem why the version of Physx is still single-threaded.
  12. Off topic: I once loaded 7 or 8 copies of KSP once to test my computer. On the last one it started lagging. (I was using the space station scenario.) On topic: I think there should be an option for this.
  13. It would be a nice thing to have. We won't need to boot up Fraps every time we want to see our framerate.
  14. The Avionics package could have more plane orientated features, such as maintain altitude or attitude relative to the horizon. That would be very useful as well.
  15. Shercan Kerman Shercan sure can fly that rocket.
  16. I'm glad that someone agrees with me. This would probably also be a very late career mode technology.
  17. I believe this is planned for when resources are added.
  18. Now that the ASAS doesn't stabilize your craft like it used too, I propose that we actually make it advanced and give it some MechJeb-esque capabilities. No, I'm not talking about autopilot, I'm talking about hold x heading or point prograde and other options like that. I personally think that this could be useful for most rockets.
  19. I ported my VTOL over to 0.21 and this happened.
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