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  1. How do I hide the toolbar button? I am fine with Alt+H and I have too many mods using stock toolbar. Help is appreciated.
  2. When is squad gonna give in and just make it stock?
  3. Ok, awesome. So it sounds like what I want to do is build an SSTO with a combo of Rapier and Turbojets since the Rapier's don't really do a good job of getting up to speed until you already have speed. Is there any easy way to work nuke engines in easily? Or are those days past? Back before 1.0 I would use Turbojets/rapiers to get to orbit and then use the nukes to go elsewhere. I had a Mun ferry that would bring new crew to the mun, but that's kinda changed now
  4. So at around 12k I really can't be using air breathing anymore?
  5. Can someone explain to me exactly what changed with the jet engines? It seems like they lose thrust the higher up I get. Is there a trick to using air breathing engines in an SSTO now that I am not understanding? I can't even get the stock stearwing D45 to orbit anymore (I used to be able to). Help would be appreciated.
  6. I did notice something though, maybe its my install. The help file in game does not word wrap and I can't read it all. Should be an easy fix.
  7. This mod needs a bump. Sad to see it so deep in the forums for how amazingly useful it is. Especially for airplanes. I no longer need to line up multi engines perfectly to keep the ship from flipping out once it exits the atmosphere.
  8. Could you please update this mod to use mod manager? I can't seem to figure it out. Or can someone who has already done it PM me their CFG file please? I really want to avoid overwriting stock parts, but some of my planes would look a lot better using this mod (instead of bolting KSPX cylinders of fuel on the hull).
  9. Has anyone hotfixed in propmotors to the new MK2 capsules? I really like the windows and would like to use them in my space planes.
  10. Is there a way to zoom in super far on the map or a way to get actual directions to a waypoint? I have been driving this rover aimlessly trying to hit the points, and I don't really have any idea where they are... Nevermind. I figured it out.
  11. I got one of my ships stranded at the Mun without enough fuel to get back. So I did the sensable thing and EVAed to remove parts and reduce weight (by using KAS which is a great mod). However, for some reason when I detached something it would reset the surface velocity of my kerbal to zero so he would instantly start falling toward the Mun. I used hyper edit to basically put him back in orbit near the ship and proceeded to continue stripping it till I had enough Dv to get home.
  12. Good point. However, Ion engines are in the game and they are scaled up considerably from a realistic ion engine. Also, it is not fantasy. This is a real thing.
  13. So if you subscribe to (I expect a lot of you do) then you know that NASA recently tested an engine that basically creates thrust without using any fuel at all. Is this something you would like to see in KSP, or would this just make the game too easy and never mind that its real Here is a link to one of the stories about the so called impossible engine.
  14. I simply like leaving landmarks next to my flags