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  1. Don't think I've ever had that problem since I found out that you can push the opposite side in, which seems more sensitive than pulling the side you want out. Also keep in mind, the farther you push/pull the knob, the faster the node changes, so be careful with the mouse.
  2. As far as altering existing parts, not always an option. The one time I used this program was to create fuel tanks for my apollo-style munar excursion modules. The stock 1.25m tanks looked wrong under a mk 2 command pod, and the smallest 2.5m tank is large enough that two of them plus the engines made the lander look wrong. Instead, I used this to crank out 2.5m tanks that were just about the exact amount of fuel I needed, and they were an excellent size for the project. Yes, I could have taken the time to learn blender, and some day I probably will, but this let me get the results I wanted
  3. What I usually do in a case like that is put up a maneuver node just outside Kerbin's SoI and play around with the three directions. In a case like this, you can see the kinds of adjustments you need to make. You're arriving too late (behind Duna, and your solar apoapsis is higher than Duna's orbit. The first is a bigger deal, the second is just something to work on for next time. If you're arriving too late, like in this case, what I usually do is to burn inward (towards the center of your orbit, the sun in this case), as that will usually cause the eccentricity of your orbit to rotate cou
  4. That 8K dv number agrees with the "smallest Eve ascent vehicle challenge" thread (that got lost in the great oops) when taking off from the highest mountain that currently exists on Eve if I remember correctly. It's about 11-12 K dv from sea level. So yes, I'd say the original statement of it taking at least 8K is accurate.
  5. Very true, especially if you're trying to get any significant quantity of resources off Eve. To be honest, while you might refine the fuel to lift off of Eve on Eve itself, I can only see the Blutonium being worth lifting to orbit, as everything else will probably be much easier to get somewhere else. For that matter, we don't know how common it will be elsewhere, as you don't need that much of it.
  6. While the forums were down, I found something that is either a bug or a misunderstanding on my part. I was doing a mission to Duna, and using KER to plan the transfers. Going from Kerbin to Duna worked as well as can be expected, since Duna has an elliptical orbit. The Duna to Kerbin transfer, however, was bad. Rather than giving me a transfer orbit where the apoapsis is near Duna's orbit and the periapsis is near Kerbin's orbit, the apoapsis was well above Duna's orbit, and the periapsis was just a bit below Duna's orbit. After checking KER against http://ksp.olex.biz/, I think I figured
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