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  1. I'm not going to quote a random statistic here, but just realise how often you breathe in and out of your nose (the nose, of course, providing a pathway that is that much closer to the blood-brain barrier.) I am not an expert in material sciences, but trusting a YouTube "internet fame" video is a horribly bad idea. Trusting a stranger on a forum is also a horribly bad idea; but the general warnings being pushed at you should be taken over a fool who cares more about views than consumer safety. Do your research, talk to people who have done this before; even how you haven't secured your smelter down concerns me as it doesn't take much to turn that into a hazardous situation. I understand that the bucket likely feels heavy on its own, but if a solid kick can knock it down, it isn't heavy enough. The ease of you doing something simple like dropping your tongs and while you're reaching down to pick them up you shift your footing and knock the smelter over should be taken into consideration. At the very least, you should surround the thing with cement bricks, (which are easy to sort of "secure" without needing mortar).
  2. Honestly, I think "Distro" seems highly overrated as there is often a far greater difference between OSX, Windows, and "Various Desktop Managers" than there is between the distros. I make this complaint often, but while I have setup and occasionally use an Arch-LDE environment (I tend to prefer it for working than playing though); I think Archers intentionally try to make their setup seem like a nightmare while the majority of it can easily be turned into a bash script. In fact, it quite surprised me how the "No GUI Arch Setup" was blatantly identical to the "GUI Setup" for any given OS install (of course, there were a few commands that could be completely automated that were required to be entered.) Once you know what you're doing with the package manager (especially with command line), installing anything is basically *yawn.* I do know that distros may often modify code so everything works better together (and hence create their own security issues ;p), but they still seem to simply be a collection of parts that can just as easily be put together in any other way, and that it is the parts that should be talked about rather than the person putting them together. This tends to be one of my biggest frustrations with the Linux community. There are a large amount of users that continue to spread FUD about Microsoft and act like "Microsoft Windows" is simply a Window Manager Skin. Stories where kids will force Linux upon their parents and claim that whatever skinning they did makes it equivalent to "Microsoft Windows." There's so much hate at anything proprietary that the classical response to "I'd like X feature that is like-windows" is "Go back to windows you noob" (and this wasn't at me, this was crud that I read directed at hundreds of different people asking simple questions.)
  3. Granted. It is impossible for you to drink vinegar as if it were water and eat spice as if it were candy... unfortunately most candy is actually various spices which means you've also killed off our most successful industry. I wish WinkAllKerb' would stop pretending to be ignorant.
  4. I get a moderator to lock this thread and clean it out... all posts before this one are now null and void. MY HILL!
  5. I'm not clicking strange links on forums! Who knows what scars you're trying to leave on me. Press the button to receive a one way ticket to pluto... without the means of survival.
  6. And And Ear Ion Ion And Utilize And EASY (is more fun)
  7. Granted. Unfortunately x86-64 is revealed to be a dirt awful piece of junk and we continue on to x86-96 which is 64 bit being completely redesigned for how people program rather than what is easiest to make assembly for. Due to the design, x86-96 is not backwards compatible with x86-64 but is fully compatible with x86 and earlier; but the speed boost offered is so extreme that people willingly give up their old processors for the new architecture. I wish that new horizons would be renamed voyager 6, to bring about my star trek fantasies.
  8. They're looking for signs of artificial electromagnetic radiation, which is much different from "a signal." Whether we intend to or not, we are leaking EM Radiation like crazy into space. Of course, the signal strength decays rapidly the further out you go and becomes comparatively small over background noise, and the chances of finding such radiation go down very rapidly... But don't mock something you simply don't understand. A pluto flyby is useless because it "doesn't directly help us," or going to the moon is useless because "the money is better spent here on earth." IF they discover life, veritable proof of live beyond our world, it will be big news, regardless of whether we can contact them or not.
  9. The definition of life is simple: "Any definition that indicates humans are alive and suits our current moral stance, whatever it may be." I think it would be most interesting if creatures of "living fire" came to visit us, and declared we were not alive because we didn't follow their rules of life. What might the conversation be like, as both sides explain the other's existence is impossible? Remember, what we know about the universe, on matter, on life, is enough to fill one whole paragraph in a 32 volume encyclopaedia set on the universe. We are ignorant of what is possible outside our sheltered lives, whether other subatomic particles exist, whether there are whole new concepts of matter, physics, life even. We, like a thousand years ago, think we're at the pinnacle of our achievements, that there is are only a few questions that remain unanswered; do we not learn from our past mistakes, or are we doomed forever to live in arrogance?
  10. I think you're not getting that all the "data" leading up to the intercept was just NASA playing with their toy (okay, testing systems and verifying things are working). All of that data was erased for the flyby where they pushed the sensors into overdrive and filled it up to the brim. NASA didn't give a crap about the photos they've been feeding us, the real interest are the shots we haven't seen yet, the gigabytes of information they collected during the brief moments when the flyby occurred.
  11. This, this 100x over. This 1000x over. The younger generation does not know more about computers. This fabrication is completely untrue and often the reverse. The younger generation couldn't setup a LPT printer without the help of Google. They're all about "download a program to do it for me" rather than actually knowing ANYTHING about how computers work. And then, when they memorize a few simple command line tricks, they think it is a substitute for actual knowledge and experience. No, if the younger generation had even a quarter of the intellect we associated with them then iOS, which is designed for a 2 year old's attention span, would have been a big flop due to the severe limitations it places on the software + hardware control; while Blackberry and Treo, which had more open designs with early linux-on-device proof of concepts, would be the kings. The younger generation would be programming in ASM instead of C#, the younger generation would be reading hex and doing hex based math rather than needing CAS to solve the most basic of Calculus equations. The problem isn't trying to beat the "knowledge" of the younger generation. The problem is the simple fact that a basic linux boot disk can override any local security setup and with shim secure boot is meaningless unless you self-sign. The PROBLEM is that GOOGLE is the "knowledge" of the younger generation and can easily supply the plethora of work arounds. https://blog.lastpass.com/2015/06/lastpass-security-notice.html/ That's only what they've admitted or caught, it is only going to get worse. Memorizing a 16 digit alphanumeric password really isn't as hard as people act.
  12. Yet people would easily argue that KSP without a community and especially mods would die in 30 seconds. Revenue is a "magical" thing that you really have to be working with the financials of the company to know where it comes from. I got really pissy before as I was remembering what I hate about all of these protests (and the people usually behind them) but the gist is that when you protest in a way that doesn't hurt you while only hurting someone else, your protest is meaningless. DDoS attacks are thought of as "costs of doing business" these days... just like "piracy boycotting" as a fight against DRM. CEOs get so much hate mail, threats, attempts at extortion that a rise in it is meaningless to them. The internet has made "protesting" into a pastime, which means inflated emotions like this is taken as inflated emotions, rather than something corporate has to actually consider. I mean, consider, all Reddit needs to do is temporarily disable the ability to make forums or whatnot private, and revert the changes. The REAL protest is when people actively boycott Reddit, preferably not using Reddit to spread messages about boycotting it (not because Reddit can remove it, but because it defeats the purpose). If Reddit knows people WANT to use its service, but cannot due to temporary issues, they don't give a crap about what caused those issues. Consider a "store side" protest, where people are trying to convince others who don't care about their plight to not shop at a store... usually they don't work out because people just don't care and walk right past the protests... some may just resolve to come a different day if protests are violent enough. While directly blocking people from entering does get you more attention, it only gathers negative attention. You haven't convinced anyone not to shop at the store, you only prevented it; if anything people, having resented your actions, are MORE LIKELY to shop there and spend more money because of how poorly you treated them. Consider the Gas Protests, "Everyone, don't buy gas this sunday... the gas stations will lose millions!" Of course they will, but then TOMORROW you will NEED to buy gas, and while daily profit will take a large hit, weekly profit would barely change... let alone that no one really knows why the protest occurred, where is the list of demands? The commitment to further protests if demands are not met? And since with crowd-sourcing like this, you get large groups without firm demands, all that can really be said is that people are angry; but don't have a solution. Effective protesting is slow, it takes large amounts of planning, it takes a large commitment. It costs REAL money, and REAL effort on your behalf, often individual protests are unsuccessful so you keep campaigning and seeking more and more followers over long periods of time until change finally happens. TLDR; Internet protests are HIGHLY emotional but very short lived, their frequency has made them a "cost of business" rather than an indication that something needs to change.
  13. So does HACKING Reddit and destroying the server. We should hack reddit, DDoS it, and release information about the CEO's kids and strongly imply someone should kidnap them (like anonymous does). Retroactive "this is why we're doing this" doesn't change that this is still not a protest but a pissing match, it only adds in the elitest "join our movement, we can bring down Reddit, download LOIC now!!!" nonsense that people who claim internet protests work does.
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