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  1. Thank you sir. Your tips on TMPro are sweet!

  2. Hey man, how much bigger you wanna the cargo bay? You wanna the one with more fuel and flat floor or the other one with more space, less fuel and a rounded floor?

    Is it twice the size of the biggest one? (actual sizes big one = 1.5m, medium = 1 m, small = 0.5m)

    I can suggest a 2m or a 2.5m one.

    1. BGYT


      less fuel, rounded, 1,5x-2x longer and open

    2. Climberfx


      You mean no cargo upper doors like open? like convertible?

    3. BGYT


      no door


  3. Great review Kottabos on the Omicron. Thanks for the publicity.

    Cheers  Mate!

    1. technicalfool


      Someone accidentally the whole first page of add-on releases. We're seeing if it can be restored.

    2. Climberfx


      What a love!

      Some one don't deserve the power it have!!!

    3. technicalfool


      Eh, mistakes happen. If it helps, the person responsible is rather apologetic right now.

  4. Hello, i'm worried, what happens to my forum thread for the release of Omicron? It vanish from the forum???!?!?!



    1. sal_vager


      I am looking into it.

  5. Hey man, i see the youtube video you did with Omicron, very cool. Gonna update soon, putting in my list of todo thing, the option for ejection on seats and windows, so, that's because of you.

    Only a thing, i see you put a common stock docking port over the Omicron docking port. Did you know the Omicron docking port work with stock ones?

    Cheers commander!

  6. O Vou, tu ainda não se apresentou na página da lista de usuários não? Que tal dar uma passada por lá e se cadastrar?

  7. PapaJoe, any way to have the ejection force for Kerbal when leaving the seat adjusted?

    I tried ejection with windows closed, the kerbal jump out the ship!


    1. Papa_Joe


      Good question.  I do some research.

    2. Papa_Joe


      Ok, looked into it.  You can control the direction of the ejection, but you cannot control the distance.  I'm looking into work arounds, but it may require Squad to change some things in the game engine.  I will need to characterize it some more before I approach Squad with it though.

      What are you trying to accomplish?  get them to stand next to the seat?

    3. Climberfx


      Yeah, i already try some different directions, appear that the module try to put you the next position "out"of the vessel. So, if i change direction to Z+, front os vessel, even if i have a very long one, it will jump to the front of it. So, the actual module will not suit me when i have the windows closed, but is not a super problem, i just need to open it before.


      I was trying to have it leave the seat and walk inside, but without need to open windows.

      I just remember i can't do it, because, if i don't open window, i can't click on kerbal do leave seat, :P

      So, no problem!

  8. Hello Chris.


    I animating my parts on KSP (omicron space car), and i wanna use this "ModuleAnimate" from you on it! Can i? I will give the credits and link to your mod as license suggest.


    1. stupid_chris


      ModuleAnimate is stock, not mine. My old animator module is outdated and bugged, not worth it.

    2. Climberfx


      Great, better than. Than you Chris :wink:

      I mistaken, because at first, Universal Storage was using it, then i see Paul KingTiger manage to make his own dll for animations. (Stock is buggy when using more then one animation on same part)

      US use AdvancedAnimator.dll

      Thank anyway

  9. Huhuhuhulllll! Pas by to send a hug!

  10. Thanks. What model you use?

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