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  1. A quase 10 anos atrás, eu consegui ter uma comunidade na nossa língua. E agora vemos tudo isso abando nado a quase um ano. rsrsrsrsrsr
  2. I open Ckan on Mac, and in the search I type Om, Omi, Omic, Omicron, and nothing appears. Could be a Mac bug/behavior maybe? https://imgur.com/5YXqEVZ https://imgur.com/bPMFYAk
  3. Hey @HebaruSan, Omicron is not listing in Ckan anymore. Anything wrong? https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/154862-1123-omicron-flying-space-car-release-066/
  4. Oh, ok, fixing files. Fixed. Redownload from Spaceport. https://spacedock.info/mod/2413/Omicron Flying Space Car
  5. Minor Update to 0.6.6 0.6.6 - Minor Fixes, updated to 1.12.3, Holes on Wheels when opened, using the included plugin Depthmask.dll Download links (0.6.6): https://spacedock.info/mod/2413/Omicron Flying Space Car (primary) https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/omicron-space-flying-car (secondary)
  6. Great News. Thanks to @cineboxandrew ModuleDepthMask, in next Omicron update, you will be able to see the hole inside Landing Gears. You are amazing Mr. @cineboxandrew
  7. Wow, I was thinking this morning, should be a mod to subtract, add a hole, a visual hole to the parts, so my mod Omicron, could have it show inside properly when you use it's landing gears, the internal part of it, and here you are. Man, if I understand clearly, is what it does, isn't? Now, my gears is like this, you can't see the part goes inside the vessel body. Using your mod I can make it show that? If yes, with your permission, I gonna add it to my mod, for sure. And even to Omicron.dll code, if you permit. I hope still work on 1.12.2. Great mod Commander.
  8. But to be clear, you are wrong again. You show again what both of us already know, KSP mod's use "framework" 4.5 (or compatible). But I wrote there on "Of course..." about the external use of "runtime" 5.0, not framework, my dear negator. So, NO for you too.
  9. No annoying here. But if you wanna some general chat, let's do it in my mod thread, that way it helps the divulgation of it on the forum. (link on signature pic)
  10. No, The mod exist and run, externally for sure, but it runs. And I said 5.0 runtime, not core. And all you write here not even close helped me with my first question on the thread, that I solved alone, as you can see on the second post, but thank you for your trying. I've done here , If any moderator read this stuff, you should close this thread please, because it is already solved and have no point anymore. Thank you!
  11. Evolving on fuel distribution pipes for the lifter of Omicron Rocket config.
  12. No mix here @Gotmachine. I know .NET core is a thing and Framework is other. And there is the runtime too. In a KSP forum thread they said KSP is compatible with Framework 4.5, and is the one I use. I just didn't specify it there. (didn't wrote "framework", but I wrote "core" where I mean core, the other ones mean to be "framework") And I see that in the .NET core 3.1 and 5.0 are the ones that is listed when I install Visual Studio 2019 Mac, and in the past, even on windows, When I installed the add-ons for .NET core 3.5 (for old VS on Windows, where I was developing for 1.7.3), it automatically install Framework 3.5 too. So, even knowing they are different things, the versions walk together, but not exclusively. So, when I install the new VS 2019 Mac I presumably think it will not have Framework 4.5 inside of it, but it have, like I shown on 2nd post in this thread, it have it all, frameworks from 2.0 to 4.8. So (again), knowing Framework 4.5 is the one (compatible) for KSP 1.12.2, I use it and compile my library for Omicron for a test, and it worked flawlessly. So, this is the important thing, working. Other thing, after some more digging I found a mod that use .NET runtime 5.0 here in the forum, "Of course I still love you". But that is for other discussion. It have it, you just need to change that on project settings. But for mine, it was already on framework 4.5 when I opened. I believe because I already did the update from 3.5 when I was updating the mod in windows to new releases, but I can't remember.
  13. It worked, but I didn't use 5.0. When you install VS 2019 for Mac it shows 3.1 and 5.0 core only, but when you use it, it have it all, from 3.1 to 5.0. So I just use the one that is recommended for KSP 1.12.2, and is not 3.5 anymore, is 4.5 now. Anyway, thank by your reply guys. Yeah @zer0Kerbal, the first part of this post is deprecated. @theJesuit, Now it uses Unity 2019.4.18f1 and .NET 4.5 Cheers!
  14. Well, still sad. And I never said Ckan was guilty. Maybe in near future they find a better way. But I still use it even in "DOS" mode. ;P
  15. Last version of Ckan need to install mono, but it ask for it on install, just follow steps shown. But this version is not more GUI, is a terminal Text interface, like the DOS ones in the past. So sad. As better before.
  16. Well, this one was not expected. It worked without any modification. I just opened my old omicron project, and try to compile and there it go. Like a charm. So, apparently, this version of Visual Studio Mac, have it all in. So, forget my question, but if anyone is trying to code for KSP on Mac, just use the latest version of Visual Studio Mac (here is 2019 - 8.10.9 (build 3)). And because of that, my development of Omicron mod will be under OS X 100%. (I'm so happy)
  17. Hello Commanders. I'm reactivating my development on Omicron, but I have now a new machine and I wan't to do the development in OS X So my question is, If I compile my code using .NET 5.0 will it work in KSP 1.12.2? I ask this because in OS X version of Visual Studio, I get on this two options. .NET 3.1.19 or .NET 5.0.10 Core Runtime. There is no 4.5 here, only when I install on Bootcamp Windows version of VS. And logically, I prefer stay in OS X to do all the development, but if 5.0 is not compatible, I will do it on Windows. Sadly. Can any one help me with this? Thank you all.
  18. Updated shortcut to Quick fixes and other for some cleaned ships. (old, not needed with and beyond.) Quickfix Crafts
  19. Quick tips for config the controls on Vtol and Cockpit, synchronizing feedback when shortcuts are pressed.
  20. Cockpit text info on panel have a quick fix for 1.12.2 that can be downloaded below. (old, no needed on the last 6.6.6 update) https://www.dropbox.com/s/56y25ejid0usjs5/Omicron.dll?dl=0 Just put the dll on Omicron/plugins Position of the camera when HullCameraVDS is installed.
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