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  1. It stands for Null Reference Exception. It's a programming term that in plain English means that you are trying to access something that is not there when you need it. The consequences can vary from just getting log spam to a behavior in the game completely breaking.
  2. I'll try to answer this in the clearest way possible. All robotic parts can be motorized or not by themselves, so you can have a motorized hinge without having to use a piston in-between.
  3. You can do both, it has the option to input numbers separated by colons so you can input YY:DD:HH:MM:SS (or subsets of that from lower to higher); or you can just input a big number of seconds and the tool will translate it to UT for you.
  4. That's the sink LED. It lights up if your vertical speed is negative and great (i.e. you're falling down fast).
  5. Some people like to have it around to selectively restore just a few files if thing go wrong. Apple really did a number on security starting in Sierra, so it couldn't be said that the zip just works or doesn't work. It depends on a lot of thing (security settings before and after updating macOS, file system, permissions settings, etc). So the fact that it didn't quite work for you doesn't mean it won't for anyone. Anyway, I read that the installer version just works for you, so that's a win for everyone.
  6. If you ever tried making a good old apocalyptic mission where an asteroid has a trajectory to destroy KSC and you have to prevent it, you would have realized that....you didn't need to do anything. As soon as the Asteroid entered the Kerbin atmosphere, physics were all over the place, the asteroid started behaving like a giant ball of Styrofoam flying on the wind or something weird like that. The "behavior" in this case would be the physics interactions with the atmosphere, the drag, the lift. All of these to ensure that asteroids behave the way you would expect them and get on with supervillan's agendas to destroy the KSC And well, as you can see in the GIF, now they have reentry FX and explosions, so there's also that.
  7. On macOS there is a way to map F keys to regular function keys, this solves the problem for macOS players who can't access the Debug Menu. If you're using a non-Apple laptop there must be something similar, but you'll have to look for yourself, as there are countless possible ways this setting could be accessible.
  8. It's perfectly normal for KSP to install without a settings file, it gets generated by KSP on loading if it's not found. If it's not being created I would advise you check if KSP has write permissions in the installation folder, you would think on Steam this is a given, but that's not always the case. Check here to find out how to repair the folder's permissions on Steam (Repair Library Folder subsection):
  9. @Zwolff Can you upload a log from when you merely double click the KSP.app file? The log file is called KSP.log and can be found in the same folder as the KSP.app. You can upload it to pastebin or a similar website and share a link here.
  10. Could you provide more details? What happens when you just double-click the KSP icon? What 'Show Package Contents' thing are you referring to? In all of our tests across all the macOS testbeds the team could test on, the installer just works.
  11. KSP is sadly not compatible with screen resolutions higher than 1080p. In order to overcome this in macOS, follow these steps: 1. In the Finder, choose the KSP application so it's highlighted, but don't open it. 2. Choose Get Info from either the File menu, or right clicking 3. Place a checkmark next to "Open in Low Resolution" This will enforce KSP to natively run in 1080p resolution. BTW, this is not something KSP -specific, if you're having similar trouble with any other game or app yo can do the same thing.
  12. We had a small delay due to a server migration, but to my understanding the bug tracker has been recently started to update again to reflect the issues we've been working on
  13. Try switching off Surface FX, Underwater FX, Highlight FX and turning Aero FX quality to low. All of these options are in the graphics settings from the main menu.
  14. You can submit your logs to pastebin (or similar) and just copy the links on here.
  15. PC means Personal Computer, a computer designed for use by one person at a time, regardless of the installed OS. PC ≠ Windows computer.
  16. Have you already tried all the other fixes proposed in the forum? Updating graphics drivers, ensuring that your drivers are not doing window scaling, disabling Game mode, Game bar and Game DVR in the Windows settings?
  17. I'm not directly involved in the console development team, so take this with a grain of salt, but afaik saves of the current build will still work after the patch.
  18. The issue has been identified and fixed in one of the recent development builds. As soon as we finish squashing all the critical bugs we'll have a release candidate and a clearer idea of a patch date.
  19. It's hard to say without the full DXDiag report, could be many things. Could be faulty graphics drivers, a background process interfering with the execution of KSP (such as an antivirus for example), could be a permissions issue. In order to narrow down the issue you can begin making a clean re-installation of your graphics drivers, and a clean Windows boot.
  20. Yes, I see from your screenshot that there's no log file in the KSP folder. In that case, let me see output_log.txt, found in either the KSP_Data or KSP_x64_Data, depending on the version that you've been trying. So far you've been posting screen capture, for this file please upload the text. You can add it as a code snippet directly here in the forum or upload it to pastebin and post a link. But it's important that we can see the whole text file and not just what fits your screen.
  21. I fail to see any content here. Is this where your log is supposed to be? If you're having trouble you can upload it to pastebin or a similar website and just post a link.
  22. Can you check if this is the same whether or not the ground crew is visible? I mean the swarm of busy kerbals you can see on the floor.
  23. What are your full computer specs? For Windows, please send us a dxdiag report, this is how you can get one: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=1597548 Also let us see your log file, KSP.log located in your KSP installation folder.
  24. @TheDonutOfDeath We have recently identified an issue where craft files are lost, I would like to ask you a few things to confirm if it's the same issue you are experiencing. How many craft files had you saved before the issue started manifesting approximately? Did you shut down the game in a transition screen where the 'Loading' icon is displayed on the lower right?
  25. It would be extremely useful for debugging if you could send us your save file for evaluation. You can save it to a USB drive like so: http://www.ign.com/wikis/playstation-4/How_to_Transfer_PS4_Saves After that you can upload the files to Google Drive or any other file sharing platform and PM me the link. Thanks in advance.
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