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  1. So... I'm only interested in fuel (pipe) transfer between vehicles. Can KIS do this or do I have to wait for KAS to be updated?
  2. Is anyone here running in open GL? I dont know if it's a reason but when I add TACLS to my game, it wont load it and crash. Edit: scrath that, when I run TACLS alone it works, must be one of my other mods. also @PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[*],~CrewCapacity[0],!RESOURCE[Food]]:FOR[TacLifeSupport] seems to work. pods do have life support resources.
  3. You would have to make a system that would simulate how much of te surface heat gets inside. Landing pod having 1000K doesnt mean theres such temperature inside the pod.
  4. Are we there yet? .90 seems to crash my steam game in open gl mode.
  5. Thanks. I guess Ill wait for KAS otherwise it doesnt make sense to have any pernament present.
  6. I was wondering if anyone would mention this but after few days it seems that no one have a problem with this: There are no reliable effective ways how to transfer resources between two tanks landed on a surface therefore making mining or delivering life support supplies way too hard. For me only really useable way to do this was always via pipeline from KAS mod or QFL mod, but how it can be done in stock is beyond me. So any pro tips for this?
  7. Rock on the string is actually pretty nice example. Also 1st May is holiday in a lot of countries.
  8. How do you explain that once you get rocket on the orbit it stays there and doest fall down? I had quite difficult time to properly explain it to some of my friends (all adults tho). Is there like a simple expample or something for that in schools?
  9. ... and I was wondering if you think career will be fun enough to spend few days in it? I mean I always planned my "space program" by setting certain goals and was always into realistic mods like RemoteTech, life support.... So I'm wondering if stock career (maybe with visual mods) will be finally enough to fully enjoy the game. PS: I have't been really playing since 0.23. And mr. Manley was doing only some silly KSP stuff lately, so I'm in the dark.
  10. Game would suddenly got so much more potencial.
  11. Imagine the day when 1000 part ship will still gives you green FPS time number.
  12. Why not a story mode based on realistic goals and newspaper reports? You know... goverment would start space program and... you mde first orbit run, then there would be nice newspaper report about it, then frist EVA... interview with Jeb and so on... So you would feel like it's story, history in making.
  13. Anyone else having problem with opening that file? Google docs keep telling me that file is unavaible and reload doesnt help. Edit: for some reason it doesnt work in google chrome ironically. but it does in explorer. %|
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