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  1. does the https://kerbalx.com/Raptor9/IkeDres-Logistics-Kit-Titan-4N need any updating? or is it 'good as is""?
  2. Thanks for listing out the ships as you upgrade/refresh them. Just so i dont think i lost my mind later on, can you also list the ships you are removing (if becuase of replacement/combining list what the replacement is). so I can keep my fleet up-to-date as well? thanks
  3. does that mean that saves are not usable from the previous beta 6, or 7 version? (ie, my otherwise fully updated 1.3.1 game save) or does this mean saves from pre -KAS v1.0 Beta anything .. are incompatable?
  4. please do, @linuxgurugamer that would be great. (but yes, I really understand you are busy, with lots on your plate already)
  5. Fyrem

    [1.4.x] Kerbal Launch Vehicles

    are you still around Jcoiley?
  6. no details have been 'offically' given, but.. it is Easy to guess what they would do. 1) for all accounts on the kerbal store, display a link to download the dlc if account shows a ksp purchase before the cutoff date. 2) for steam accounts,.. STEAM can tell when you got the item, and either steam, or KSP would send you a email with a Code for free DLC. 3) you get the idea it is pretty straight forward. btw: for those that weren't arround back in 2013.. or before.... SQUAD always, ALWAYS planned for DLC , stop screaming at T2 about the DLC. it was ALWAYS a Squad plan for dlc and here is the proof. back in 2013, squad said "hey everyone, if you buy before April 2013, we will give you any future DLC expansion for free". this was a promise Squad made, that T2 is honoring. stop yelling at them for doing that. for god sake.
  7. since we dont ahve the DLC yet, that is kinda hard to answer.
  8. my version checker says there is a out... but nothing shows on the download page.... ?
  9. Does the Stage Recovery take into account the Administration Facility's "Recovery Transponder Fitting" Strategy? Could it?
  10. Does the Stage Recovery take into account the Administration Facility's "Recovery Transponder Fitting" Strategy? Could it?
  11. umm, i tried something and it didnt work as expected. I launched a frame with many docking port jr. (23 infact) into the correct orbit (got the green checks on the contract log)... and then launched up mutiple sets of ra-100's.... and docked them to the already in orbit "radar xmas tree"... but after I hit 19 i expected the contract to end, but it didn't.. and after 23 the contract still didn't pop. --- does the vessle have to have 19 ra100's when LAUNCHED? - it cant be built in space?
  12. Just saw this mod, looks great! - adding now!
  13. LOAD CRAFT screen should have a SEARCH function.... e.g. a box where I can type "LKO" and see all the ships I saved with the word "LKO" in the name.... or "Station" or "base" .. you get the idea.