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  1. Hey there! It’s been a long time since I was last on these forums but I’m super stoked about the announcement of KSP2! It’s good to be back in this amazing community!
  2. Granted, but it is void. I wish that Kerbals ran NASA
  3. Granted, but you are crushed to death by the immense weight of the bow ties. I wish for the star ship Enterprise to be my sweet new ride!
  4. http://i.imgur.com/Rrj5X5N.png I cant explain my way out of this one.
  5. Banned for having a weird-ass avatar.
  6. I got it back in 0.7.3 and the next update was released about a day after.
  7. Only the best missions for the best kerbals! He is currently on Laythe with a 10 kerbal, solar powered colony.
  8. I went on a server full of trolls. I saw some guy dock to my station, and then they deorbited it! (pretty damn hilarious though)
  9. If you are going anywhere with a lower gravity than kerbin, you could do without the ladders, save yourself a little weight. Also, you might want to lose the photovoltaic panels and replace them with the tiny panels, which you have at the top. I suggest replacing the fins with them. Other than this, you should be able to get to eve, duna, and maybe dres or moho. I dont suggest landing on eve though. As long as you spread your ∆v by aerobraking and using gravity assists, you might be able to get to jool, but you would have to stay there a while if you want to get back.
  10. From my experience, i have learnt the following: 'John Madden!'- Go away! 'aeiou' - Help! 'FOOTBALL' - I'm planting this tool here. 'PEANUTS' - (see 'John Madden!')
  11. 0/10 Hey, whats going on in this threa- oh s**t
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