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  1. Does anyone know the approximate dimensions of the polar holes? I am interested in finding the angle at which the "cone" goes down. It would be interesting to deploy a lander of sorts, that would wedge itself between the walls (think cork in a wine bottle). If nobody has the dimensions, how would I go about getting them myself?
  2. Oh god, I hope that terraforming wouldn't entail what Spore did. I love both KSP and Spore for separate reasons. I enjoyed what Spore did with terraforming, but I would get sick of sprinting across solar systems in KSP in order to ferry materials around. If KSP implemented terraforming, I hope it would be much more "focused" than in Spore. Terraforming 1 or 2 bodies at a time would be much more practical than Spore-style galactic colonization. Just my opinion
  3. Asking the devs for information about KSP? Hah! What do you think this is, 2011?
  4. Designer: Look what I made! Community: How do we break it?
  5. Ahh, from back in the good ol' days! I do miss the time when rocket and jet fuel was interchangable. But not really.
  6. Seconded. I feel this community to be much more personable and welcoming, unlike some other online communities. *glances sideways at Minecraft*
  7. I have noticed that ever since the 0.18 update (late November if I recall), the 800x600 resolution setting has been unusable, with icons clipping over each other in the VAB and SPH. Has anyone else noticed this? I understand that 800x600 is quite a shoddy resolution, but it was nice since I was playing KSP on a computer that could barely run Minesweeper. Any input as to why this resolution no longer works?
  8. First ever custom-built SSTO. Calling it the F-69 until I can think of something more mature. Visiting my new station. Returning from orbit, landing on runway. [CONTENT REMOVED BY KERBAL GOVERNMENT] I love my SSTO.
  9. I reject all your realities and substitute Scott Manley's.
  10. I was just stating that it seems that Squad is making valuable resources very available and plentiful on Eve, as you won't even need a rock drill to get Blutonium. I was just brainstorming ideas for what I might end up doing when 0.20 comes Just got the Kethane mod, trying that out!
  11. How are you guys going to deal with resources on Eve? With both liquid fuel and Blutonium just in Eve's oceans, I am very tempted to set up shop there...
  12. Love the lights! I will be making something similar in my bases.
  13. I have a 0.18 persistence, would that be helpful?
  14. After putting countless hours into creating my base on Minmus, I'll drink to a save converter. Sadly, I don't have any old persistence files laying around. How would you go about creating a converter?
  15. I must warn you, it will be very difficult, nearly impossible, to properly land a heavy fuel tanker on top of those top docking ports. It would be much less time consuming to have a design like my own, where the surface tanks can drive up to the fuel tanker, dock to it, and refuel it. Although it takes a lot of design time and testing to ensure that the docking port on the side is at the correct height, it definitely pays off in the long run. If you really are set on actually landing a ship on top of your tanks, do some practice testing on Kerbin. You might change your mind