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  1. Haven't been here since page 223. *awkward laugh* Lots of things to look at.
  2. Just wanted to say your new video was really cool... I enjoyed it very much.
  3. (â—†4 â—â€) I am unable to give any more Rep... I will be back ( â—‰ - â—‰ )
  4. Some things that I have done since getting the game.
  5. SSTO Shuttle Mk5 This is just an update of the original SSTO Shuttle Mk1, I will be updating the first post of this thread with this version. It flies pretty much the same as the original, although this version is a bit more balanced, a little easier to take off with and is structurally stronger than the original. If used correctly you can fly to other planets with this SSTO. Craft File » http://www./download/exxdvwsa48s4p5n/SSTO_Shuttle_Mk5.rar
  6. These will be new parts or they are doing stuff to the current parts?
  7. Ohhh!! The coolest I've seen was near the north pole.. it was like the White Cliffs of Dover.. but ice.. I didn't take a screenshot though 9__9 Maybe I should make a flight up there in an SSTO to fly along it : D
  8. I thought the solar panels tore off when you go fast in atmosphere?
  9. When you evolve into Scott Manly. it has only been scientifically recorded to have happened once so far to a man named Scott Manly.
  10. And here I was trying to make a space plane to capture an asteroid when I could just make an asteroid into a space plane.. Very good first post/
  11. I was having so much fun with making Kraken Drives... I'm really disappointed that they don't work anymore. have any of you figured out something that works? all my designs insta-break.
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