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  1. SSTO Shuttle Mk5

    This is just an update of the original SSTO Shuttle Mk1, I will be updating the first post of this thread with this version.

    It flies pretty much the same as the original, although this version is a bit more balanced, a little easier to take off with and is structurally stronger than the original.

    If used correctly you can fly to other planets with this SSTO.

    Craft File » http://www./download/exxdvwsa48s4p5n/SSTO_Shuttle_Mk5.rar








  2. Landing Test of the rebuilt SSTO Space Shuttle, It was a sort of iffy landing.... but no one dies so SUCCESS!


    I had my first try at capturing a small asteroid... but ended up failing, losing kerbin completely, wasting way too much fuel trying to get back to kerbin, using the moon to sling shot myself around closer to kerbin, then entering kerbin over the ocean over 3,000m/s, then getting over solid ground to land and.... landing with pretty much no fuel left.

    So... sort of a failure, but sort of a success, I can see this craft easily getting to Duna, I got pretty close to it when I shot myself out of kerbin orbit.


    ohh my goodness trying to get to an asteroid is hard.











  3. Just thinking out loud. A 5000T roid is going to need approx 360 basic jets to lift. That'll be around 1000 parts for an airbreahing crane at the end of the day. I think we are closing in on a powered descent and planetary transport hard limit in tonnage....

    Nothing is impossible ( â—‰ - â—‰ )


    Heaps Cool~


  4. I am remaking my SSTO Space Shuttle completely from scratch and I'm going to try capturing an Asteroid using it... hohohohohoh~

    I'm thinking of having it carry little probes that can attach themselves to asteroids with parachutes, and then landing asteroids on Kerbin.

    And then making a new Aircraft that wont be an SSTO that will be used to pick up Asteroids and fly them to the VAB and cover the VAB in asteroids.

    Gotta catch em all Pokemans.. I mean....... Asteroids.




  5. One tip could be to empty all fuel tanks, then move rear landing gear closer to the center of mass, not on the center of mass, just slightly behind, and then fill tanks again and see where the center of mass is, if the center of mass moves back move landing gear slightly back again until it is just slightly behind the center of mass.. if when filling the tanks back up the weight moves forward instead of back then you are all good.

    As for the mods perhaps someone else can give some pointers as I know absolutely squat about mods.

  6. Hey all, heres my second attempt at an SSTO, and my first forum post.

    She doesn't have a name yet, but has successfully made it into orbit and returned to the same continent as the space center, only to kill her pilot with excessive deceleration.

    If anyone can help me tame/optimize this thing I'd be happy to hear your opinions.

    If you take some screenshots of the craft in the build screen showing the center of weight and lift we might be able too.

    With the 1 screenshot you have posted I don't think we will be able to give you any good pointers on how to optimize it.