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  1. One seat right at the front xD It's like the end of the Space Cowboys movie..
  2. Who will be the first to post ARM equipped SSTO I wonder : >
  3. I don't mind hype... at least it's not like EA where after the hype has settled and millions of people have bought the game, the game turns out to have so many problems you are unable to play the game until months later, and even then the game still has problems. *crying because EA*
  4. @luizopiloto How many layers thick is the wing? I can't tell from looking. You're space station is HUGE.
  5. Is this an SSTO Aircraft? *edit* Silly John Crichton is Silly. xD
  6. That was really good.. I was most impressed by you grabbing that thing from Kerbin orbit before landing with it on the back of the craft... How cool~ In the second one landing on Duna~!
  7. How funny will it be if the new update actually makes Kraken Drives more powerful xD *edit* Well... Kraken Drives were short lived, the new update breaks them.
  8. I think I've figured out that Kraken Drives explode at around 750m/s consistently. This used to be an SSTO Aircraft.
  9. Don't forget the game is getting multiplayer... or does that detract from what you consider the experience to be? Career Mode does not replace Sandbox, you have no reason to complain.
  10. money will be interesting when it gets included : > it could make reusable vehicles a better choice.
  11. I made a new SSTO but the craft file became corrupt *falls on floor crying* Made some screenshots of it before I rebuild it from scratch, I took them mostly so I know what it looks like when I rebuild it 9__9
  12. sub-assembly's do not save struts.. much to my annoyance *___* I hope they fix that. A chair with only a K Drive attached... that would go crazy fast.
  13. Sometimes K-Drives will explode.. break.. Smart thing to do would be to quicksave before activating it.
  14. Does the craft you sent out to duna still live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 You could make the most epic rescue mission ever of that craft if you lost the designs to build it~~ xDDD
  15. @The14th Can you show pictures inside you're K-Drive? or is it just one of the already made designs?
  16. Are there any mods that will make craft fly indefinitely in a strait line if it has fuel and does not crash into the ground?
  17. Make a Kraken Drive!!! Then you will be able to get back!~! How heavy is you're craft on the runway?
  18. I love air to air refueling... Some F-22 air to air refueling just for the sake of it~~ Do the two craft connect to each other like when docking with a space station?
  19. Leaving Kerbin Orbit~ Please excuse the music.. forgot I had music playing in the background while recording.. xD ------------ Flying over Duna~ I entered in quite low over the snow... but managed to stay up... perhaps if I added some drogue shoots I could land on Duna? ... mmm... Duna is so hard to land on.
  20. Yaya~ Happy with my ranking by Cruzan~ It does lose control when you fly it like a stunt plane xD Considering I quickly made it in half an hour thinking that the challenge was about to end... I am happy with how you scored it Cruzan... because honestly everything you pointed out is accurate. : D
  21. Back in experimental stage... trying to develop a more powerful kraken drive, my previous drive works good, but it doesn't have the acceleration some of the other designs possess that are shared in this thread. My previous successful drive worked on the ground at 1.6m/s This new design started at 1.6m/s and putted along for a few seconds then just instantly went to 4.3m/s ... which surprised me quite a bit.. Really looking forward to putting this kraken drive in orbit. I've built this design with the 4 way connector, each landing leg is attached separately.. So I can have 2, 3, 1, 4... landing legs.. Keep the posts coming guys!!!! if you are making kraken drives please keep sharing information about them!!! they are so fun and unpredictable.. *edit* I put this engine on an already built ssto aircraft.. got it to orbit.. turned on kraken drive.. craft accelerated very very quickly but a few legs broke so i turned it off and got out to fix the broken legs in the kraken drive... I fixed one then the craft started running away from me.. then I was making the kerbal chase it... then the craft started turning and is changing direction.. hahahahahahaha!!~! *edit* Using Kraken Drive under the recommended speed limit..... is dangerous *____* This kraken drive turned out to be a bit more powerful than my first, but much more unreliable... it tends to break easily... and also my first time seeing this type of explosion... bits of it went flying forward heaps fast.
  22. Wellllllllllllll.. I tried by having one hang onto the ladder during re-entry... but that ended badly ( â—‰ - â—‰ ) It's been an interesting craft to build... learned quite a lot while building this one.
  23. I use the MK2 cockpit quite a bit.. and was really confused when I was seeing video's of other people playing and there was an inside view of the cockpit... It took me a few months to realize it was because the MK2 was not finished yet, but some of the other cockpits were... : I
  24. Ohh.. I forgot about the kraken thread, I had better post this here to show what I have done, I had put it in the SSTO thread but it makes more sense to post it here : U This is an SSTO aircraft that has two kraken drives, each drive is using 2 medium size landing legs. This is just a short video showing them being activated while in orbit, with another craft in orbit next to it so you can see how fast the drives push the craft. So far after 3 sorties with this craft, the drives have not broken once...