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  1. I have tested the Bombs pack with the nuke.. Nuke is ****HIGHLY EFFECTIVE**** IT ALSO BLEW THE TAIL OFF THE AIRCRAFT THAT DROPPED IT!!! Maybe I should drop from a higher altitude xDDD
  2. After testing this... yeah.. this is very nice.. It's a little bit front heavy, but easy to deal with.. really nice taking off vertically like this.. I really like this.. Taking off conventionally results in explosion xD
  3. That looks pretty nice.. I really like that.
  4. @Miniboyss // Mmmmmmmm... Well that's one way of doing it.. I was wondering about destroying it with vehicles created for removing or destroying Debris.
  5. What is the best way to clean up all the failures that lay around the air strip and launch pad? Have any of you created any vehicles for cleaning debris? Are there any methods for cleaning debris. Help me clean up Kerbal!!!
  6. Yeah.. after testing your aircraft myself... yeahhh... horreee sh33t.. it is so frikking fast I was in orbit in no time at all.. It took me longer to recover from the spin than it did to get to orbit... After recovering, I flew it in a strait line at the highest it could go and WOW.... a full circle around the planet... My Try at an SSTO compared to this is like... ppppppppppppppppfffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.... I suck...
  7. I have been wondering this also... I saw on youtube that you can see out the cockpit... but when I play the game inside the cockpit is just metal... and can't see outside...
  8. I placed them like that because I was having problems with the ship flipping sideways when I was starting to make it xD
  9. What the heck that is legitimately crazy...............
  10. Now that the forums are back up I have been getting really inspired by some of the SSTO aircraft and decided to try building my own ( ・ ◡ ・)ノ I haven't quite got to getting this into Outer Space yet, but that is what I intend to do with K-12. I have designed her with Internal RCS Fuel Supplies, 2 Medium and 6 Small RCS Fuel Tanks placed in the middle section of the fuselage. She flies very nicely so far, now to put rockets on her xD Please feel free to tell me what you think of my design so far. For those who would like to test her, Alpha Model K-12 SSTO .craft file >> http://www./?f71c4ir4nrht78i
  11. It would be really great to post images of your lifter to interest people more.
  12. I figured out how you did the rocket nozzles xD I downloaded your ship and took it apart... then spent an hour trying to make the rocket nozzle on mine like yours... my goodness that was hard///
  13. I don't understand how you are putting 4 rockets on the red fuel tank... and then... the tail connector? sideways on the red fuel tank.. I'm trying to do it myself but can't figure it out :/
  14. I like the look of yours Leobeast, It's really futuristic~
  15. Very cool design... I'm going to analyse it to come up with my own VTOL aircraft
  16. That is so amazing.... and here I am trying to get a simple capsule into orbit without exploding (゜-゜)
  17. I have been watching this series on YouTube, I am enjoying it very much.... only just started playing KSP so I am finding it both interesting and helpful to see how things are done.
  18. Here is my first stable Jet... It took a while to make something that flew correctly and was easy to land xD It is roughly based on the Russian SU-35 How do I upload the .craft file? *Edit* I put it on Mediafire~ >> http://www./?e22kkijci2681n1 : D