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  1. By landing flat and not landing on the back end, It has landing wheels... xD Check out the first screenshot, I USED NO OXIDIZER TO GET INTO ORBIT!! and also to rendezvous with my space station!!! I did the whole thing using Kraken Drive!! This craft has completed 3 sorties now... really starting to like this SSTO, I brought up two solar surfer chairs to my SSTO space station, I want those two kerbals back so I can have them as pilots. with these little chairs they can de-orbit and then I can retrieve them... Then kill the space station and put up a better one. *edit* Here is the craft file for anyone wanting to try this ssto. http://www./download/nc6yiadmb0pknew/SSTO_Type_32_K-Drive_Experimental_Mk2.rar Kraken Drive is activated with action group (9) Action group (1) is air intakes + turbojets, Action group (2) is the basic jet engines, action group (3) is the nuclear rocket, action group (4) is the solar panels... and then some more I forget. Check the action groups before flying.
  2. Today I learned that you cant retrieve kerbals from space by having them hang onto a ladder during re-entry. I was trying to save him.. but it ended badly 9___9
  3. SSTO Type 32 K-Drive Experimental Mk1 First flight, made orbit, met up with an already in orbit SSTO, was planing on docking with it and taking some of it's fuel into Type 32.. but Raven R3 doesn't have a docking port : T So... I just took some screenshots of the two next to each other. Also... look who the pilot is!! Scott Kerman!! I promise I will not kill Scott (´_ã‚Âï½€) *edit* Recorded a short video of the Kraken Drives during their first orbital test.... They Work~!~! No explosions, no vibrations... So Cool~
  4. It's really strange.. when I loaded the craft it had no Action Groups.. I really did have to make my own. very strange.
  5. Continuing with trying to make a better Kraken Drive.. and also trying make two kraken drives positioned side by side to pulsate at the same time. I was having troubles with having two side by side, it was like they were putting out different thrust when in orbit and it was making my SSTO spin and in turn making the drives break. So I have made a new drive using 2 medium size landing legs instead of 4... this time I made the drive in the aircraft hanger, not the rocket building... I like how the camera works in the aircraft hanger *__* The two first screenshots are with gravity turned off, just testing the drives to see if they pulsate at the same time... Which they finally do~ I just hope they stay like that in orbit 9__9 And then a whole bunch of screenshots of the insides.
  6. With K-Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So going to try it out ( â—“â—¡â—â€) *edit* I loaded up you're craft and it has no action groups. : T *editedit* Made action groups and all is good. It's a very nice craft... I like how you did that scales type thing on the belly. I killed it by flying into the vab.
  7. After carrying out the initial test on the duel kraken drives on the SSTO Type 31 which resulted in uncontrollable spinning in orbit, Lunie Kerman returns to Kerbin... and..
  8. Kraken Drive Test~ Just a short little video showing both Kraken Drives running on this new SSTO build.. I was very surprised by how stable they are, they haven't exploded once yet. yet xD This SSTO is looking promising *__*
  9. I am starting to design a new SSTO that will use Two Kraken Drives.... I have no idea if this will work or not.. I'm guessing I'm going to need lots of Gyro's to keep it in control *__* Also, I put batteries in the nose, and positioned one so the green light sticks out the top so when it is flying in the Dark the green light will be visible on the nose xD If I get this SSTO to work, I will share it. I would love to see more SSTO builders experimenting with Kraken Drives.... they are so darn fun.... Seriously... They even have failures xD Every time you turn it on, it's like.... is this going to work or is it going to explode xDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. What is the best Kraken Drive design? I've been testing my own designs and I am just curious what the best design is so far. I made a very small Kraken Drive and got to Eve using it. What is the fastest speed achieved by Kraken Drive? What is the highest G-Force a Kraken Drive has achieved?
  11. Could someone tell me who Whackjob is please. is he a youtuber?
  12. Haha~ These are just what I've figured out how to make from looking at other players designs... There are other players that have made much better designs than me xD
  13. I'm not quite sure I understand how this is relevant to the thread... could you explain it a bit more?
  14. Can it come back to Kerbin after dropping jumbo tank at Duna!!!!?
  15. Here are two videos showing two Kraken Drives that I have finally figured out how to build.. The one with 4 small landing legs is a little problematic due to it failing quite a bit. The one with 1 large landing leg is pretty reliable.. although it has destroyed one of my SSTO's when I used it in orbit while going slower than 800m/s About the video's.. because they were recorded at 30 frames per second... when the kraken drive is activated they appear to pulsate pretty slow.. this is due to it being 30fps recording... they are actually pulsating really really fast.. A tip would be use action groups to activate the Kraken Drive... Another tip would be once you have built you're Kraken Drive, save it as an assembly, this way you can load it and use it on SSTO's~ This third one is the Kraken Drive Failing.. It just kinda goes... bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... stops.. xD Single Landing Leg Version. Quad Landing Leg Version.
  16. A Kraken Drive is a self built engine that functions on game bug.. I guess that would be the best description for it... if someone else has a better description then please feel free to chip in on the conversation. Basically it is a landing leg, or legs.. My new one uses 4 of the tiny ones.. my first one uses 1 large one. the landing leg when deployed passes through an object and then pushes against a plate making that object vibrate or... sort of like a piston action creating a force pushing forward. the ones I made look like a piston moving in and out. They are tricky to build *__* I had to dismantle quite a few different designs by other players just to get an understanding of what on earth was happening to make it work. With a Kraken Drive you can go............................. FAST..........................that is an understatement. You can launch yourself completely out of the Kerbin Solar System.... Seriously.. You can probably make one in the earlier version that you are in. I will take some screenshots of mine so you can see it close up. *edit* Here you go, in this thread >>> There is some video footage of them being tested and some screenshots showing inside them. And~ this thread has lots of Kraken Drive stuff..!?highlight=kraken+drive
  17. I will when I get around to it... It is pretty tricky to make, but once you get a basic understanding of what's happening you can make different types of kraken drives. So far I have made 2 different types. : >
  18. Eve is strange.. I've never been to it before.. I pointed the craft down, under no power due to having no fuel.. and it was falling at 57m/s .... It could have glided for ages, it's like the atmosphere is really thick, but there is no air to use the TurboJets. I am going to build from scratch an SSTO with built in Kraken Drives. Was testing a new Kraken Drive design this morning on this same craft posted above.. 2 of the new design and the same central one in the craft above.... and holy fudgsicles. This craft has no gyro.. so it was nearly impossible to keep it going in the intended direction lol.. Kraken Drives are so awesome on SSTO xD they are also a little scary... They literally can accelerate for infinite.
  19. Well... I found a whole bunch of things wrong with this aircraft... You're stranded Altop... STRANDED!!
  20. So I have discovered that being in space and going slower that 800m/s and using a Kraken Drive = Kraken Drive Breaking.... or.. Kraken Drive destroys craft.