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  1. Okydoky.. I will try~ The previous version of this craft with internal storage is shared in the original first post of this thread. My version has some tweaks xD *edit* I couldn't get to Dres but I did get Eve intercept. Then when slowing down the K-drive Exploded... Thank goodness for Quick save *___* Currently trying to slow down to get into Eve orbit.
  2. Make a VTOL that can pick up other craft xD
  3. I wonder what re-entry of Kerbin would look like at 24000 m/s....... Do you have any screenshots of you're K-Drive?
  4. I finally learned how to make a Kraken Drive... I ended up dismantling designs by other KSP players and then made from scratch my own version... I thought I'd stick it in an old SSTO that has internal storage.. So I did just that and here are screenshots from my very first Kraken Drive Orbital Test and WOW OMG WOW IT WORKS.. When I tested the drive by itself on the runway it just sort of vibrated funny... So I really didn't expect this to work properly. The last 3 images are when the Kraken Drive is activated.. It VERY quickly accelerated out and I was like wow this thing can go anywhere.. And I deactivated it pretty quickly because it just kept accelerating *__* SOMEONE SUGGEST A PLANET FOR ME TO FLY TOO!!
  5. I am unable to find Weather Affects in the list... I went through the list twice... am I blind or am I really not seeing it? ohh... it has Weather in Planned Features... ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... Wind & turbulence conditions ohhh cool.. it has lots of cool things in Planned Features.
  6. I know this is unrelated to the thread... but I just thought of it when seeing Mesklin's screenshots with the clouds.. Obviously that is a mod of some sort. But the thing I thought of was what if there were weather affects in the game, like storms, rain, lightning.. and maybe some other types of weather affects, and they would not only alter the look of the game, but things like visibility when landing aircraft... Turbulence / Wind Change... um.. Storms.. that could buffer the craft to make it a bit more challenging to land... even though it is quite challenging for some of us already.. hahaha.. And maybe Weather Anomalies on other planets, so like.. things like Dust Devils on Duna "Dust Devils actually do happen on Mars". Google image search Dust Devils.. Basically it is spinning wind that picks up dust making a funnel of dust, and they could randomly appear and if a Kerbal gets caught by one it could fling the Kerbal away xD Or if it caught a ship, depending on the size of the craft it might get flung or pushed over or just nudged. With weather in the game you could take that into account as well when launching a rocket or aircraft instead of just time of day. I don't know how you would suggest ideas to SQUAD, but I would love to suggest this!! xD AND ALSO LONGER LANDING WHEELS. ( â—‰ - â—‰ )
  7. Very nice.. Most important question.. Did you land it!!
  8. Perhaps something to think about in a future design ;>
  9. If you can.. try centralizing you're design.. What I mean by this is having fuel "center of mass" instead of stretching it along the body, and engines "center of mass"... @ Overfloater There is a question for you on the SSTO thread.
  10. If you can... could you strip you're craft of all wing parts and take screenshots of the innards for us to see? I'm guessing there is a frame, so.. um.. Yeah.. I would really like to see that.
  11. Most of the time you can accurately tell how it will behave by looking at the Center of Mass and Center of Lift. But you are correct.
  12. Lol you're bump.. You could try something like splitting the front two Mk2 fuselage pieces from the rear two, and having 4 Turbojets instead of three, but having fuel from the front two Mk2 fuselage feed two turbojets, and the rear two Mk2 feeding the other two turbojets. This way front and back is draining evenly.. Well... One side will have a little more fuel than the other due to the Mk2 Size Adapter. I quickly made this to show you how to split fuel, Also how to do internal fuel lines : D Craft file for you to see what I did > http://www./download/11utnwbvsxbtl14/Split_Fuel_Demo.rar
  13. Empty it's tanks on the build screen and have a look at the center of mass. *edit* Ahh.. you already did that xD Just a hunch.. you have a lot of air intakes in front of the center of mass, I'm just guessing the center of mass so I can't be sure. on re-entry, I wonder if the drag from the air intakes is making it unstable? Quite the monstrosity indeed.
  14. Another failed design for Big Red Heavy Lifter... I made this one a while ago but I don't think I showed it... Perhaps showing it will give someone an idea for their own craft. Considering rebuilding this to have a tail.
  15. Very nice.. I will give it a go. *edit* wowee... it is so fast and maneuverable... This would be a nice design to turn into an SSTO, the only thing I don't like about it is the large cube's that the landing gear are attached too.. but other than that.. it is really fast and nice to fly. *editedit* I've found when the first tanks drain it becomes tail heavy making it want to pull up, landing like this makes the craft fall on it's rear when stopped. If you can figure out how to make both rear and front drain at the same time you will have a balanced craft as it drains fuel.
  16. You really don't need to come onto a thread devoted to SSTO and start sharing you're opinion of how SSTO are boring, unrealistic and not challenging... there are many other threads that I'm sure you will find very interesting. Please do not argue for the sake of arguing, this thread is for people to share their craft, not to debate their personal opinions of how the game should be played. The most fun part about this game is that you can play it how you want to play it.
  17. Very nice.. I'm impressed.. much farther than I imagine it could have gone.
  18. You said SSTO are not challenging... Which they are, They are fun, and challenging.. I have spent MONTHS trying to do what I described in my first response and have yet to accomplish such a thing. I do not know what RSS is, I do not use any mods. This is a video game, it is not realistic, play it how you want to play it, and have fun doing so. on a side note, an SSTO does not need to be an aircraft, it can be a rocket, as long as it stays in one piece, drops no parts, and gets to orbit as a single stage.... that is SSTO. Single Stage To Orbit ~ ~
  19. Fly to Duna with SSTO, land on Duna, take off from Duna, get back to Kerbin, land right back at the runway.. all without dropping a single part. Then see if you have the same opinion of SSTO's.
  20. I'm going to dissect you're design because I still can't figure out how to make one : T
  21. The small one that comes away is quite maneuverable, Really liking the wing design on that.
  22. Try making an SSTO using 4 Turbojets and 2 nukes as it's powerplant. with about 15 Air Intake Amount "Not 15 Air Intakes" I mean amount of received air intake when you load it up on the runway you can see how much air intake you are receiving... I can't remember how many air intakes that is.. If you build an intake array you can make like a long air intake that looks pretty cool and it doesn't take a lot of space. This way you can go very high, which in turn lets you go very fast due to the thinner atmosphere, which in turn allows you to get into orbit without having to depend on fuel guzzling rockets instead using the nuclear rockets to do the last part of getting orbital. With this type of design philosophy.. you could make a craft that can fly to the Mun.. Minmus.. further even depending on the design.
  23. I'm curious how high did you get Rapid Mk 1? I've only tested it to 100x100