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  1. Some cool stuff guys... A favorite Anime of mine... so many cool Space Craft in this Anime. Some screenshots showing the Yamato and some of the fighters.
  2. I like how you made the redial air intake engine... that is really cool.
  3. I do not wish to debate with you the definition of part clipping. I am telling you what part clipping is in regards to placing multiple parts pixel for pixel in the exact same location, this is part clipping. If you wish to call parts passing through parts "part clipping" as well, then you are free to do so and I will not argue against it.
  4. Parts passing through parts is just parts passing through parts, And as you say, we do it aesthetically to create certain shapes out of the parts available to us. Part Clipping is still placing the same part in the exact same location multiple times.
  5. Part Clipping is placing the same part over and over again in the same spot while turning on the part clipping option, air intakes for lots of air, fuel tanks for lots of fuel, wing parts for lots of lift.. This is Part Clipping This guideline is what I think is the most important. Your craft should be an example new players can emulate. It should demonstrate design techniques.
  6. Still trying to build a red tank heavy lifter SSTO.. xD
  7. That was so awesome... seriously.. You could fly for ages with this type of design.
  8. It sure is.. That is why it needs the two large orange tanks. to get to and back from Duna xD The only person I know of that has done this is pa1983, But I cant seem to find his video's anymore on youtube.. he doesn't seem to be interested in KSP that much lately... : <
  9. Ohh I know it has been done... Just trying to do it is hard. Can that go to duna, land, leave orange fuel tank on duna, take off, come back to kerbin and land? This is my ultimate goal.
  10. If you put two reaction wheels on either side of the craft along the center of mass you would have good control of the craft without the need of using RCS when in atmosphere.
  11. d..Damn. ââ€Å’ââ€â‚¬Ã¢â€Â ââ€Â´Ã¢â€â‚¬Ã¢â€Â´ à ² _à ²°à ³ƒ
  12. Make one that has two big red tanks as part of the body and that carries up a third big red and can leave that big red in orbit, and then return and land back at the KSP runway.. I've been trying to do this for months and it is hard.
  13. Returning from the Mun, Lost control of aircraft, regained control over the ocean, had hardly any fuel to get back to land, made the decision to land in the ocean. Jedediah is the best pilot.. He has been in so many crashes and he always survives *__* I'm going to give up on this type of SSTO design, it is far too troublesome....
  14. @Tarmenius I like the rear docking of yours.. that is cool.
  15. I quickly put this together in about half an hour, and did two test flights, first flight I forgot to put a battery on it, but it had a successful orbit and de-orbit, and second flight is what I have taken screenshots of here. It is a small, light, low part SSTO capable of a 100x100 orbit and de-orbit. I hope it meets the criteria, I didn't do any part clipping and tried to keep it as simple and easy to understand as possible *__* SSTO Type Rapid Mk1 Craft File >> http://www./download/1wgv8jmontend98/SSTO_Type_Rapid_Mk1.rar Action Groups. 1 Toggle Air Intakes + Turbo Jet Engines. 2 Toggles Rocket.
  16. What happens if you make a craft that has lots of Kraken Drives? Like...... 4 ?
  17. R.A.P.I.E.R Engines are good for little SSTO's.... I can't really recommend Their use for large craft... they are just so inefficient in rocket mode.
  18. An SSTO with a Kraken Drive could go anywhere... Maybe something to try building... mmmm///
  19. mmmm... the octagonal struts.. At first they were sort of vibrating on the runway, but when I clipped them with the struts they stopped// Maybe I will try the I-beam in their place. And yes about the struts, they help make it a bit stronger. Yes~! this craft will have 2 internal seats, the plan is to have a craft that can carry up one orange tank to dock with my fuel station "becasue I cant do it with rockets hahahah", and retrieve crew from other craft. Where is all the awesome SSTO builders?!~~!~!?? I feel lonely.. xD
  20. Here is a look at what I got it up to last night.. As you mentioned LordFjord... having that weight of the heavy tanks really needs to be where the landing gear attaches too. Previously the landing gear was just placed on the wing parts... and.. all hell broke lose because of it xD So the redesign is basically just so the craft holds it's own weight.
  21. Yes lol.. It's a failed design. What I'm working on now is so far much better : >