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  1. Station Science: still in very early alpha, no custom models for the station parts but it is still very fun. It adds heavy space station parts that are needed to perform different experiments (plant growth in space, how animals (???) react in space, etc.). Right now I have 6 outposts on the surface of minmus. If you use this I recommend lowering the science output of all experiments (stock and mod) or you could blow through a tech tree with only one space station and a few trips to the mun. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/54774-0-23-Station-Science-(fourth-alpha-low-tech-docking-port-experiment-pod-models) Dmagic orbital science: adds more science instruments for rovers and orbiters. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/64972-DMagic-Orbital-Science-New-Science-Parts-V0-7-1-(3-12-14)
  2. You shouldn't need to shut down any experiment when quitting the game. Did you have eurekas in the experiment when you left? Are you sure you started the experiment in the first place? If its a space station did it stay at the altitude (low/high orbit)? Are you sure you didn't detach the experiment after starting it? Do you have enough kerbals(3) in the science lab? If you answered "yes" to all these then it must be a bug, possibly conflicting with another mod. Taken from first post " Make sure your station stays in the same location for the duration of the experiment. If in orbit, this means entirely above or below the low/high orbit altitude threshold, which is 250km around Kerbin. If the experiment moves to a new location prior to finalization, it will be aborted and you'll have to start it over." @ethernet, this mod is super cool, it gives more of a reason to build space stations and moon bases besides just a refuel outpost. I have a small minmus colony made up of 6 science labs, 4 of them are within a few km of each other and they are each in different biomes. Can't wait for some custom models for the parts, keep up the great work!
  3. hey dmagic, I am really liking this mod. I like how "sciencey" the parts make my craft look, especially the magnetometer boom and the radio and plasma wave science antenna. I would like to have more equipment like that, that unfold and extends away from the craft. Even if it were just stock science parts that have been "upgraded" by taping them to a stick bolted to a hinge on the side of the ship. Thanks again for the super cool parts. Ps. Sorry if that sounded a bit demanding or if the wording was a bit weird, but this was very hard to type on my very crapy phone and I haven't had breakfast yet.
  4. the crash was infact from before i had the reduction mod installed, but now that it is i am still only getting the stock kerbin system.
  5. Yes there is a checkbox for the sentar expansion, and there are checkboxes for the example systems when i have them installed. When the this pack is installed along side the example systems, even when i uncheck the boxes for them and only check the abaddon and verion, my KSP crashes. I have also tried the kerbin + expansion and it seems to work, the extra moons show up in the tracking station. windows 8.1 is what i'm using
  6. I am also unable to play your pack. To be sure i had the right one, i redownloaded planetfactory CE from here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/65401-WIP-PlanetFactory-CE I placed it in the KSP/gamedata, deleted the three example systems (Barry, Serious, Stella) in KSP/gamedata/planetfactory/plugindata/planetfactory and replaced them with abaddon and verion. Replaced sciencedefs in KSP/gamedata/squad/resources, I tried loading them with and without the sentar expansion but i always get stock kerbol system. Putting the space in between the r and the y (KSP/gamedata/planetfactory/plugindata/planetfactor y) only messes up the textures for the sentar system and no longer gives me the option to load any other system.
  7. I'm sorry for the "Book of Teddy's Computer Woes", but i have tried everything i can think of and google can only get you so far in life. I was here a while back and asked for advice about a new mobo and cpu. I bought what was suggested but had some trouble getting up and running but managed to very carefully google my way through most of it (this was all way back in september, and i was completely new to the world of computer building and still sorta am). Then i had some gta v related distractions and then had to deal with life, then christmas rolled around. I poked at it here and there, had the mobo replaced, but still can't quite get it running properly. When i got my board back i had to use my own thermal paste, i was extremely careful and watched many youtube videos and read tutorials. I used the "size of a pea" method and am pretty sure it worked out, there is no excess around the sides and can see through the gaps on the cooler to see it make contact all around, and the temp monitoring program said its within normal ranges. Now it will restart after about 3.5 hours if it uses an external graphics card, but it will run totaly fine if it uses the onborad gpu. I have used 2 different cards (NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 and AMD Radeon HD 7300) and they restart the system (but i only tested them in #1 of the 2 available pcie ports), i have tested them with another mobo/cpu and they do not restart that system. I have swapped out the PSU, the ram, the hard drive was from another mobo/cpu and worked fine in that build (and continued to work fine in that build when i sent of the new mobo for replacement), swapped the sata cable with the one plugged into the cd drive, kept the cd drive unplugged. I made sure all the connections are tight and have swapped out every part on the new mobo/cpu, and tested them with the old mobo/cpu and they all work fine (actually I got a new, more powerfull PSU but it didn't change anything). I flashed the proper version of the BIOS, installed the drivers and such from the disk that came with the mobo, downloaded and installed the latest chipset drivers (but left out the audio, lan, utilities and sata drivers for some reason, are those important?). I downloaded 3 or 4 temp monitoring programs but only used speedfan. I ended up with some viruses from downloading that and have since reinstalled my os to get rid of them, but using speedfan and while playing KSP it would read the gt card at around 55c and the cpu at around 46c and both in the low to mid 20s when idle. I downloaded and installed the drivers for both cards, and deleted and uninstalled one cards drivers when installing the other. Even updated the BIOS of the gt630. Aslo sometimes when its idling, the task manager shows some strange things. The cpu usage will be at around 70% and the disk will be at 100% usage until i move the mouse, then it goes back down. Other times it will show small cpu spikes every 2 seconds lasting about 2 seconds, rapidly jumping from 1% use to 12% use and back. It's probably worth noting that i might not restart if it's idling for the 3.5 hours (last night it was on for just under 5 hours after idling for most of that time), but even the web page looked up or even moving the mouse every once in a while will probably restart the system after 3.5 hours. So what did i miss? Are those extra drivers for the mobo i neglected to install as important as they sound? Is there something extra i should have done with my hard drive? Should i RMA my cpu? Or my board again? Should i disable my on-board gpu in the BIOS(tried that but not sure if i actually did it)? Should i disable and/or uninstall my on-board gpu from the device manager window(i got a black screen when i tried to mess with that)? I am at a loss and would very much appreciate any and all help anyone can give me. Again, sorry for the book, here's my build; cpu: A10-6800k mobo: F2A85-M OS: Windows 8.1 Graphics: (currently)Radeon HD 7300/(no installed)GeForce GT 630 HDD: st1000dm003 1tb (works with other mobo/cpu) PSU: Rosewill CAPSTONE-750 Ram: (currently) 2x4gb sticks (don't know the brand or anything else about them, they came with the original computer)/(not Installed)Corsair Veneance 16gb (2x8gb) ddr3 1600mhz Edit: froze after 5 hours of idle and looking for KSP mods on the forum here and there. Forced to hard reset.
  8. My new motherboard and cpu http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/12Yhs came in on friday but i haven't had time to do anything with it, and wont for another couple of days. For now i have a few questions about the operating system, I run windows 8 and I'm wondering how it is going to react to a new motherboard and cpu. Is it just going to need to download new drivers? Do i need to do this, or prepare my software somehow, before i actually swap the parts? I forgot about the operating system (and dvd drive) for my second computer, is a system builder (http://www.amazon.ca/Windows-System-Builder-DVD-64-Bit/dp/B0094NY3R0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379290208&sr=8-1&keywords=windows+8) what i think it is? For a computer with no operating system at all? Also hows this for a dvd drive? http://www.amazon.ca/Super-Multi-Internal-24x-Rewriter/dp/B009F1DYF8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379291556&sr=8-1&keywords=dvd+drive I mostly just need it to install the os, if a system builder is what i think it is. Thanks again in advance for the advice, and thanks for the advice so far.
  9. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9 Not only that, but the project is being lead by the father of Megaman himself, Keiji Inafune! It'll be the modern Megaman game fans have been waiting years to play, only without the Megaman name! Unfortunately we will have to wait until 2015 to play it, but as of this writing, the kickstarter is still live! So fans of old-school platforming goodness, now's your chance to get some kickstarter goodies and help make this game even better then I know it's going to be! Join me and become a "Becker"!
  10. I did i bit more research (google) and i would rather get a motherboard/cpu combo and not actually mess with the cpu (assuming a combo comes with a cpu cooler). The original price range was for that, since i just wasn't sure what to expect for a hard drive. Can you recommend a motherboard/cpu combo for $200-300? Also, that looks like a good hard drive, I guess i will get that one? Edit: I did even MORE research (not just google, but youtube too!), and realized my statement is faulty. So to clarify, I am looking to upgrade my cpu and motherboard for $200-300, and buy a 2tb hard drive in the $100 range (but i may just go with the hard drive already suggested). Current processor; AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.20 GHz
  11. Hello, I am looking to upgrade my motherboard and cpu. Right now i have an AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.20 GHz processor (does that info include the motherboard? If not then i don't know where to find it). I am new to this computer building stuff, but i would like to get something in the $200-$300 (can) range if possible. Part of my goal is to build a second computer, I have everything else i need except a motherboard, cpu, and hard drive. After i upgrade i will have the motherboard and cpu. I would like it to have as a high storage capacity as possible, but i have read that there are problems with hard drives over 2 tb. I also have no idea what exactly makes a hard drive "good' or "bad", so can you maybe tell me what kind of price i can get a decent quality one for? Any advice on these things would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Kerbin - home world of the kerbals, it's a funny word Minmus - likely derived from the latin word minimus, witch means "smallest" or "least significant" Mün - sounds like moon Duna - it's a dusty desert world, the name is in reference to sand dunes Ike - obvious reference to the character Ike Enans from the tv series Magic City, who is very focused on protecting his family Jool - the crown jewel of the Kerbol system Pol - looks like a piece of pollen when viewed at a distance Vall - an ice world, Valhalla? Eeloo - finds it very easy to elude you
  13. Wouldn't Chell have been exposed to extremely high levels of solar radiation on the surface of the moon with no eva suit? Also, if movies are anything to go by, shouldn't the side of her body facing the sun have been badly burned as well?
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