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  1. All MechJeb release are built on my Jenkins which runs on Linux. dotnet runs fine on Linux and you can use it to build (info). I did not test it but ./dotnet sdk/6.0.400/MSBuild.dll MechJeb2/MechJeb2.csproj should build MJ fine with the current tarball of the .NET 6.0 SDK If you do not want to full dotnet then a simple installation of the Compiler with nuget install Microsoft.Net.Compilers can do the trick, and then you use KSP dll as references. I just tested with mono 6 and it works fine. On Windows the instruction assume you have Visual Studio installed and know the basis of how to use it. You can find threads to help you with that on the forum.
  2. Try with ScaledSpace.SceneTransform as the parent. If it does not work you will have to wait for someone else to help because I will be away for a few days.
  3. I am a bit rusty with all that but I would do GameObject obj = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Sphere); obj.layer = 10; // Scaled Scenery layer float scale = 4f; obj.transform.localScale = new Vector3(scale, scale, scale); obj.transform.parent = ScaledSpace.Instance.transform; obj.transform.localPosition = ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace(kerbin.position);
  4. The view in KSP is composed of multiple camera. And some of those camera uses a different scale than the rest of the world. In the tracking station/map view you basically have the ScaledSpace Camera PlanetariumCamera.Camera (where you have your planets and orbits) and the galaxy Camera (a small cube with the texture of the galaxy background). Those cams only displays objects with the proper culling mask. So if you want your sphere to show up then the GameObject needs to be assigned to the right Layer. You can find a list here . And you will need to use "Scaled Scenery" for your needs. And you will have to search the forum about ScaledSpace and WorldSpace to place the item where you actually want them if you want to use orbits or "real" space coordinate. Edit : set FlightCamera.fetch.cullingMask to -1 while in the flight view if you want to better understand what is going on. (or set it to ~(1 << LayerMask.NameToLayer("SkySphere")) to hide everything but the galaxy box)
  5. No, MM calls a game function to do the reload and reloading only one item would mean having to dig deep into the KSP loading system. The best I can suggest is to remove most part when you are working on something to keeps the amount of reloaded items to a minimum
  6. Thanks to @NathanKell hard work we can now patch the localization nodes. Support wildcards in nodetype matching so you can do @*,* {} Support # in value names since loc names start with # Tell Localizer to reload the language after MM finishes ModuleManager.4.2.2.dll ModuleManager-4.2.2.zip
  7. People have been asking their questions here for years without any problems. I do not see the point of having a new thread
  8. And break any mods that needs more than 2 digits of precision. And I won't even go near the argument that using round is more accurate.
  9. It was doing it with any item that can not display a value in the Editor. Fixed : MechJeb2-
  10. Here is a new release for KSP 1.12.x only. 2.14.0 UI refactor of the Ascent Guidance Improved Principia node Execution Performance fix and optimization Stuff Many thanks to the contributors of this release. MechJeb2-
  11. It is exactly how unity works. And since KSP loads its asset in the Update loop it is not surprising that it does stutter, cats or not cats. Obviously, the stutter is a bit harder to notice with static images.
  12. There is no need to diagnose anything. SmartRCS disable rotation or translation by changing the RCS config. It does not save the original config and so it can not restore it when switched off. Saving the conf is not trivial, but far from impossible. The main issue is people willing to code it. I am not among those people.
  13. This should be fixed with the new CustomBarnKit- thanks to @siimav
  14. Ah. Code is always so easy. The repo is here. I will be waiting for your minimalist PR.
  15. It has not. The certificate is valid until the 3rd of December 2021 and has been updated on the 4th of September. If @bghyt has those errors then he has a problem on his device or his ISP is doing funny things.
  16. We aim to please One day I'll find out why it does that. I suspect that the landing point is not properly calculated because the planet model is not fully loaded when starting from orbit and the actual terrain height is higher or lower when on the surface. But I grew tired of try to fix the landing a long time ago. It takes way too much time to test.
  17. Yeah, I broke Linux. Sorry about that. I will fix it after work Edit : Dev has the fix : MechJeb2- I ll do the release after work
  18. And many thanks to you for keeping it rolling. I "just" need to use it for MJ now
  19. Ok, here is MechJeb2- that "fix" that problem. I use quote because the problem is actually in one of the mod you use, but that "fix" will at least allow MJ to work.
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