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  1. Agreed. It seems like half the people in 7th grade are acting like they're in 5th sometimes.
  2. I repop the tires with hundreds of tacks.
  3. I reassemble Earth and take it over. My planet.
  4. It says in the OP you can destroy the hill. I claim the hill. My hill.
  5. I build a hill in a military base and pay the military to protect it. My protected hill.
  6. I take a waterproof robot army and blow up the hill. My lump on the ground with a tree on it.
  7. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/thumb/b/b8/Heavy_card_back.jpg/109px-Heavy_card_back.jpg?t=20110420150730 Google Picture War
  8. Nuclear thermal Server outage or power outage?
  9. I launch small Kraken-Powered Boosters via NASA at the ISS and Bob.
  10. Banned for banning for using duct tape.
  11. Granted, the Earth turns into peas. I wish the robots would stop killing me in Mann vs. Machine.
  12. I get a robot army to attack+blow up your hill. My small lump on the ground.
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