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  1. Does anyone have an example pic of an antenna/reflector arrangement?
  2. I tossed a probe up with a NERV and no radiators. After a little bit it shut down due to heat, so I said YOLO and turned the cutoff temp up to max. A little while later it said the core melted down and was destroyed, but the engine kept going until out of fuel.
  3. My only wish would be hollow versions of the nose and fuel tank to put small parts inside
  4. Okay, sorry. Just read in the OP that a part can only be in one loop at a time
  5. Is there much standing in the way of having a part that bridges two loops? If you can do that with a rate limit or a toggle, that opens up lots of interesting possibilities.
  6. Just simulating n-body orbits at one-tick-per-tick would be way less demanding of the computer than Unity physics of a single rover on the ground. The hard part is drawing the future orbit paths.
  7. Is there a way to still see stock science text blurbs with Kerbalism?
  8. Can anyone confirm stock fuel cells can run with H2/oxidizer? They show me a button in VAB to select fuel type, but in flight they do nothing when set that way. I hesitate to say there's a bug or if its just me.
  9. Just do it. Expending mental effort on optimizing a craft for stock non-physics is just pearls before swine. I highly recommend procedural wings, since the shape of wings will matter.
  10. By stock editor I mean Squad-supplied, with the DLC. My understanding is the created missions are run by choosing "Scenarios" at the main menu. I am wondering if a plugin could load a saved mission into career mode.
  11. Does anyone know specifically where the new scenario functionality resides? In particular, I'm wondering if it's possible to design a mission using the stock editor, then programmatically activate that mission in a sandbox/career context.
  12. I once made a probe core survive landing on the Mun with no engines fired after deorbiting from a 5km equatorial orbit. Basically, it was surrounded with a huge crumple structure made of struts and landing legs. It didn't stay landed, though. The probe core and a big cloud of debris bounced out to a high elliptical Kerbin orbit.
  13. This is a shot from years ago, but it felt like a big accomplishment to balance the off-axis thrust like a real shuttle.
  14. Information about this seems to be in bits and scraps, and it would be really nice to have the options spelled out. I don't see any core temperature variable documented on Part, so is it up to a PartModule to store that state? Is there an internal counterpart to AddThermalFlux(..)? Or do I set part.thermalInternalFlux directly? Is part.thermalInternalFluxPrevious a way to read the influence of the environment on the core? Or do those interactions simply not happen outside PartModule logic?
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