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  1. I can't seem to assign kerbals to the facilities that have business modules. I've looked all over and can't figure this out. Help? Thanks in advance :)
  2. correct, it is simply assigning atmo parameters to the moons and I don't know how to even begin to do that. Was wondering if anyone else had the same thought and had already come up with said parameters
  3. I noticed that moons and what not don't have phases, or at least you really can't tell. But I recall a mod that gave them very thin atmos and with the scattering they looked glorious. Could this be used to give said moons very thin atmos for that purpose?
  4. wow, 40 seems way shallow. I'll try those and see how they go. Thx for the quick replies.
  5. Either I'm being retarded or the search thingamajig is. I've been experimenting with different assent profiles. Is there a consensis on overall best ascent shape % and target gravity and drag losses? With a 62% profile 350m alt by 100m/s turn ending at 60km and 1.45 TWR at SL, I'm hitting about 3800 dV with 1860dV(grav), 204dv(drag) and 28dV(steering) losses for 300km orbit. Any tips on improving these stats? Sorry if there is another thread on this, I wasn't able to find it.
  6. Great mod! I was wondering though, I notice a setup of you have a life support mod installed. However, no missions for regular resupply of LFO or mono. Looking at the contract code its a bit too complex for me. Any chance of adding regular supply contract?
  7. Actually, KSP 1.0's memory foot print seems a lot lower. Even at highest settings it's only taking about a little under 1.6gb where .90 was taking up just over 2gb and it starts up lightning fast compared to .90 as well. Given how many parts and game mechanics were added, that is very encouraging. But, if they optimized that much, they probably broke this mod until rbray can update it. Which will make it even better! Go rbray! Edit: I really should have scrolled back a bit further, seems you folks already noticed that Great fun!
  8. Releases always seem to come out on a tuesday. So 4/14 is possible (probable even). Otherwise 4/21 or 4/28 at the lastest.
  9. I voted too much science and after some thinking I probably should have voted 'way too much science' However, that is only if you have 'Outsourced R&D' running. Even at minimum commitment, it produces way, way too much science. Personally, I've scaled it back to 1 science / 135 funds (rather than the 1/35 default) and that works better. Getting the science isn't too grindy but still, this is going to be your first (and perhaps only) strategy in the admin building. You aren't going to switch this one out until you have completed the tech tree. Sadly, none of the other strategies really produce results worth upgrading from tier 1.
  10. It is ridiculous how much MJ has taught me by watching it do it's thing. It got better when it started making maneuver nodes. Then you could really see what it was doing. Some things like docking or space plane landings since those are kinda hit and miss with MJ, I do manually just cause it is easier. Launches, I let Jeb do it cause it is just easier. Over 2-3 years now, i've manually flown to orbit enough times that it's kinda tedious to me. I'm currently trying to get into spaceplanes more but those have to be flown manually.
  11. On the distance to waypoint shown on under the altimeter. Any chance you could add heading to waypoint. The icons on the navball are huge and it would be so much easier to line up on the waypoint with a heading. Love the mod by the way.
  12. While I think this is pretty cool, it's pretty minor in my book. I always wrote this off as the turbopumps being throttled to maintain a specific thrust rating rather than being fixed fuel flow. With ever more advanced pumps, who is to say they won't start doing just that in real life. I suppose my question is this: Is there a RL situation where it might be worth while to throttle the pumps to maintain a specific thrust rather than just letting them run wide open?
  13. Huh, turned out to be AGX (Action Groups Extended) Once that was off the list, it started working as normal. Who knew. Thanks for the help
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