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  1. Isn't that basically rigging the system? Of course you can do that. Even as mods. But the point remains, the system itself isn't really working. It's designed as a "learning" mode for beginners. But I guess there is the problem. It's also the mode with all the "reasons" or systems/features that make it extra fun and or you expect from a Space Program. Where is the point of building a complete comm network, if science itself doesn't exists in a game mode like sandbox. Then you have a pointless comm system, what kinda pushes people to use mods to begin with. Why else would you rig the system? You kinda want the sandbox (The unlimited experience) but also the reason/systems. If feels like your forced to cheat or rig the system..
  2. Today I fired up KSP again after a long time! And after 30 minutes it suddenly hit me why I didn't played it for such a long time. I miss balance. Balance between the game modes. I wanna build up a space agency from the ground up. I like it that way. I'm not good at almost everything. I struggle enough with the Reentry problems alone. But in my personal opion; career mode kills the fun. I hate the fact that I'm forced to do science, just for the sake of unlocking new parts. If you want progress; you HAVE to do science. Well, I need that bigger booster, so fine, I play along. But very soon you end up in a boring hunting game. Your rocket isn't flying higher, your science in the sky means nothing anymore, because you bin there multiple times and suddenly your exploring Kerbol. Hunting for more points. But all you wanted to do is making that orbit.. Sandbox on the other hand isn't much better. The thing that sandbox breaks is science. Sandbox is the playground! The huge playground. All the options are open! Only for those who learned everything! Well.. all the parts are open. Science in KSP is a whole different play area on it's on. Sandbox rips that part right out. That whole huge reason (read: goal) to play; gone! You suddenly be that sad "nerd". In your imagination you maybe launched a full space station, in reality it means nothing anymore. It has a orbit. Maybe Kerbals, but the whole reason for having that station is gone. I have a whole relays network! Nice! Sadly all you can do with it is transmitting science data. In career.. The one thing I always loved, and still love in/about Kerbal; The learning curve. You REALLY wanna make that orbit. And you really wanna get those little freaks back on the ground. Save and sound. It's amazing for beginners. So much to learn, do, feel, test, try and fail. But after that? What do you miss??
  3. You have a point, and you don't have a point at all. Yes, overall speaking you totally have a solid point. BUT, there a way to many Linux distro's to begin with. It's a freaking jungle out there. There are way to many! Yes, there are absolutely Linux distro's on the market that are perfect! BUT because there are some many different sorts and shapes, you kinda need the luck to ran into one. I am a Linux user for years now, and still learn about different distro's. I just don't have the time and energy to try or install them all. That is the power of Linux, and his curse. It's too damn much. Windows is, as we speaking here trying to reduce all that. Windows 10 will be at some point: Windows. They want to get rid of all those versions. Vista, XP, 7, 8.1. Windows 10 will be at some point just Windows. Everybody the same. To be honest; I don't like the path that this new Windows go's too. I don't know. For me it's a little bit to childish. Colorful. "The new ages". I don't like the tiles. The apps. The social networking crap. All those ......... BUT, they know one thing; get rid of all of that unnecessary ......... One version. One system. Linux is to hardcore to be mainstream and point to click. Like Windows is. For many distro's I need to do a whole lot of work and unnecessary ........ to use three screens or "see" my tv. For some versions I need even commands before they allowed me to take something from my USD drive. Windows or Microsoft may have a lot of deals everywhere, it work most of the times. That's all that really matter. Hook a cable in you tv, plug it in your pc, and Windows deals with it for you. Linux on the other hand.. You pretty much need some third party software .... to handle it, or you have to do some complicated commands to make before it works. It just somehow isn't working completely right.. And last but least: The all time, favorite ........ story of them all.. It's Unity's fault. I don't how your looking at things, but if it was my company.. It's Unity's problem is not a reason. If it really is.. I dump Unity in all it's glory. Unity is a paid engine. You paid them to used that engine. It's a goddamn company on its own! Today the standard for the gaming industries is a 64 bit support. You make it work! With or without them. It's not about the patience, it's about what you as a company wants to tolerate. Unity one, two, three, four of five.. who gives a ....? A user just want to be able to play a working 64 bit version. Simple as that. Windows, Linux, Mac OS or even Titzen. It shouldn't matter..
  4. Because, if you really think about it; It's kind of madness you have or want to install install Linux just for KSP. I doesn't matter how easy it may or not may be. It's weird lot a players have to turn this way, JUST so they can play a clean, and normal KSP version as it should be. It shouldn't be necessary at all!
  5. Whatever Linux version you take, it doesn't really matter. Linux has a long, and deep learning curve. I use Linux for a couple of years now. Mostly in server related issue's. But I have dealt with the desktop version as well. Linux is amazing! With servers. It's freaking stable. I takes a lot of work (mostly with commands) to set it all up. It is kind of nerd stuff. Linux can be extremely complex, but if you do it all right.. Linux is your best friend. Besides that, unless you want to challenge yourself, keep it to Windows. Linux is a amazing OS, but is isn't really user friendly. For normal day uses, you have to do, so much trouble. Windows works with point and click. You can control almost anything. You can delete almost anything. Even beyond the point of no return. Windows let you delete system parts. Kinda bad to be honest. But, Linux works the other way around. For a simple delete you sometimes need to do a whole lot of unnecessary stuff. Just to be "sure and secure". It's so not user friendly.. Servers NEED to be stable. Server need to work. Linux does that. But for everyday use? I keep using Windows, with all the problems it has. It's just is SO much easier. Linux is a pain in the ass sometimes. That's why most of the user have a duel boot instead of a Linux only system. Windows is still the biggest player for a reason. It's too damn easy to use. Just download Ubuntu and start playing with it. Cool thing about Linux is, that most versions, (at least Ubuntu etc) has a "live" function. You can try the Linux version from the disk, instead of installing it right away. Try it, and find out. But for KSP only? Why on earth would you install a Linux, JUST for KSP? Why is that 64 bit Windows version of KSP still not working? That's the million dollar question..
  6. You don't want to do that. That day is Kingsday. Formally known as Queens day when we had a queen. Weird holiday. A British comedian did ones a great explanation about it in a comedy show:
  7. Captain Skunky with his big beard and his kitty, Mister Damion Rayne with his amazingly enthusiastic KSP streaming. Those days where awesome! I never watched a KSP stream ever again after those guys left. It just wasn't the same anymore. Welcome back hero's!
  8. I would pick one thing above all: A reason for doing it all. I've bin a reasonable long time with Kerbal now. Love the simulation part of the game. The get to know the space thing. But overall, it's still is a "empty" kind of space simulation. You build a wacky, wobbly space construction, trying to fly it to the mun. Whole lot of fun. But when you land on the mun, you plant a flag, do some sort of (in my opinion) a whole lot of useless sciences report for gathering points for unlocking new tech. Or drive meaningless around on a empty mun in a mun buggy. But overall: That's it. There is no point in doing it. There is no end game. No reward, or following options in the game. That is the kind of thing that bugs me the most about this 1.0 thing. The game isn't nearly done for a second! It's still a empty shell with a beautiful skin. (That has to be said..) The game itself is amazing, I can forgive every bug, and every stability problem is has. But if I had to pick one: It should be really this one..
  9. It rather simple actually. Like you said, it is a business. And with every business, if you start doing something, people bound to be expecting things from you. Like opening and closing times. You simply can't close whenever you want. In theory: yes, you can. But that would be a amazingly stupid move. The point is, and I completely agree because Squad had done this from the very beginning, IF you do things, then do them right! Realize that people EXPECT you'll be there. Or, in this case: that Squadcast is on. Squad has a troubling past when it comes to things like this. Yes, everyone knows that things can go wrong. People can get sick. And go on. Point is: How hard is it to leave a post, blog entry, of somewhere in the Daily section that things MIGHT be going for the worst? That is what everyone is complaining about. At least some people knew that Max may not make it. Instead of doing something with that information, they blow of the stream, and come with a sorry after. I never watch Squadcast. But I totally understand where this is coming from..
  10. Super secret project: Merchandise.. Of course, you don't talk about it because the deal isn't sure. But why on earth will you blow it up, make a super special thing, and reveal: You can buy your 3D printed schip? I don't get it. Yes, the option is cool for those who like it. But for a company that is developing a game, you should expert secret GAME stuff. Long, long talked about features. A whole new planet. Something like that. Merchandise is just a bummer when you blow it up like this, and basically all you say is: We want more money. Cause that is what Merchandise is, more business. A brand that is selling itself. Weird. Very weird choice. But maybe it's me. Indeed it is cool that you now can do it if you want too..
  11. This one is going fast! But I wonder, and hope to get a little bit of answer.. How much career stuff is going ahead? When is career for you guys done, set in stone bla bla bla? You guys have a estimated plan on that one? Cause as many l don't really care about career. It's fun for those who want it, but for me.. well, in mine point of view career destroys the fun in any way possible. How much "updates" I have to sit out before the real stuff begins again? Just wanting a answer/estimation. Not starting a career flame here. What's the goal? The plan? I think career basics almost made it right now, and we can move on with the good stuff. Balancing. Details! Heat shields! Paint jobs! Thinks to do when you made it to a planet. A goal! I can wait a little bit longer. But for real, how many career based update are planned? Can you guys be open with that, or have any clue?
  12. Squad is a gaming company inside a larger marketing machine. You really think that hasn't anything to do with it? Marketing is.. well, let's say I'm not a fan of marketing.. It is a fact Squad act different that most gaming companies. And that isn't always a good thing.
  13. ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  14. In a nutshell, a 64 bit program will normally have some sort of recognition if is a 64 bit version. Mostly in the .Exe form if your dealing with Windows. It mostly is inside the title of the .exe file. Your using Steam? If so, you should have two .exe files. Cause from the reads of it, Steam download both. That should be at least be what Squad planned to be. I don´t use Steam. Can´t test it out for you. But to be sure, start the game (your version) and go into your task management window. It should be saying/pointing out what version you are running. If not.. contact Squad..
  15. I really doubt this is a Unity only issue. Kerbal is not programmed that amazingly well. Let's be honest here. Modders can do things inside the stock game the programmers can't/still learning. Kerbal is the first real try. As a company. There are modders out there who can a lot more. In a lot less time. I kind of having the same feeling now and then. Kerbal right now, is on the down low. This new coming update? Mwah! Not interessing! It's some career stuff I personally don't wait for. The whole career idea for me; again personally, is kind of boring. Not fun. Not even worth waiting for. It's some cash, contract and science points. Again, for career. If you don't choice career; there is nothing new! Bold move. Stupid move in my opinion. Like you said; you leave a whole bunch of people in the dark because "your" just focusing on career/one mode For what? A whole year now? That is in the long rung indeed losing a lot of people who indeed lose a lot of interest. But! that the Kerbal choice. They want to do it that way. They want to first complete this, and then that and all that crap. The programming scope thingy. Blaming it on the Unity Engine is easy. And yes, there are probably some things wrong too. But don't even believe for a second it is just Unity. Cause Squard itself can do it a lot better too. They think they are God. Do everything perfect. They believe they are doing amazing. But to be honest.. They still have a lot to learn..
  16. It's so simple.. Just record something of a "normal" workday. How thinks work on a normal basis. Just some boring programming stuff. I bet you, people will watch. Cause THAT is development. It's real. Pure. Don't even try. Just do. If you try to much, you are showing something that is not real at all. What you guys always do. Everything is secret. Everything is for bitten. Everything HAS to be perfect, tested until a perfect standard. And when it comes out, it's kind of bad. Disappointing. Still full with bugs. Or something like it. You manually build the hype up way, way to much. Programming isn't glamour. Most of the time it's boring. Show that. Bug fixing and everything. There are enough nerds around who wants to see it, AND maybe you learn some people it isn't always that much fun/exiting or whatever. Win, win I would say..
  17. Somewhere around 5:30 PM right now in Mexico. I think. So, for them it's still Tuesday. If your working on a international scale it's always tricky where you home town and or time line is based on.. But indeed it passed the "stereotype" business hours. Even for them on there timezone. So asking about it makes sense since they do everything else between the business hours of there timezone. Weekends are still weekends. Etc Etc. They would never dare to put out a update after business hours/in the weekend. Because of the stereotype reasons. Long story short, I agree. There late..
  18. For anyone that has some experience in hosting/upgrading, changing or what so ever. Two days can be right it. It's just a matter of time how things turns out. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it don't. It can take hours to figure out why the smallest thing will not work as you want it to work. Probably they tested out already. And the 22nd is the grand day. Moving the files. Changing the database. Probably it takes just a couple of hours. It's just a safety rule if your working with this kind of croud. People depending/demanding your online. It's better to prepare people your two days off, and do the job in two hours then the other way around..
  19. I'm just kidding. It's probably MySQL, knowing vBulletin's script. MySQL is pretty easy to back-up/save and drop it right back where you started. So, no worries!
  20. Snapshots like in screensaves? I hope you mean back-ups. Cause Screenshots alone will never ever bring you the data back
  21. If that is a real situation.. You might take it as a sign. Go outside a little bit more
  22. To be honest; Sciene/Science related parts ruined a lot of thing for me. I even didn't enjoy the part. It's such a amazing, huge part, and yet is sucks because it's whole goal/piont is science. Career, tech tree, unlock new parts stuff. It means nothing. It does nothing. A mobile lab is amazing! The science behind it all.. It's pretty sad..
  23. At some point science as it is right now turned into a game-play kind of view. To protect the "new" players. As a alternative to mining, drilling, the resource idea as it was. In mine point of view, it sucks. Science in general is cool. Traveling to a planet, scanning the hell out of it, and get some data. Some following up information. Right now, you do science to unlock stuff. (Why the hell do we have archive? We only unlock parts with it. It's money..) In a realistic kind of perspective, if you did the tech three, you are done with science. You don't need it anymore. Why? I don't get it. You can't even/aren't allowed to do science in sandbox. Science is a fancy career unlocking tool at the moment. And that is a bad, bad choice. It's game breaking in my opinion. I think is not about how you expand the science feature by adding more options, but how you expand/change is in a feature point of view. Science as it it, is sad. Science is nothing more them replacing some kind of money system. Like the way mobile games do. In-game money, and some sort of "city" credits you have to buy with real money. With only one goal in mind. To drain you as fast as possible. It has that same unbalanced, weird feeling kind as KSP has in sandbox v.s career. It's like you have to choose between them. And if you happen to choose sandbox, your about to feel it. That's a weird, and stupid choice to make. Love the game, but the whole understanding of this Science thing.. I miss it. Completely..
  24. You simply can't do right. I'm one of those people who don't give a damn about career. I like to mess around in games. All I need is a buns of options, and I deiced what to do with it. I don't like the fact that I have to "earn" science before I unlock some next parts. It has nothing to do with each other. Space exploration = science. Science. The understanding of it all. The knowing part is the whole reason why we do it. That is my twisted point of view. I look at it at some weird angle I can never really enjoy career mode. Cause In my point of view.. Career sucks. Cause Science is nothing more that a currency that unlocks parts. I doesn't mean anything more then that inside the Kerbal world. That bothers me. Science is the main reason why we launch a rocket in the first place.. And I believe this same thing is happening with this engine thing. Kerbal Space Program was a fun, goofy kind of reflection to real space stuff. People related to that. Kerbal made a huge different in understanding Orbital knowledge. The fact that they did, make a huge impact now. Cause people, (including me) start to feel or have mixed feelings cause they suddenly care more about the game factor, first players etc etc then they do about the fact that they made a huge change in the Space stuff. The ARM update had a good feeling. A good excuse for happening. Teach people what NASA does with Asteroids. But to be honest, that is looking from a starting point off view. An update that should made much more sense in the KSP education version of the game. I think that Kerbal already grown beyond that starting point. Even I have no idea what I am doing most of the times. And that is the part I like. Let me figure it out. It's not about the overpowered engine. It about the fact that they toyed or played with the experience of most people out there that already knew that they where doing, or liked that way what they did. People don't like change. KSP made that connection with how real space stuff works. If you change that to much.. yes, you get trouble..
  25. Steam is a great platform. Valve made a huge, huge market in that. Down side is; Steam is nothing more than a online provider. An platform that provided you with an online support to play and or buy games. Almost pretty much every game sold on Steam exist somehow or somewhere outside Steam. Meaning; You can play, download or support the game without the need of having Steam. Steam is a bundle. A platform that it all brings together. Most people don't know that, and Steam gets all the credits. Steam is the Dropbox for the gaming industry at the moment. Steam provides a huge demand of costumers and market share. Steam is the Hollywood for Games. Therefor; I as a more computer geek/nerd kind of person I prefer to leave Steam alone. Pretty much for the reason you said. Online. (Can be offline.) Another company who try's to make money from me, get information out of me. Stream is lovely. If your want fast and easy access of many games as possible. If you want real game control? Cheat, mod, change game files and all that stuff. I recommend you drop Steam.. (Still, I don't say it can't be done when using Steam..)
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