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  1. Says who? There is clearly a craft file section And here N3X15's blog it is gone over -- New Craft Category We've had a problem with .craft files on Kerbal Spaceport, namely dozens of people uploading a craft and then spamming every tag possible, even if it didn't apply. This made it difficult for people applying legitimate tags to make their mod (or craft) known. The most glaring of these tags were the ones that assigned a part to a category. This resulted in what can only be described as "craft spam": Every category and tag on the site has a mess of crafts. To combat this, we've added a new category just for crafts. New and edited craft files uploaded by themselves will be forced into this subcategory. We also ask that craft packs be moved to Crafts so the playing field is fair. ---
  2. Well you can have Jeb Jr and then II, and then III etc.. I didn't think about having say a heart attack in mid flight, shoot who's trained how to land this thing? hehehe (I'm just the payload specialist) -- just figured after so many hours they would forced into retirement at the ripe old age of say 300.. Who is to say how long kerbals life spans are?
  3. So I noticed this in the panned future features off the wiki, and was wondering if anyone had an thoughts on what this might include? Sure its down the road a bit. I also so the stranding your kerbals thread, where someone mentioned that they are just a little less expendable than fuel.. which I thought was pretty funny. But if they could be trained and gained exp, rank maybe once certain things are accomplished? So many hours in space, so many eva's either on planet surface or space, etc. They might be less expendable Just tracking those variables might be fun.. Will at some point they age? So when you can warp at 1000x and get to the moons a jool in a few minutes doesn't mean days and days are not going by for the kerbals. How many missions like that can you fly before your just too old for the next mission. Saw the thread about landing on every object you can land on, and plan on that myself once I can place flags.. But doing it with the same Kerbal and seeing how many days he actual spends in space would be nice to track. Maybe the kerbals get mission medals, etc. Just rambling, any other thoughts on this subject?
  4. Dropped a probe around Dres, on way to Jool to drop a few more probes.. But might have to send some fuel? They are going to get stranded somewhere it looks like
  5. That's a pretty low end video card.. I show it on With a score of 341, my HD 6450, Scores only 293, and it didn't do all that good either with ksp. Not that you couldn't play it - but MET would always be flashing yellow, red, etc. And I had turned down the settings. So I picked up a 7750 with 2GB for like $99 from newegg.. Not the best video card in the world, but not huge hit on the budget - low power requirements, etc.. I don't have a lot of play time in since the upgrade, but from the few missions I have flown with it MET is always GREEN, and picture does look better. Need some tweaking, just have to find the time. So if possible you might want to look for card that scores better.. The HD 7750 I picked up scores 1600 on the above bench marking site.. I had seen other threads where they talk about scoring over 2000, but from my looking those types of cards were a bit out of my budget
  6. Can't get what - you don't know what normal + or - is? Maybe this helps See the arrow pointing up that says Orbit Normal next to it? So your flying around the edge of the orbit plane -- if your pointing UP then you would be normal + if your - then your rocket would be pointing down... See the green arrow, that is pointing in norm + Think of the point as your capsule. Now since your already in polar orbit or 90 inclination, just turn that picture on its side. Now with your rocket pointing norm + or norm -, it really doesn't matter if your perfectly 90.. And Burn until your back to 0 inclination.. Keep in mind this does take quite a bit of delta, so you need plenty of fuel. I'm new to ksp as well - but this was one of the first things I learned to do Its boring always orbiting at 0
  7. When I first found KSP and the Spaceport - I was like this Rocks!!! Now after installing a few mods and then trying to look for a few specific sorts, etc. I have to agree its a mess.. If possible would love to help, something should allow for community help to put mods in the correct section.. Some sort of voting of what sections this belongs sort of thing. I also support a .craft section - say the decal section could be used since I don't see anything of that sort anyway.
  8. Great post - thanks for sharing!!! Just amazing!! That an eight year old understands what retrograde is, and trying to explain it to her friends is fuel for the soul for our future!!! Possible to post a screenshot of her rocket or .craft file?
  9. How do you do the maps? is there a tutorial for how your doing this - maybe could share the load to get the other bodies done quicker?
  10. So big fan of the Mechjeb, currently using 2.07 and autodock feature has made it possible for me to finally build some stations, refuel, etc. And looking forward to playing with the rover autopilot, etc. I know some people love doing all the manual control, and can understand that for sure. But I like simulation, building, planning missions aspect of the game more than the physical control part. Does anyone know of a mod for controlling the kerbs when they go EVA? Pick a target while in space would be great.. I have lost a few in orbit, and the one I did manage to rescue took like an hour of fiddling to get him back into the capsule.. A mod like mechjeb for when your eva would just make the game that more enjoyable for me. When on a planet its not so bad, but in space just the slightest over correction and your floating off.. Even if could just use as way to get back to ship would be great! But if could use while on ground as well would be even better, pick rover as target for example, or give instructions like 100 m west, 50 m east or actual coords to go to would just be fantastic. If no possible currently, some links to tutorials on best way to control while in EVA would be great - is setting camera to chase seems to put you behind and below the kerbal the best view while on space eva?
  11. here is it This looks great! Only reason I found it was your post - so thank you!
  12. Thank you - with your trainer ship, and the instructions about selecting the clamp as target, and using control from here with my ships dock I was finally able to get a successful dock. The first one ran out of fuel before I was able to get docked Have to look into adding more mono fuel for us newbies. But thank you!! I now have to practice moving crew via eva vs the crew manifest mod
  13. "Mechjeb doesn't help much with interplanetary transfer" Sure it does if you use version 2, you can get 2.0.7 here
  14. I have only been playing a few days, but fairly simple to change your orbit to intercept.. What are you having a problem with, building something with enough fuel after its gotten into orbit to get there? Are you using mechjeb? Have you thought of using it? Even if just to help you learn how its done? I would have to assume if you have been playing for such a time that you have looked into the wiki tuts? Example