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  1. This is just sad. And a terrible move by Take2. If T2 wasn't already being criticized for its past behavior (for example, banning singleplayer mods on GTA V, taking legal action against modders from OpenIV and FiveM), they will certainly be criticized now. They pulled funding for an indie studio because they didn't agree with the buyout terms, then poached the majority of its team. My hopes for KSP2 were high, seeing the developers contacting scientists and asking about science was great and looked like KSP2 was going to be amazing. But now it's just sort of gone. I wouldn't be surprised if
  2. Probably asked already by someone else, but are mods going to be exclusive to Steam Workshop, or will KSP2 be like KSP1 and we'll be able to host our mods on SpaceDock, CurseForge or GitHub?
  3. Well, it's not going to be their decision until the developers themselves start boycotting the excrementsty practices publishers do and enforce upon developers. Also, in this case, I'm pretty sure Private Division will accept another exclusivity deal from Epic Games. And we've already saved screenshots and the page where a SQUAD staff said that it's not going to be an exclusive. It's only a matter of time, though. I'm pretty sure Sweeney right now is coming up with a millionaire deal that will cover up the failure of sales when they announce that KSP2 will be a EGS exclusive. And beca
  4. inb4 Take2 pulls out a Randy Pitchford "no microtransactions" and later "we are going to sell cosmetic items for real money"
  5. What about using real money to buy stuff ingame? Can we expect anything other than a season pass/DLCs, like features that certainly impact the gameplay to be available behind a paywall?
  6. Awesome! Looking forward for the game and I really hope this decision is maintained. One thing that would be great is if planetary terrain had more details.
  7. Can we expect the game to be available on Steam and other digital storefronts (GMG, Epic Games, etc) on release day?
  8. Yes, it does. It can be the best game in the world. I don't like how Epic Games tries to restrict our choices of where we can buy the game on, while saying they're doing this to fight a monopoly that doesn't exist. And if they announced it to be an exclusive right from the start, it wouldn't be so bad as announcing it on Steam then saying later on that it will be released first on EGS then on Steam. Just take a look at the Metro Exodus controversy and crowdfunded games that promised a Steam release but jumped to EGS after being offered a millionaire deal, breaking the promise they made to back
  9. I'd just like to remember that Private Division is the publisher of The Outer Worlds and they jumped ship to EGS - Obsidian developers were creating achievements on Steam when they received the (bad) news. And we still haven't seen any reply telling us that they want to release the game on different stores on launch day. I just hope that I'm wrong about this. But it's terrifying. Having no mtxs is great, but not having a solid answer about store exclusivity or Denuvo is creeping me out.
  10. Are we going to be able to host our own servers? What about DRM? Will it include Denuvo or any sort of DRM?
  11. That doesn't mean anything. That's what Deep Silver said before accepting Epic's deal and turning Metro into an EGS exclusive days before the official release. Releasing it on digital storefronts is a thing. But can we expect it to be available on Steam on launch day? I have a bad feeling about this.
  12. What about a future Epic Games Store exclusivity deal? Are the developers/publishers going to take it or are they committing to releasing on several game stores on launch day?
  13. Please, Take2 and the new developers, if you're reading this: don't mess up: - don't fill the game with stupid microtransactions. I don't care if they're cosmetic, we hate microtransactions. Loot boxes are included and also don't pull an EA on us and create a Battle Pass or charge for each piece of game expansion. we hate microtxns. - don't sell yourselves to EGS. don't make it Epic exclusive after creating a Steam page for your new game. - don't ban mods like it happened with GTA V. hopefully there's good faith in you and KSP2 will be the sequel this gam
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