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  1. Hello, Love your mod. I have been busy privately in making a new techtree (for years now hahahaha). Starting from Balloons (kerballoons) to the last tech I can find on this forum. I was wondering if you would ever do the Aggregate A1 to A3? As they would fill the gap for sounding rockets nicely. Now I am using USI Sounding Rockets but it would be nicer to have a more classic analogue. Good luck and thanks for your efforts! Waerth
  2. What is the other pack you are working on? Please tell me it's early rockets basically filling von Braun's and Goddards early rockets before the V2 :p And maybe probes thatsend animals into space instead of Kerbals lol. regards, Waerth
  3. Hello all. A quick question. I am trying to give a part from the Making history expansion a new place in the tech tree. Now all other parts go to their new place in the tech tree. But not that one part from Making History. See the cfg file: @PART[parachuteSingle]:FINAL { @TechRequired = startx } @PART[trussPiece1x]:FINAL { @TechRequired = startx } @PART[kv1Pod]:FINAL { @Techrequired = startx } It is the kv1Pod (that's the name of the config file). It simply wont move to it's new place. All other non Making History parts DO move (there are many more parts I moved around then the ones in the example. Is there some extra thing needed to make it move? I tried different versions for the partname and none worked (KV1Pod, Kv1Pod and kv1Pod). Regards for any answer
  4. In the past I managed to edit the tech tree through Module Manager. This time I am not as succesfull. It doesn't seem to work. I managed to add a node. I do not seem to be able to change the start node (or any other node). Here is my "code": //Custom Waerth //lines are LEFT RIGHT TOP BOTTOM @TechTree { @RDNode:Start { @title = I want this to change dammit @id = startnew @cost = 0 @nodeName = node0_start @pos = -3068,1199,0 } } Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?
  5. All I have to say is Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to the devs, former devs and all great players. Have a great new year and lets hope KSP will reach new heights in 2017! Now move along folks nothing to see .... W
  6. Well I got 16gb to play with So theoretically this will end up creating 100,000's of objects once you add planet and moon generation ..........
  7. Good idea. Will these be compatible with OPM? W
  8. Thanks for having this idea 5 years ago. We will enjoy it for more than that ............. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo the end is nigh :~(
  9. The Netherlands was part of Spain at the same time as Mexico once was ..... does that count as extended Mexican citizenry
  10. Well have a nice holiday guys (and girls) and come back in one piece. I guess they rolled out 1.1 so it would have more eyeballs to find them bugs .... Not complaining got soooooo maaaannnnnyyyyyyyyy hours of playable fun out of this game it was well worth my 25 dollars even if it does not get updated anymore. But it will get updated because it is a great development team, like Paradox (can I name a rival company), they care about their community! W
  11. His last visit to the forums was in september or october last year it seems :~(