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    Duncan of the Yogscast has begun a KSP series

    I find it interesting that people often hold up this community as one of the friendliest and nicest, when every time someone who is well known plays the game these threads appear with people getting angry that new players will be coming. So at this point I would say that no, this community is not going to go downhill because of new players joining the game after seeing the game on yogscast or nerd^3 or whatever, the community will go downhill because of these people who think they are better than new players just because they have been here longer and don't want anyone else to enjoy this great game.
  2. Lechimp89

    switching flags

    You can also change the flag for your mission while keeping the flag at the KSC the same by clicking on the flag icon in the VAB (next to the launch button).
  3. No problems for me, and I'm only using stock parts
  4. Lechimp89

    Opinions on 0.20

    The probe cores are the circular ones from the KSPX pack with a different model so they are quite usefull, alsoi the Atlas has been added, but it's called the Skipper now
  5. Lechimp89

    Opinions on 0.20

    Does it? I didn't think it did as I can't find it in the tracking station anymore
  6. Lechimp89

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    My first Mun mission of 0.20
  7. Lechimp89

    Opinions on 0.20

    I'm liking it so far, started out with a clean save and have just finished an apollo style mun mission. Got to put up a flag and make a plaque, but then I did 'fly ship' on it to take a look after the mission was done, and accidentally did end-flight
  8. Cool, will have to check that out. Another film to check out if you love the footage from Apollo missions would be "In the Shadow of the Moon". It's more of a documentary, but it's fantastic. It is pieces of footage taking you through the mission with interviews from all the LEM pilots and Commanders from the missions, except a couple.
  9. Lechimp89

    Are you going to start a fresh save file come 0.20?

    Yeah, I'm going to start from scratch on my 'main' game, but I will probably keep my other version with mods so that I can continue to build on that.
  10. Lechimp89

    Anything You Can Walk Away From

    Good thing it was only the landing legs and not the engine. And huzzah for spare landing legs!
  11. Lechimp89

    Who else here is into model rocketry?

    I would quite like to get into it, but I don't think my garden is big enough, and there isn't really anywhere else I can do it
  12. Lechimp89

    deleted ...

    If you hold shift when you click on a part, then you can move the whole ship around from that point, if you try this on the bottom of the ship it might help you center it.
  13. Lechimp89

    We are all Screwed:Its the End of the World

    Now guys come on, this one guy is clearly right and should be making rules for people and discouraging helping new players. I'm just happy to see that this community isn't becoming elitist like so many other game communities that drive away possible players.
  14. Lechimp89

    EVA Rescue Calamity!!

    Nice challenge, doing it now and will put up results later
  15. Lechimp89

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    My Mun lander and rover: