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  1. you should put regular SAS instead of ASAS on the large torpedoes. ASAS uses the vectoring and rcs to stay steady, while SAS uses torque.
  2. my UKSC Valkarie Crusier will refuel for both sides until armed. is 10k mps a good amount of DV for a Jool refuel mission?
  3. They are linked to a mediafire in my last IRU video. i caant find it, could you put up a link I'd rather stay away from RomFarers system for two reasons: 1) I want to stay dumb-fire for all or the vast majority of projectiles. 2) The lazor mod caused me issues a while back and I would rather like to avoid depending on another mod that is fairly complex.
  4. i was useing mecjeb, how would i put it at 5% thrust?
  5. Put up your craft files! and use your youtubing connection to get Robbaz to do the same!
  6. The launcher for the station expansion pack keeps breaking mid flight. i would solve one problem and then another one would happen
  7. Put the airbrakes on the back like on the example one, it will keep it hovering
  8. For a racetrack you could set the course on the mun and have the finishline be a mun arch
  9. what i ment was makeing the turbines powered by electricity.
  10. you should make the propeller engines powered by electricity.
  11. thanks ill try the two finger click later but thank you so much, i was running out of action groups.
  12. in videos people will right click on things do do stuff. how do i do this? P.S. i am using a mac