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  1. Awesome!! The video is crazy. Everyone, go throw reputation at Sirrobert
  2. Hello fellow kerbonauts! Im sorry for this dumb post but Im out of options. A time ago I saw a very impresive video someone made of a minmus base with a tower and a loop ontop. There was also a probe orbiting minmus and, believe it or not, that probe passed through that same loop every 2 days or every day, cant remember. The orbit of the probe and the movement of the loop where synced in such a way they met in the same place and the probe passed through the loop. Can someone please post the video? Ive been looking for it for days in the forums and in youtube, and cant find it. I guess its because I cant remember the title. So, if anyone remembers, please post it here! I highly recomed this video also to those who have not seen it!! Thanks!
  3. Hm..not sure if capable to orbit or not. But make sure those kerbals can reach the cans without the lader nor the rcs!
  4. -RawChicken Space Corporation - -And Hardware Industries- RawChicken Industries happily presents the Spider-A4 Spaceplane Finally on production line, the Spider-A4 is ready to be shipped to stores all across the universe! Only for experienced pilots! Keep away from humans. Docking port not included. Ship .craft file: http://textuploader.com/d3dq Coming next: The Koslo-A3 Spaceplane. Release Date: TBA
  5. Im 22 and started playing when 0.16 was out
  6. There was a video which i can not find right now, where a kerbal was in Minmus next to a tructure that made a Loop. Then there was this vessel orbitin minmus with such and orbit that it will orbit always pass that same loop. There you could see the vessel orbiting from the ground. If someone remembers the video please post! It was amazing!!
  7. I dont know any way to turn off smoke. I like it thou
  8. I have no idea...But for those bay doors, using a hinge from a mod would be easier.
  9. Hm possible errors are having the brakes on? Maybe you have the wheels motors to OFF? Right click the wheel and see what it says. If it has plenty of energy and a command module (by kerbals or by a computer) it should move. Post a picture.
  10. Look at my lander. Its not very powerful. You dont need nothing big. Just keep it simple and try to ditch as mas empty fuel cans as possible.
  11. Did this recently in career mode. What I did was this: I made a little lander with parachutes, science lab, command module, landing legs and little more. After testing the parachutes and the ascent stage of the vessel in Kerbin, I put the lander in LKO. Then I did a interplanetary stage, which was a command pod with RCS, central fuel cans and 4 nuke engines attached radially. This way I can ditch empty fuel cans easily. I put this into LKO and dock with the lander. Once refueled to its maximun, I go to duna. Once in Duna, decouple the lander and land, pretty straight forward. Then, launch from Duna and dock back into the orbiting vessel. This was the part I was afraid of, if the lander would be capable of getting into LDO. Once docked and orbiting Duna, I saw I was empty of fuel. Had to take another vessel to Duna to refill the first vessel. Onced refilled just back to Kerbin and parachuted down the atmo. Note: For the return, I ditched 2 of the 4 nuke engines to lighten up the vessel. Also, the lander looses its 4 radial tanks+engines and is left with only the central column. Here is a picture of the lander. Note on the lander: As I didnt have long legs nor stairs, I needed the command module to be near the ground. This was how it ended being! The 4 radial engines fire at the same time to start the ascent in Duna. Once empty, they are ditched and the vessel changes its orientation to burn with the engine mounted ontop. Just doing things teh Kerbal way! Picture of the lander and the interplanetary stage. Also, the refueling vessel and a derping Jeb. Hope it helped somehow! Protip: always make sure of having a space docking part just in case you need to refuel in order to get back home!
  12. That is what I thought, thank you. I saw people with 8 little science modules on 1 orbital flight so I thought you could count with as many as you can carry!
  13. I sent this lander to the Mün with 5 big science modules. Once landed, each science module gives me 100 science (the report said that). So, I should have +500 science with me. Once I return to Kerbin with all the modules and rescuing the vessel, I only get +136 science. How is this? I cant make the same experiment multiple times?
  14. Today I learned spot landing! Dont tel Jeb what is a helicopter and what not!
  15. I did not use the debug menu or part clipping cheat. It is 100% legit
  16. Doing the tech tree research, I wanted to push the limits going farther than I should. This is how you do radial decouplers when you shoudnt! This was made without the debug menu, no part clipping, 100% legit. Add a small fuel tank and stick decouplers beneath it. I got to Mün with this baby only after the first research node! Enjoy!! -RawChicken Corp.
  17. A 1 wheel rover! I did more actually, only recorded this one..More to come when i buy a new screen! a 1 wheel rover! I did more actually, only recorded this one
  18. Well if you dont know how to play it is not the developers fault. I do enormous voyages to Jool and Eeloo without FPS drop or bugs keeping me from enjoying the game. But i undestand what you say. I currently play less KSP as I want to wait and play it when the game is near finish. That doesnt keep me from building a spaceplane occasionally. Also, the engineering of the game is what makes it fun and a challenge. If you get to the moon and see you didnt add landing legs, well, too bad, try your best at landing in the engine. Plan your missions well! Same if in a FPS you forget to reload I guess... Anyone complaining about this aspects just dont see the fun in ksp
  19. Well im spanish and I cant see how on earth you figure this out, explain me please.
  20. AWesome idea! I guess you could have all KSP parts in lego format! OTher than legal issues with lego selling Squads creation, this has to be done! ALso, ive been lookin in that lego page and apparently there are 3 different KSP-Lego ideas.
  21. The deltaV you ask for you can get it from a mod called kerbal engineer, pretty awesome. Also, planets orbits data are in the wiki. Also, im pretty sure you will like a mod called kOS, perfect for all us engineers! Good luck!!
  22. Maybe someone somewhere can edit all game data and make a "Real World simulator", but since then, KSP is a game and it should not be compared to real life. There is too much "magic" occurring in KSP to think of it as a real life simulator.
  23. Ive been thinking about this... I think it is possible to do within the game limits. Some coder with the knowledge could do this. I think this because parachutes "know" when to open, this means the game is capable of having objects know when to trigger. I know how to model in Blender, but need a coder to code everything! Someone up to try this game-changing mod?
  24. The improved SAS has made the game easier. Before you had to switch off the SAS and reorient the vessel, then switch it ON again. This step caused the death of lots of little kerbals. With the new SAS, you just let it ON and move if you want to, everything is more stable and easier.
  25. Of course, this system relies on 3 types of different elements. 1)On board sensors 2)Logic gates 3)Actuators 4)(wires)
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