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  1. Just drove it from the runway with detachable rover wheels =D
  2. Surprised it didn't go this direction sooner. 538.8 m/s
  3. Added textual elevation and slope on hover, and a loading indicator to show when the textual data is loading. Eventually the marker popups and info control will both format coords according to user preference, what we have now is placeholder. Not sure whether I want to wrap to map bounds, I'll have to think about it (right now the validator only ensures it's numeric).
  4. It's not possible to wrap horizontally right now, maybe when Leaflet 0.7 comes out if projections are fixed. You can switch between decimal and DMS formatting by clicking on the coordinates. Did not know that about Eve and Laythe, cool.
  5. Yes thats fine, just no links to links to test, thats running on an Intel Atom powered box in my garage.
  6. While mapping stuff It was immediately obvious that the way the game figures out the biome locations is prone to slivers of biomes where they were not intended. One very curious one was an intersection of 6 biomes on the Mun, with two more a little over 5km away. Both have relatively flat areas to land too. Figured it might come in handy for churning out some science in the lower tiers. Could also make for an interesting tier 0 trip. (Can store surface sample for each, right?)
  7. Another update. Now has biome color maps, biome hover text, and the position format can be changed by clicking on it. URL param draft finalized. All the maps are the same pixel resolution: 16384x8192. Equatorial m/px is just (radius * 2pi) / 16384. About 230 m/px for kerbin. I dont use any game textures in making my maps that cant be accessed or generated from the public API. In 0.22 and prior It wasn't possible get Jool or the Sun, 0.23 added some new map related classes and methods, but I've not yet poked around in them.
  8. Hi. It's something I'd like to do, but leaflet projection support is broken right now. I'm currently using Proj4Leaflet to get the equirectangular projection (it's what the game textures use). I'm waiting for leaflet to get good projection support upstream before I add any more. It was supposed to be added in the current release, but got pushed back to the next one. (In short I'm not holding my breath, I'd estimate sometime between 3 months and ∞) On another note, I've gotten the biome mapper to generate 16k x 8k maps pretty fast, and finished the UTFGrid writer. There's already a Leaflet UTFGrid plugin so it should be ready Soon.
  9. Been out of town for the last week, but I'm planning on adding biomes soon. Just asking the api for the biome for each pixel on a map in the same manner as I do for height data is much too slow (about a week per body at kerbalmaps res). I experimented with a couple different ways to get good results faster before I left, but wasn't really satisfied with any of them. Kerbalmaps is already higher resolution than the source textures and heightmaps. The biome maps are only 1024x512. Soon
  10. I'm not surprised, the surface of Kerbin is alot bigger than the maps! Within three meters is pretty darn close.
  11. It's possible with a 3:1 intake to turbojet ratio. My strategy was once near the max velocity I could get with the turbojets (1820 m/s at 27km) at full throttle, I pitched up, throttled back and burned both the nuke and the jets until they didnt have enough air to keep climbing. Then killed the jets and maxed the throttle on the nuke until my Ap was a the desired alt. I used MJ to control the throttle to prevent burnout. You could do it manually by watching the intake air readout in MJ or KER. I don't see how it would be possible without mods. I've done it vanilla but with a pair of Rockomax 48-7s for some extra thrust. Here's the craft I used:
  12. Another used told me the query to fetch the data was blocked by adblock.
  13. I might integrate the graphs with kerbal maps one day, but here it is standalone for now.
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