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  1. The world is flat! --- science many years ago..... Look we found the west indies! ------ Chris.
  2. This is great, lol, a cephalopod, always loved the taste of scungilli.
  3. Hello there, I know I haven't been heard from in a long while, there is a reason, a diabolical one, but a reason. At any rate, I am waiting for a certain event to occur, then I will speak my peace. I hope the rest of you are enjoying the game, developing things, modding stuff, and all. I have not been playing the game, lost all interest in it, but hey that just a personal feeling. I think the game has merit, and cool ideas! The modders are awesome, the moderators nice, and I general the community is growing and maturing in ways never before seen. Well that's all for now, just babbling here that's all... "May the Force be with you."
  4. Has anyone else tried that launcher on the space port that controls the loading and unloading of your mods? It's an alpha, and you have to contact the designer but man is it worth it.
  5. But sir, the math don't add up, the most users on this forum site (record) is 4025, assuming its 25 bucks a copy, that's 103,000 bucks, windows didn't have a budget that big. And that 4025 is assuming they all have legit copies, most of the fixes that come up comes from the mod makers and they can't get paid. Lemme sell you a car, now you can't get paid to fix it, but we can. The ONLY thing that saves this "game" is the mod makers. I have given up on trying to run the newest version unit A mod maker fixes it. Then I will send him the 25 bucks.
  6. 21, when I was on 18, then 19, it was nice, now it plain Vacs, seems like they are more interested in making pretty things, rather than making effective things. I know this is a game that a couple of guys wanted to play with, but releasing a version, then tweaking it with pretty things, then, having the Gaul to charge for it? Wow, I think they should make it totally free UNTIL they get a good enough for public play Version out. What happens down the road when they have tweaked it so much that to the average computer user it's not runnable? He has invested time and money and for what? A 200gb plus must be downloaded oh and by the way you need the mega sprite 5million video card, oh and the ultra sound card, 12 gb memory, etc etc...? Never release a product until your sure it will be relatively usable by the common man, otherwise your just apple in disguise. IMO someone needs to open up a support forum for the old working version and sod the updates. End rant.
  7. Well I was reading the rants in most of the mod DEV areas, and I think I will stick with 18, or maybe even 19 as 20 onward is getting progressively worse.
  8. Cepheus, rocket2guns would be proud. Just flew your shuttle, a work of art. Launch was smooth. The model, impressive, the aerodynamics, perfect. I can now archive mt 2.0 version, and proudly fly yours. Thank you for creating this wonderful model.
  9. Ahhh I see, I thought it was based on how many time it was downloaded. And it gets rated by the number of dl, never thought the creator could "vote" thanks for the clarity.
  10. Ok, maybe it's me, but how on Kerbin do you get 5 stars on a mod that has 3 downloads?