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  1. I dunno. I just notice certain names appear -everywhere- for mods on certain games. I checked out his Twitch page and the man looks like my dad plus a code wizard. The past videos are pretty interesting, even though my code knowledge is as basic as you can get and all I ever did was highschool Java. God if my dad only knew how to work a computer I wouldn't have to go fix his stuff every other week. He doesn't even know where his start button is And then there's this guy. I wonder what he did / does for a profession.
  2. You know, I think 9/10ths of the mods I use have been handled by you at one point. It's come to a point where if I want a mod I used to use, but Spacedock shows out of date, I can _almost_ guarantee you've picked it up. Are you a machine? Thank you though, for all the effort, on countless mods that would have been dead and forgotten long ago.
  3. That's the point! Ideas I get so many cool ideas from this and spacecraft exchange. Sometimes I don't know what I want to do next and then I see someone make something cool and I just have to make my own version
  4. Huh. I didn't even know Scatterer did that. My previous GPU wasn't all that and I never ran Scatterer before. It was intended to be a joke, yes, as when I went back to the craft without time passage, it was't there any more. Maybe it was an eclipse effect, though that should still have been there then, unless there was some odd issue with it not rendering upon loading back in. You're probably right though and it is just the eclipse effect.
  5. To finish the day off, and my last of three days off work... ... I decided to crew and fuel my Mun station, recently sent over after being built at my Minmus ground base. Crew arriving from Kerbin - the Poodle pushing the thing wasn't quite as strong as I might have thought, and during velocity matching, it actually passed right between the radiators and the trusses for the solar panels. It was a very Kerbal approach. Then I decided to finally get some fuel to the Mun SOI fuel tanker in a wonky orbit. It used all its fuel to get to the Mun, and had nothing left to land at the ground base with, so I sent an orange tank from Minmus station to the Mun full of fuel, using a lithium tug. At the same time, I decided the Mun station could use more life support for the recently arrived crew. Minmus ground base still had a small life support lander sent from Kerbin over half full, so I got it to hitch a ride on the lithium tanker with the orange tank. The MPD thrust is small enough and each has a reaction wheel, so the off center thrust wasn't an issue at all. Poking a grappler through the engine bell is EXTREMELY realistic. After getting to a stable Mun orbit, the life support lander docked with the Mun station. Burning to match velocities with the fuel deprived tanker, I noticed Kerbin had encountered what looked like a rogue black hole: Fearing the worst, I checked KSC, and nothing was on fire, and the black hole was gone. I can only surmise the Kraken is playing its usual jokes from Dres. Probably because I skipped over Dres yet again when sending probes out. Oh, and probes have now been sent to Eve, Duna, Sarnus, Neidon, Jool, Urlum. I'm still planning on a colony ship to Laythe and perhaps Tekto, and am now thinking about finding the wormholes to Alpha Kerbani, as plotting a standard transfer there was going to result in an eighty-five thousand year voyage. Yeah. Gonna go find those wormholes around Jool tomorrow, maybe send something through.
  6. I'm always a generation or two behind. I can't afford top of the line GPUs and CPUs. I think it's overrated anyway. They're good, yes, but I'm more about spending efficiently. I was humming and hawing about spending $700 on a GPU as it is. KSP seems to react well to brute force hardware power though. It's interesting that my game even loads about 5x faster, and I didn't even change the location of the game. I'm actually running the game from a folder on a home network server through my 10 gigabit LAN. Main PC only has one small SSD for windows, everything else is stored on LAN. Bit of a network nut I am, but it all works, and fast.
  7. TAC has been bugging me about my Minmus base running low on food. I have the ability to generate it there, but I don't think the drills can keep up with what I'm asking of my converters. It isn't helped by my low level engineers and the fact I landed the thing on the flats, which has the lowest ore abundancy on Minmus. I think I need to design and build a mining vessel purely for suborbital hops to the highlands, whose sole purpose will be to drill where it's abundant, store vast amounts of ore, and hop back to the main base. Or maybe it's time for a second Minmus base to handle all that. Nevertheless, today so far I've sent a small vessel here from Kerbin with a few more years of life support for the base. It's off to the top left of the image. Simple Logistics is a fantastic mod. Means I don't have to faff around with pipes. I don't use pipes only because they've made my ground bases explode before. When I set down next to the base with something, I get an engineer out, EVA around the craft, and imagine he's checking systems, then connecting hoses from the base to the lander. Simple Logistics then lets me transfer stuff around without fuss. Here's hoping in KSP2 we get transfer pipes or hoses. This base is slightly hampered by the heat radiators that spin at the top of the main tower. They get in the way of large EL crafts, and I have to time my launch so the Sun is overhead and the panels are straight up and down. Been thinking about another launchpad off to one side so that isn't an issue, but really it just means I have to turn wide stuff 90 degrees in the VAB/SPH before attempting the build. Sarnus probe away! With 12.3 kms, this probe will cruise to sarnus over the next 7 years, then spend several years conducting experiments and mapping the system for potential colony sites for the sleeper ship which will depart during the next transfer window with 5 Kerbals and a ground base. The probe is a modified lithium based interplanetary transfer stage designed to push stuff around, so it has RCS jets, but I took the RCS out of the tank to reduce weight for the Sarnus transfer. The tank has a lot of stuff attached to it and I didn't want to redesign the whole thing so 12.3 kms should be enough to capture, then fly around to everything and SCANsat it all to death. Then I'll probably send it into Sarnus for atmospheric science or leave it in orbit as a relay. Identical ones have now been sent to Urlum, Neidon, Eve, and Duna.
  8. Pretty much. I have everything turned all the way up, full texture res, EVE, Scatterer, full surface scatter, three planet packs... system sort of just shrugs at my craft that would have had my old 960 slugging at 15fps. The new PC specs were my Christmas present to myself
  9. Asparagus everything. Spend forever designing a good launcher that _just_ gets its payload into orbit with maximal efficiency? Nahhhhh. Design payload, slap a jumbo 64 and a mainsail under it, slap 4 jumbo 64s to the sides of that, feed them into each other and the main one, stick skippers on those, stick some fins on it so it doesn't cartwheel, and strut everything. DONE. I have a subassembly called "I Hate Making Launchers" and it's literally all that plus a probe core, SAS and an RTG. I make my stuff on Minmus with EL now. My KSC budget monthly is $2 million. A few jumbo 64 launchers don't even make a dent. All I send up now is Kerbals, life support, and wonky stuff that's hard to fit on an EL base launchpad. This one I didn't even care enough to add fins, and is hauling a 40t payload to orbit. The last stage is transfer. The launcher still has 4400ms which is gloriously overkill. When you wanna get something to orbit, and KSC doesn't care how it's done, so long as it's up there by the end of the day.
  10. KSS was my first functional station, and has had a number of upgrades and replacements over the two years it's been up. Most recently replacing the entire main block with something a little more capable as my science tree has expanded greatly in two years. The very first pod I docked with it is still up there in behind the plane. The plane was my first shuttle attempt, and worked wonderfully, it's now a crew shuttle. Large fuel storage, a lab, habitation room for many crew, currently has I think 3 years of life support. Simple solar power generation and a large battery bank get it through the dark. I'll get a reactor up there soon when I need more power. The little RCS tug on bottom left is terrible. It works, but has very low EC, meaning it dies in two minutes if you don't plug it into something. One solar panel and didn't have RTGs at the time so it's horrific to use. Soon as its RCS tanks are dry I'm sending it into the atmosphere. Minmus station. My second station, built by the base at minmus using EL. Reactor and solar because overkill power generation is fun. The orange tank came from Kerbin to refuel a lander before I had good fuel generation on Minmus. Station is going to get a Deepfreeze upgrade soon, hence the Glykerol. The craft in the back is my first iteration of a lithium MPD pusher tug / interplanetary transfer stage. it has 13kms in it when not attached to anything. To be replaced when I unlock lithium RCS so I don't have to carry the dead weight of RCS around. It was also built on minmus. I tend to overdo power generation because my stations are so multipurpose. I may tug an asteroid to one of them and send up a resource converter someday, so the ability to generate mass EC is only a good thing. Mun station. Currently not even crewed. It was built on Minmus' surface, and sent up on a small ascent stage plugged into the back of the small 16 orange tank. Upon transferring to the Mun, I undocked that and let it crash into the surface because I hate the Kessler syndrome. Its gravity hab isn't spinning yet because it requires engineers to deploy, and the station is currently awaiting crew. The transfer vessel that did the Minmus -> Mun transfer is docked to one of the station's booms. It's an autonomous NERV pusher unit, which preceded my new lithium based tugs. Still, it boasts about 8kms without anything attached. Pushing the station brought that down to 2kms, but it got the job done easily. I think the next large project is going to be a Laythe station / ground base so I can colonize around Jool. Duna is cool, but Jool is cooler. I also have other planet packs, so Sarnus and Neidon are looking mighty fine too.
  11. Alright, I'll start it off. My first Minmus / Mun lander / rover. I don't do things small or on shoestring budgets in KSP, so my creations are usually much more than is needed as I like to reuse my craft a few times before replacing them with more capable ones. This rover is an abomination. It's too tip happy, it rattles around a lot, and was just thrown together with what I had at the time. The lander in the background too. The problem with the lander is the tanks aren't far enough out, so the rover has to sort of push its way under them to dock with the lander. Then the lander was designed to operate without a Kerbal, but I forgot an antenna, so the only way it is unmanned is if the rover is docked. I found this out when I transferred my Kerbal out some time later to my Minmus station and took the lander down unmanned to the base to get another Kerbal back up to the station, and attempted to leave the rover behind. Overall it was a pretty bad setup, but it got the job done. I don't have it any more, as I used it to boost my Minmus station's orbit out and circular, then I deorbited it and watched it unceremoniously smash into the surface. This is all I've got from my current game, and I suppose it's more just weird because it's bad, but I wanted to bump the thread
  12. I LOVED my 8320, had it overclocked to a clean & reliable 4Ghz. It had TONS of life left in it for what I used it for. Anything multi-core it absolutely BREEZED through. Video encoding, which I do constantly, was amazingly fast. You're right on single core stuff though. Although I have limited knowledge of what stuff is done multicore, threading, etc. I need to take a bit of a crash course on modern CPU stuff. I just know what fits with what, and what is regarded as good Enough to throw together a system anyway. The sole reason I upgraded to the Ryzen 7 was my motherboard at the time had a USB3 controller that HATED my VR headset (damn ASMedia). I wanted something with support for it out of the box. However, nothing touches this CPU on KSP performance compared to what I had. I see now why people suggested I upgrade the CPU for better KSP performance, though much of my framerate increase has to be down to the 2070 Super rather than the 960GT. It was expensive, but soooooooooooo worth it. My old 8320 I gave to my dad, as a free upgrade from the quad core AMD FX I also gave him years ago... which was an upgrade to the old dual core AMD I gave him before that lol. He loves my free hand-me-downs. I'm gonna give him my old 120GB SSD next as soon as I pull the trigger on a pair of M2 SSDs. He's still running a craptastic SATA 1 120GB hard drive that's slow as molasses... as his main Windows drive...hoh boy. He's 71 and spends a lot of time making slideshow videos with his massive picture library in... Windows Movie Maker (insert gut-wrenching here). I'm trying to get him on Adobe Premiere, and he loves the added controls, but finds it daunting. He loves the power the 8320 has for video stuff though. He finally has a system that can comfortably run modern creation software and it's a massive upgrade to him. The only thing the 8320 ever did bad was thermal handling. It overheated on me quite a few times, even before overclocking from 3.5 - 4Ghz... During video encodes in Handbrake especially it liked to roast itself at a balmy 85+C. I eventually bought a MASSIVE heatsink for it that promptly fixed that issue though. His PC now comfortably sits at 8 degrees celcius at idle at room ambient 22C. My Ryzen 7 does much better, stock heatsink running KSP at max settings is mid-50s. Think I'll overclock it and watercool it at some point.
  13. KSP has yet to crash on me this version, even with my ~120 mods including three big planet packs. I swapped from my old AMD 8320 & GTX960 to a Ryzen 7 & RTX2070 Super last month and KSP has been WORLDS smoother overall. Can finally max out all the graphics settings with hundreds of parts and no time dilation. But yes, the game needs to just work out of the box, with as few bugs as possible. Cutting some problematic features for stability and them putting them in later I'm all for, provided the game on launch does actually do something KSP1 does not.
  14. Ooo. I like this. Underwater bases and some incentive to do them would be neat. Can be as simple as anomalies on the seafloor that give science, or maybe a resource that lets you use a particular set of good engines that can only be acquired there, a la Karborundum on Eeloo. Integration with life support, maybe some failures of parts like DangIt but a little more specifically implemented. Have to take a base module to the surface to get water out after it floods, things like that. Hey now I like me some Elite. I play it in VR with a Rift S, and even though the gameplay _can_ get stale, it really is a thing to behold in VR. I even have a desktop overlay behind my cockpit so when I'm doing multi-hundred LS supercruises I can swivel my chair and watch YouTube or something while I wait. 6 degrees of freedom combat is something that has never been done quite as well in any other game imo (FA: Off guy here :D). I took a look at the Kerbalism page. I'm completely willing to install the whole thing again. The simple scripting and the radiation zones around stuff has me quite intrigued. Problem is, I have about ten space stations with crew currently using TAC parts. Most of them are modular, so I _can_ replace the life support modules. The bases not so much, of which I have two (Minmus, Mun). Switching from TAC to Kerbalism is going to be not so fun. Going to have to crew shuttle everyone home, then try and get my bases and stations to a no-life-support status, then swap mods over. But I'll give it a go. Sigh. Guess design of my Laythe mission is going to take a backseat for most of today... and then require complete overhaul for redundancy and habitation requirements and dealing with radiation.... Oh well. 3 days off work and nothing planned other than vacuum the house and play KSP. Maaaaaaybe it's time to go all in and start a new save with Kerbalism... but I was just getting to the really fun mid-game of KSP. Sigh. I suppose I could start fresh and bang some stuff into orbit and go full steam on science acquisition with what I know now about how my mods all synergize. I just added Nertea's new exploration pack... Hmm. Maybe I'll throw a probes first science tree in there. Haven't done that for a while. ONWARDS! -- I'd like to see monthly budgets as an option at the start of a game save rather than contract based money. I don't like contracts as the sole means of money, other than specific checkpoints in my career. I'm head-canon-ing a race of Kerbals planetwide that have the sole wish to GET OUT THERE and go see what they can find and colonize stuff. I'm pretending that most of the planet is behind my space program, and it's the focus of my race of Kerbals. It's what I feel humanity -should- be doing right now. So my monthly budget keeps going up as I expand out, and I take contracts for reputation only to further public decision that space is indeed the thing we want to do in life. So, just more options to prevent constraining my gameplay to "you do this thing right now or you're broke", and more of my preferred gameplay of "hey that planet looks neat, let's put a nuclear powered blimp on it, because the full might of Kerbal-kind says why the hell not?". -- I'd also reaaaaaaaally like some far future stuff. I don't want warp drive. Though I played the hell out of USLD? Jump Beacons back in I think it was .90. I had a whole planetary network of beacons and efficient freight ships moving stuff around all the time. My Kerbol system had around 20 vessels on route to various stuff at any one point and I also played with MKS then, which I suppose I should do again (but damn those resource trees, omfg). But I digress. Specifically I would love the hell out of something like an orbital ring, skyhook, space elevator, or just some far(ish)-future method of getting stuff into orbit, especially if we're not giving me launch and station rendezvous automation after my 100th orange tank run to my space station, and doubly especially if we're doing colonization on the scale the KSP2 trailer suggests. If you're unfamiliar with the technologies I'm referencing, I'm going to shamelessly plug Isaac Arthur's video on orbital rings, as the dude needs more subscribers and does a wonderfully detailed job explaining them, and is well worth your time watching.
  15. I've always liked the deployable envelopes. I'd appreciate some inline ones. Identical to the current deployable envelope is perfectly fine, but just inline so I can streamline things more. If you wanna get really fancy, I'd love to see an inline envelope that expanded into a ring rather than a balloon off to one side. I mainly used HL parts to hover around my bases and skycrane stuff around without using fuel, with electric propellers, etc. Also messed around ages ago with an EVE SSTO using HL envelopes as initial thrust. Just to give an idea what I use the mod for. If you're into realism... Ever thought about a part that generates the resources needed for the envelope to open? Like maybe editing the cryogenic gas separator to produce hydrogen or whatever out of the atmosphere, maybe some tanks to compress & store that as liquid. As a start though, yes, I too would like to see other textures for the pink/gray deployable envelopes that more match stock colors.