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  1. Immashift

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.0

    Well...... *looks around awkwardly*..... I swear I'm not normally that daft. But apparently that wasn't a silly question. I have zero idea how I could have downloaded 1.4.3, but that's how it is. Testing with 1.4.4. Yyyyeahhh. It works fine. Sorry I wasted your time with my nonsense hah. Back to my lazy non-Kerbin launching ways!
  2. Immashift

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.0

    So I just got home from work, and did an entire directory delete of my KSP folder, then unzipped the archive again, and added ONLY EL (6.1) from its archive. Started a new game, sandbox, launched something with a blue builder thingy whatsit (can't remember name lol........... the blue pad). Aaaaaaaaaaaand still does it. I even tried not using my shortcut for the game with all the arguments I run the game with and still no dice. I can't get that window to behave no matter what. Here's my pastebin for posterity. Kinda stumped on this one.
  3. Immashift

    [1.6.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.5.0

    Even after 6.1 I'm still getting the stuck craft selection window. Indeed with the console open trying to close the stuck window just throws errors. Can't select a craft, can't close window, have to exit the game and relaunch to fix. I deleted the EL folder and redownloaded, got rid of any mod that might mess with EL (looking at you, MKS), and still no changes. EDIT: On a brand new save in sandbox, I can get the vessel selection window to display crafts from the stock game, but the window still gets stuck and can't load or cancel.
  4. Thank you. It's nice to come to a thread and see the answer to my question staring me in the face before I even ask the question.
  5. I.... I think I love this mod. The hover setting on the scorpions is better than anything TCA controlled I ever came up with. Plus the fact that they're bi-modal and I don't have to bother with a blimp if I don't want to any more and the translation controls and height adjustment and bwahhhhhhhhh! I think this is my new favorite thing to play with. It used to be HL Airships + Spaceplane Plus electric RCS & propellers but honestly just the hover mode alone takes the cake. Can't wait to see what you add next. Now to design a shuttle-thing that can hover around and go to/from Duna surface/orbit. Edit: Oh my god the hover works over water too. <3
  6. Immashift

    [1.3.0] RLA Recontinued 14.1.0

    Mod seems to load fine on 1.3.1, are there any super obvious bugs to using it as is? Always loved RLA for the .625 stuff. Tiny space programs can be fun.
  7. Nothing worth really showing off, but I finally got to the NFT nodes in my career and this early probe's cruising around the inner system on argon and this super low flyby of Gilly was actually a lot more fun than I thought it'd be. Now to continue on to Faz...
  8. Yeah I'm still getting ec drain on vessels that are perfectly fine while loaded. eg I switch to minmus space station and its ec goes up, but minmus base ec goes down, in direct sunlight, with more than enough panels. I switch back, and the opposite occurs. It's frustrating for timewarping when you don't have ~years worth of ec storage available.
  9. Immashift

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Operation Eeloo Karborundum is finally ready to burn for Eeloo
  10. To be honest, I've got the exact same niche going. I'm currently working to send an unmanned expedition out to Eeloo in orbit of Sarvin in search of Karborundum. Supplies and Logistics are one of my favorite things to micromanage and that's why I love USI Kolonization and TAC LS among other things. I always thought it was cheaper in terms of resources and time intensity to convert ore with your lander and then haul a giant fuel tank of whatever you need up from the surface. I suppose minmus is ideal for just an ore ferry and on a station you can have a massive refinery setup, not to mention the capability to capture and convert asteroids... I'm gonna have to look into that. My current expedition to Sarvin was done before NFT 1.3 and before I had unlocked the NFT tech nodes. After it's complete and orbiting Eeloo I'll start converting all my current tugs and other craft to NFT systems because they're just more efficient.
  11. Immashift

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Did not go as planned.
  12. What I really love here is your engine placement. I'm a huge fan of what I call "puller" designs rather than "pushers". My ships tend to be either but recently in lander designs I've started putting the engines on outriggers and making them wide so that A) It's easier to reach surface with stuff like drills or put docking ports on the bottom (especially on my interplanetary tugs designed to pull 3-4x their mass to other planets), and B) If I space the engines far from the main body of the lander i can widen the landing footprint and make it quite simple for it to land on very uneven terrain. The only downside I find is with thrust possibly damaging your ship components, but with good design I don't think it's an issue. Maybe this round with NFP I'll make a ship that has engines firing through the center column or something fancy that looks good in videos
  13. I humbly submit my recently started Near Future Technologies Showcase to spread the word a bit
  14. Oooookay, with the new update to NFT I've decided to take the suggestion and create an NFT Showroom. Please go ahead and post anything you have or are creating!