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  1. Been working on Duna in my newest 1.9 save. This week I landed and then expanded a production base. It was pretty barebones to start but it's coming along well. Can produce most needed craft in a few days and fuel them in as long. The airship on the right is for RCS-ing small payloads onto the lander (currently at Duna Station). Low atmosphere means it only lifts ~2 tons but that's enough for some small stuff. Looking forward to Laythe and EVE airships. Rover off in the distance was a prototype crane unit to move stuff off the K&K launchpad. It has some balance issues
  2. I dunno. I just notice certain names appear -everywhere- for mods on certain games. I checked out his Twitch page and the man looks like my dad plus a code wizard. The past videos are pretty interesting, even though my code knowledge is as basic as you can get and all I ever did was highschool Java. God if my dad only knew how to work a computer I wouldn't have to go fix his stuff every other week. He doesn't even know where his start button is And then there's this guy. I wonder what he did / does for a profession.
  3. You know, I think 9/10ths of the mods I use have been handled by you at one point. It's come to a point where if I want a mod I used to use, but Spacedock shows out of date, I can _almost_ guarantee you've picked it up. Are you a machine? Thank you though, for all the effort, on countless mods that would have been dead and forgotten long ago.
  4. That's the point! Ideas I get so many cool ideas from this and spacecraft exchange. Sometimes I don't know what I want to do next and then I see someone make something cool and I just have to make my own version
  5. Huh. I didn't even know Scatterer did that. My previous GPU wasn't all that and I never ran Scatterer before. It was intended to be a joke, yes, as when I went back to the craft without time passage, it was't there any more. Maybe it was an eclipse effect, though that should still have been there then, unless there was some odd issue with it not rendering upon loading back in. You're probably right though and it is just the eclipse effect.
  6. To finish the day off, and my last of three days off work... ... I decided to crew and fuel my Mun station, recently sent over after being built at my Minmus ground base. Crew arriving from Kerbin - the Poodle pushing the thing wasn't quite as strong as I might have thought, and during velocity matching, it actually passed right between the radiators and the trusses for the solar panels. It was a very Kerbal approach. Then I decided to finally get some fuel to the Mun SOI fuel tanker in a wonky orbit. It used all its fuel to get to the Mun, and had nothing left to land at the g
  7. I'm always a generation or two behind. I can't afford top of the line GPUs and CPUs. I think it's overrated anyway. They're good, yes, but I'm more about spending efficiently. I was humming and hawing about spending $700 on a GPU as it is. KSP seems to react well to brute force hardware power though. It's interesting that my game even loads about 5x faster, and I didn't even change the location of the game. I'm actually running the game from a folder on a home network server through my 10 gigabit LAN. Main PC only has one small SSD for windows, everything else is stored on LAN. Bit of a networ
  8. TAC has been bugging me about my Minmus base running low on food. I have the ability to generate it there, but I don't think the drills can keep up with what I'm asking of my converters. It isn't helped by my low level engineers and the fact I landed the thing on the flats, which has the lowest ore abundancy on Minmus. I think I need to design and build a mining vessel purely for suborbital hops to the highlands, whose sole purpose will be to drill where it's abundant, store vast amounts of ore, and hop back to the main base. Or maybe it's time for a second Minmus base to handle all that.
  9. Pretty much. I have everything turned all the way up, full texture res, EVE, Scatterer, full surface scatter, three planet packs... system sort of just shrugs at my craft that would have had my old 960 slugging at 15fps. The new PC specs were my Christmas present to myself
  10. Asparagus everything. Spend forever designing a good launcher that _just_ gets its payload into orbit with maximal efficiency? Nahhhhh. Design payload, slap a jumbo 64 and a mainsail under it, slap 4 jumbo 64s to the sides of that, feed them into each other and the main one, stick skippers on those, stick some fins on it so it doesn't cartwheel, and strut everything. DONE. I have a subassembly called "I Hate Making Launchers" and it's literally all that plus a probe core, SAS and an RTG. I make my stuff on Minmus with EL now. My KSC budget monthly is $2 million. A few jumbo 64 launchers don't
  11. KSS was my first functional station, and has had a number of upgrades and replacements over the two years it's been up. Most recently replacing the entire main block with something a little more capable as my science tree has expanded greatly in two years. The very first pod I docked with it is still up there in behind the plane. The plane was my first shuttle attempt, and worked wonderfully, it's now a crew shuttle. Large fuel storage, a lab, habitation room for many crew, currently has I think 3 years of life support. Simple solar power generation and a large battery bank get it through the
  12. Alright, I'll start it off. My first Minmus / Mun lander / rover. I don't do things small or on shoestring budgets in KSP, so my creations are usually much more than is needed as I like to reuse my craft a few times before replacing them with more capable ones. This rover is an abomination. It's too tip happy, it rattles around a lot, and was just thrown together with what I had at the time. The lander in the background too. The problem with the lander is the tanks aren't far enough out, so the rover has to sort of push its way under them to dock with the lander. Then the lander was designed t
  13. I LOVED my 8320, had it overclocked to a clean & reliable 4Ghz. It had TONS of life left in it for what I used it for. Anything multi-core it absolutely BREEZED through. Video encoding, which I do constantly, was amazingly fast. You're right on single core stuff though. Although I have limited knowledge of what stuff is done multicore, threading, etc. I need to take a bit of a crash course on modern CPU stuff. I just know what fits with what, and what is regarded as good Enough to throw together a system anyway. The sole reason I upgraded to the Ryzen 7 was my motherboard at the time had
  14. KSP has yet to crash on me this version, even with my ~120 mods including three big planet packs. I swapped from my old AMD 8320 & GTX960 to a Ryzen 7 & RTX2070 Super last month and KSP has been WORLDS smoother overall. Can finally max out all the graphics settings with hundreds of parts and no time dilation. But yes, the game needs to just work out of the box, with as few bugs as possible. Cutting some problematic features for stability and them putting them in later I'm all for, provided the game on launch does actually do something KSP1 does not.
  15. Ooo. I like this. Underwater bases and some incentive to do them would be neat. Can be as simple as anomalies on the seafloor that give science, or maybe a resource that lets you use a particular set of good engines that can only be acquired there, a la Karborundum on Eeloo. Integration with life support, maybe some failures of parts like DangIt but a little more specifically implemented. Have to take a base module to the surface to get water out after it floods, things like that. Hey now I like me some Elite. I play it in VR with a Rift S, and even though the gameplay _can_ get s
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