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  1. Anyone have the link of the scott manley base vid? I couldnt find it.
  2. firespitter has both the electric propeller posted above and an electric helicopter rotor. haven't used the helicopter one but I have used the propeller. god it makes an awful sound. very useful though.
  3. if you can add oxidizer and a rocket engine (looks to me like a aerospike or 909 would be more than enough) without sacrificing performance that would be all you need. the torque from your cockpit should be enough to orient the craft in space without RCS.
  4. Love it. I have plans for an interplanetary ship to use on a grand tour like expedition around the solar system but I want to do it in a ship like that. They look so much better than the other "ships" that just look like space stations with engines slapped on one end.
  5. Best part about these engines is their length. Makes them look a lot better when they are radially attached.
  6. I don't have access to my game at the moment so I don't know the name off the top of my head but the two seater cockpit where the pilots sit one in front of the other always lags the game for me. None of the other cockpits or parts do tho. Anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it?
  7. I will miss the Space Shuttle itself. but the program, no. it is time to move on. I think we are on the brink of a golden age of spaceflight that will make the Space Race look like small potatoes. especially if China makes bigger leaps and bounds and other countries start to get in it.
  8. what M5000 said. below I have posted my SSTO, a small and basic design. of its 7 fuel tanks, only two of them are jet fuel only. the other 5 are the fuel and oxidizer rocket tanks. and those two tanks not only get me most of the way to orbit before I need to rely on the aerospike only, but they usually have enough fuel left over to fly back to KSC if I have over-or-undershot it by a few kilometers.
  9. thanks guys, I will definitely check out firespitter. and awesome vids!
  10. Hooligan, as a huge airship nerd, I love your mod. I have played around with it for a while but put it aside to do my large Mun expedition. however, as soon as I am done with that I am planning on doing an airship expedition (haven't decided where yet) and I was wondering if you could point me to some mods that complement your airship mod, specifically in terms of propulsion (I already have the airship anchor). it seems that what the game gives you is inadequate (jets only work for Kerbin and Laythe, rockets are too heavy and fuel inefficient, ion engines too weak). I have seen some mods for propellors but I don't know what I should go with. btw, I am going for a big airship. probably carrying at least two rovers and maybe some other stuff, like a prefab base.
  11. only time I have used them is for my SSTO, as you can see below (center engine). but I honestly only used it because of its compact size and because that seemed to be what everyone else used. never tried any other rocket. maybe I should do some testing some day...
  12. just as an Easter Egg for us loyal gamers. but there probably is a way to edit the game so that when you select launch from the VAB or SPH it would put you at KSC2 or the island runway. I have no idea though, that is not my forte.
  13. some great pics and stories here guys. thanks for making me feel better.
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