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  1. Just restarted Steam (again) and it's now showing... thanks guys! Stay with it, they're getting there!
  2. Likewise - I've just done the email to support, so apologies if you've gotten things sorted and I've just gone and complicated things.
  3. Quite possibly related too - had a kerbal collide with an LT-2 on the Mun and it exploded. They need to be much more sturdy than to explode under a low-speed collision with a kerbal, surely? This was the latest patch (1.1.2?).
  4. Why the left? Because we have national love of watching American and European visitors trying to cope with driving on the left AND trying to deal with our roundabouts...? It's like watching someone who's drunk trying to control a rocket in KSP without SAS switched on...
  5. Oh boy... where to start... Forgotten parachutes, antennae, separators (hard to use that final stage when it's glued to the previous one) - all sorts. Operationally: deciding to go for mun-landing with far too little fuel... RIP Jeb. Too little fuel on my first successful landing (in this career run) resulting in a rescue mission being needed to rendezvous and bring the experiments (and the kerbals) home. Oh and far too many staging errors to count (most commonly, staging the chutes before the atmospheric reentry burn, so they burn off) and construction errors where fins get popped by ejecting items and much mayhem and debris... Still, we persevere...
  6. Well, they're green... Snotling Space Program??
  7. Just ran into this bug myself for the first time - doesn't take long either - same craft keeps crashing the game on re-entry - the landing struts are overheating, but otherwise OK. Gets to the point where they're cooling down and boom, crashed game. Only seems to happen with the 1-2 command module though - game's been rock solid for me up until then... just this one ship that seems to be causing it. A real pain, since I've just rescued the crew and science data off a stranded ship and need to get it landed to reclaim that science and my kerbals. Edit: Sorry, this was the Windows version - Windows 7 x64, not that it matters. - - - Updated - - - OK, just tried it again without the heat overlay and I can confirm that it was, if not the only bug, a major contributor to the problem - crew is now safely landed and the science being processed.
  8. A couple of things to get around the reentry flipping... 1) carry an extra chute and it'll drop your speed down quicker. 2) Put chutes and a heat shield on the science and other modules. 3) transfer your science (or transmit it) before attempting reentry - then you don't NEED to keep them attached. The main thing though, keep pointing retrograde. Re-entry is no longer a "go away and make a cup of tea and make sure you're back in time to pull the chutes" deal... it requires as much attention to detail as the launch does - something I actually like. I suspect they made the science module too light or have too much drag and the command module is trying to push past it (since it's the module + a chute (or 3) - if they increased the science module slightly, the CoM (centre of mass) would drop towards the base of the reentry module a bit more. One way to minimise it is to put only essentials on the command module (chutes only) and put the antennae and other non-essentials in the secondary command section (ie with the science module, the comms and batteries) so that it can be ejected if it's causing a problem. I wish they'd make it possible to transfer all the science to the command module easier, but it gives you something to do, I guess. I'd be interested to know if the Rockomax modules also flip...
  9. 11am BST and no patch presenting itself yet on Steam... The suspense is killing me!!
  10. That might be so that you don't lose money when you're trying to land in the various biomes... bearing in mind, also, that the KSC will, eventually, be destructible, you probably don't want to be trying to land too close. This is going to make staging interesting - how large a stage can we bring back, can we risk popping parachutes on stages BEFORE we dump them and will that help to bring the stage down in one piece so that we can reclaim the money... This is going to be interesting...
  11. I did a cost analysis before the wipe and SRBs are far cheaper than the liquid fuel rockets... but you need alternative methods for steering (either aerodynamic or RCS) since they can't vector their thrust. You'll need to get someone else to go into the TWR though...
  12. LOL I did this a while back when I was learning to dock, technically - the first attempt was a real screw-up and resulted in my wasting my entire stock of RCS and having to sync orbits with the station again... the second time, I managed it, using the main thrusters only... Not something I'd like to repeat though... without the RCS, that last few metres gets fiddly (hint: keep the ship short so it can rotate quickly without RCS and don't take too big an engine for the last stage).
  13. I think I managed 500 a while back, but I can't remember if that was the Mun or Minimus - I do know I lost a small solar array on a mountain as it went past (quickly adjusted the orbit on that one, I can tell you).
  14. I was just thinking that about Bob too - presumably he just saw a mountain go past out the window... Typical Jeb though - grinning like an idiot...