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  1. [quote name='Ven']Argh! This never seems to go away! Ok, I've fiddled around with the config some more, so hopefully the scaling will be fixed now. *crosses fingers.*[/QUOTE] Thanks for fixing, but I think the TR-18A Decoupler is also too big :sealed: Edit: More bugs [url=http://imgur.com/YW2DfF9][img]http://i.imgur.com/YW2DfF9l.png[/img][/url] Many engines don't have an "engine" module, and for some reason, there is a *outdated* Skipper in TechTree node 0. And yes, the engine is too small.
  2. I noticed another rescaling bug in the prerelease: The "SC-9001 Science Jr." appears somewhat too big.
  3. [quote name='robson1000']I have a problem with Realchute and Stock part revamp. Mk-16 looks like on the picture, and patch for Realchute does not loading correctly. [spoiler=Pictures:] [url]http://i.imgur.com/NnpEmAI.jpg[/url] [url]http://i.imgur.com/PpKqLFP.jpg[/url] [/spoiler] KSP.log: [URL]https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3ear0p74hoa478/KSP.log?dl=0[/URL] I have only realchute, and Stock part revamp installed.[/QUOTE] Where can I find the fix for this? Edit: Solved by using prerelease.
  4. I just now realised, how well crafted the textures from Ven are ...
  5. Yes, indeed. I now also reinstalled Real Chutes, but the problem remains. I'd anyway wish, that the RCS block für the small capsule also featured a docking port and a parachute.
  6. As I have a lot of different other mods, and I don't want to search for the error for hours, is there an easy workaround fix?
  7. I used the download from CurseForge, but I now downloaded the Github version and installed it, still the same result ...
  8. Comparing PBS and Universal storage, I noticed, that there is a large discrepancy between different mods how to handle the Sabatier process and water splitting: Universal storage features hydrogen, that's consumed during the Sabitier process and and produced in water electrolysis PBS uses "waste" and "ore" to accommodate this. This feals kinda strange ...
  9. This sounds good. Nertea is currently working on similar stuff, you maybe could join forces. How are you ging to handle heat generation? Dies it drop, when the Engine drains fuel?
  10. I really really like that mod. Squad should definitely hire you, this brings such an improvement to the game. Just a small remark on this Mk1-pod RCS block: It feels somewhat unnecessary to have such a big RCS block for such a small capsule, especially since Kerbal reaction wheels are super powerfull. It would be super awesome, if it also comprises a small parachute and maybe even a non-androgynous docking port (by chamfering one end). Together with an small escape tower, this would really spice up one-man missions I hope you enjoy your mod as much as everyone around here, because it's üb
  11. Hi, can one adapt this theoretically to aslo represent the plantes from the outer planets mod?
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